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Cultural Background

The context of one’s life experience as shaped by membership in groups based on ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender, exceptionalities, language, religion, sexual orientation, and geographical area.


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Cultural Background

EIn my understanding of ethic is for example if I believe that when helping others the same action will be back to you. Because I believe and positively do a thing also I will think very hard before doing bad. Because I have this belief that doing the wrong path this will destroy my life. Are most in our culture and background where people learn from there parent and society, it depends on the environment and lifestyle. Also, is not easy to adapt, when you are living in another culture. Is just to accept and respect the ethical standards of living for each individual. That my understanding of ethics.
Marie Nayna - 7 December 2020


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Cultural Background

the origins of an individual's or group's belief system 

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