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Scheme of work

Detailed plan showing breakdown per unit of the delivery of a qualification including assessment tasks and methods. It should cover the required programme of study, identifying the main objectives and suggested activities that can help to meet those objectives. The detail of each session that makes up the teaching of each unit should be recorded in [..]
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Scheme of work

In the UK, a scheme of work is a guideline that defines the structure and content of an academic course. It maps out clearly how resources (e.g. books, equipment, time) and class activities (e.g. teac [..]


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Scheme of work

Schemes of work is a breakdown of syllabus in to teachable units to the learners in a specific class.
Chimiir Moses - 9 September 2019


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Scheme of work

Is the breakdown of topics into simple manageable units
Obura tonny - 11 January 2019


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Scheme of work

A scheme of work is the physical manifestation of a school's (or department's) curriculum planning. It shows the content selection and the sequence lessons. It shows aims and objectives – an [..]


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Scheme of work

Is a central planning tool and the key mechanism by which a teacher prepared for teaching and learning at period of time ,e.g a month,a term or a year. - 2 August 2019


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Scheme of work

It is a detailed breakdown of topics into simpler form to guide a teacher so as to teach each topic and assess students' progress in learning over a given period of time (usually a term or a complete year).
David Nelson H. - 13 September 2023

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