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national budget

Is a financial statement that gives any estimate of the planned revenue and planned expenditure of the government for one particular financial year
anonymous - 2 August 2019


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national budget

A plan on how a goverment of the country raise and spend money in a year
MARYSE SAKALA - 28 April 2020


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national budget

The projected revenue and expenditure that flows through the National Revenue Fund. It does not include spending by provinces or local government from their own revenues.


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national budget

National budgets is a financial statement that gives any estimated of the planned expenditures of the government for one particular financial year
Abdul Basit Olokode - 7 June 2020


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national budget

National Budget is a Government`s Economic Statement that incorporates the forthcoming year`s revenues and expenses. It entails how the government will raise its funds and where and how the funds will be used.
Freddie Jokolosi - 29 June 2020


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national budget

An estimate of a country's expected revenue and anticpated expenditure for a given fiscal year
anonymous - 4 January 2021


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national budget

Definition Official budget of a nation that it typically drafted by a Treasury Department of some sort and voted on by a legislative body. National budgets are examined carefully to determine how it w [..]


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national budget

Sets how much money a Government has made and how much it has spent a year
anonymous - 5 March 2020

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