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Maritime Effect

The effect of seas or oceans on nearby land. It cools the land during summers and warms up the land during winters.
Anon - 19 November 2019


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Maritime Effect

Maritime effect is the effect of the bodies of water to its nearby land surface; whereas similar to the land and sea breeze. This is because of water's unique characteristic which is having a high specific heat capacity -> water heats and cools slowly as it could store the heat. Thus, in winter, warms the land area, and in summer, cools the land area.
nerdy.owl - 7 April 2020


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Maritime Effect

The effect that large ocean bodies have on the climate of locations or regions. This effect results in a lower range in surface air temperature at both daily and annual scales. Also see Continental Ef [..]


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Maritime Effect

an ocean's moderating effect on nearby climate. It tends to soften temperature extremes. See Continental Effect.

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