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Public Institution

Institutions funded by state or government bodies and controlled by public officials or their appointees.


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Public Institution

A school or institution controlled and operated by publicly elected or appointed officials and generally deriving its primary support from public funds.


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Public Institution

Are basically insitution which are formed by the government to provide services to the public
Patrick kisabo - 17 December 2019


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Public Institution

An educational institution operated by publicly elected or appointed school officials in which the program and activities are under the control of these officials and which is supported primarily by public funds.


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Public Institution

This is a name that is applied to a school, college, courthouse, library, hospital and other place that is run for the public to use
Steve Kazdart - 18 September 2022


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Public Institution

A public institution is a juristic person in the United States which is backed through public funds and controlled by the state. Typically a public institution will have a board of trustees who govern [..]

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