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financial memorandum

Financial memorandum may be describe as a kind of formal documentation of revenue, cost and expenditure of government administration giving out the basis of which it will receive its allocation.
Sanni Olukayode Adep - 23 July 2019


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financial memorandum

Financial memorandum is a constitutional provision of how revenues are generated and how expenditures are carried out in line with the provisions
Ejike Temple - 25 October 2020


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financial memorandum

Financial memorandum is a formal documentation which shows the revenue and their sources, and expenditure covered by the revenue. it is used mostly in government administration at the local level
Odesa Jeff Ochuko - 7 April 2020


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financial memorandum

The financial memorandum was the agreement between HEFCE and the institutions it funds that sets out the terms and conditions for payment of HEFCE grants. It was superseded in August 2014 by the Memorandum of Assurance and Accountability.


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financial memorandum

A written document containing a proposal, decision, policy etc to the institution it regard to.
Abubakar I. Aranka - 15 July 2019


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financial memorandum

An accompanying document to a public bill setting out best estimates of the bill’s costs on the Scottish Administration, local authorities and others.

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