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Someone who hides their pain behind a smile . Someone who doesn’t want people to know what they really feel on the inside , because they are truly afraid of what others will think of them . I am an eccedentesiast and know many others like me .

Source: my mind
Truce - 11 June 2019


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someone who only feels pain, but they cant share their feelings because no one will understand. so they just hide themselves with fake happiness.
sara - 10 November 2019


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Someone who hides behind a smile, when all they want to do is hide and/or die. ( There is so many, they actually made a word for it.)


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Someone who smiles a lot, just to hide the pain they feel inside. They don't want to show their pain to the world.
Apagwina - 8 December 2019


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A person who smiles but only for others happiness or to hide their pain bit sometimes they really want someone to understand their fake smile and ask them about their hidden pain
Zoya - 8 May 2020


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Someone who has so much pain that they don’t know what to do with it so they just hide it. They hide it until it builds up and up until they can’t anymore. Their smiles are as fake as their happiness.
anonymous - 13 November 2019


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eccedentesiast means to those people who actually don't want to show their thoughts, their feelings to others, they just simply want to avoid a situation with a smile, that can be true or fake smile. They don't wanna share their pain or their opinion , their thoughts with others because of the complexion in their mind for others.
Garbita Roy - 29 June 2020


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Is a person who hides their sadness and/or pain behind a fake smile so that people wont ask them why their sad. They do this because they feel people wouldnt understand their problems or feel they would be judged for their reasons.
Adelle - 11 January 2020


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A person who fakes a smile.


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Its meaning is when u are sad u want a person who rab your back and u hug that person and cry and tell all to that person and the person understand u and make u comfort this is the wish but i am afraid of that the person around me dont understand me and and don't fell what i feel and i am afraid what he think about me and what if he reveal my secret and use my weakness against me so i put all my feelings inside me i know i may have a depression but in this way i hurt a lot but i fell secure
Wania - 20 November 2020


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A person who feels hopelessness and just wants to make others happy so much they hide their own pain behind a smile
Cookie - 26 March 2021


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a person who is misunderstood so they just hide their pain behind a smile instead of expressing themself on how they really feel
zahniah - 8 January 2021


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eccedentesiast-someone who knows their own feelings, but is
too insecure to express them accurately.Perhaps a habit that is
developed over time, or a result of past traumatic experiences.
Hiding behind a fake smile seems easier than actually dealing
with actual emotions,but it does not allow for any close
personal relationship.There is lack of communication.
Jody - 21 January 2021


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One whom is apparently depressed and or sad about how they actually feel and aren't really willing to share their emotions or feelings or their situation, because they believe they are not worth listening to or fear of judgements from peers or that it could be used against them bye simply sharing with another person .its much more simple to fake a smile and let others think you're doing just fine, when you're not. Trust issues deffinately!
Gail Timmons - 2 February 2021


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someone who fakes a smile


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An eccedentesiast is someone who wants others to be happy but they can’t feel it themselves so they hide it behind a smile and they fake it for the sake of everyone else around them and they would rather die. I know how it feels.
Soluna Viera - 18 April 2021


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A person who would love to feel happiness but doesn’t have the ability so fakes it and smiles when they would rather die and/or doesn’t care what happens to themself
Night - 22 February 2021


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Someone who hides there true feelings and never tells anyone but they want to but their afraid Someone will make fun of them or they will not understand so you hide it with a good fake smile.
Kaitlyn Allport - 7 June 2021


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A person who has never been loved as a child ..and to look sad is the same as being seen as sad which they don't want to be seen as , which of course they are . They smile even if the world doesn't smile with them , if not , its better to look arrogant rather than sad .The choices are few .
noel Lorenzo - 4 May 2021


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Someone who hides behind a creepy smug smile ""fake smiling" to hide/cover up something wrong that theyre doing child abuse. Many foster parents fake smiles of everything is wonderful with the home and child to devert attention from the fact that there not so great & doing something very wrong
James King - 20 October 2021


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Making other people happy, but forgetting that you need happiness too.:(
Sumeyye - 27 August 2021

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