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Scheme of Work

Detailed plan showing breakdown per unit of the delivery of a qualification including assessment tasks and methods. It should cover the required programme of study, identifying the main objectives and [..]


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Scheme of Work

In the UK, a scheme of work is a guideline that defines the structure and content of an academic course. It maps out clearly how resources (e.g. books, equipment, time) and class activities (e.g. teac [..]


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Scheme of Work

Is the breakdown of topics into simple manageable units
Obura tonny - 11 January 2019


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Scheme of Work

Is a central planning tool and the key mechanism by which a teacher prepared for teaching and learning at period of time ,e.g a month,a term or a year. - 2 August 2019


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Scheme of Work

A scheme of work is the physical manifestation of a school's (or department's) curriculum planning. It shows the content selection and the sequence lessons. It shows aims and objectives – [..]


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Scheme of Work

Is a plan of teaching in a specified period of time in a specific acedemic level.The plan is being prepared in a series of topics arranged in sequence order as they are in syllabus
Kajete Hamis Hamis - 13 July 2020


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Scheme of Work

Is the system of planning lessons over a fixed period of a time.
Lainah - 5 March 2020


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Scheme of Work

Schemes of work is a breakdown of syllabus in to teachable units to the learners in a specific class.
Chimiir Moses - 9 September 2019

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