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unit head

The individual officially designated to provide leadership for the unit (e.g., dean, director, or chair), with the authority and responsibility for its overall administration and operation.


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technology education

The study of technology, which provides an opportunity for students to learn about the processes and knowledge related to technology that are needed to solve problems and extend human capabilities.


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support personnel

Individuals other than faculty employed by an institution of higher education to ensure the functioning of the unit. Support personnel can include professionals in non-faculty roles as well as individuals providing administrative support, including work-study students.


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accreditation action report

The report issued by the Unit Accreditation Board that indicates the unit’s accreditation status, standards met, and the areas for improvement to which the unit should respond in its annual reports.


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accuracy in assessment

The assurance that key assessments are of the appropriate type and content such that they measure what they purport to measure. To this end, the assessments should be aligned with the standards and/or learning proficiencies that they are designed to measure.


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adjunct faculty

Part-time faculty in the professional education unit who are not full-time employees of the institution. See Part-time Faculty and Professional Education Faculty.


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advanced programs

Programs at postbaccalaureate levels for (1) the continuing education of teachers who have previously competed initial preparation or (2) the preparation of other school professionals. Advanced programs commonly award graduate credit and include master’s, specialist, and doctoral degree programs as well as non-degree licensure programs offered at [..]


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alternate route programs

Postbaccalaureate programs designed for individuals who did not prepare as educators during their undergraduate studies. These programs, which usually lead to a unit’s recommendation for a state license, accommodate the schedules of adults and recognize their earlier academic preparation and life experiences. In some instances, candidates may be [..]


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annual report

The AACTE/NCATE Joint Data Collection Report that is required of all NCATE-affiliated institutions as a condition of accreditation. A compilation of these reports serves as primary documentation for Board of Examiners teams as they prepare for on-site accreditation visits.


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area for improvement

A statement cited by the Board of Examiners or the Unit Accreditation Board indicating that a unit has not met expected levels of achievement in one or more elements of a standard. The Board of Examiners may cite one or more areas for improvement and still recommend that the standard is met.

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