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when you get bored in class so you type this up and Urban DIctionary is blocked so you add this definition to
anonymous - 8 May 2019


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You are VERY bored and typed this, found a website called urban dictionary, but its blocked, so you go here instead.
anonymous - 22 March 2019


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When your bored out of your mind at school so you search random things and find other people searching random things and end up at this page, you then end up realizing that other kids in your class are probably reading the same thing you are right now, but that kid may be me. Am i in your class? I dont know. Look behind you.
Tucker V Sudnik - 22 May 2019


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When you are bored and dissatisfied with how life has gone in school so you type every letter on your keyboard
no u - 10 May 2021


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when you are really bored so u type every letter on the keyboard so you dont die of bordom
my name is jeff - 4 September 2019


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you are doing nothing and trying to find something to do
tiny dez - 3 December 2018


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The start of a journey going through the perils of boredom and organized combos of letters
anonymous - 5 January 2022


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when your bored and you spell every single letter on your keybord
jacob nevalon - 20 September 2020


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When you’re procrastinating in class and decide to mess with the keyboard in an orderly fashion and you get this word so you look it up but urban dictionary is blocked so you find this website instead and realize your experiences are shared with many before you and you decide to continue the tradition and leave a definition of your own for the next generation of bored students to find
definitely human - 1 June 2022


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When your in 5th period history class and you either have nothing to do, or you refuse to do the work.
Bob - 4 January 2023


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When you're procrastinating in class so you start messing with the keyboard in an orderly fashion and get this word and google it for fun but urban dictionary is blocked so you discover this website instead and start looking through definitions and realize that your struggles are shared with many before you so you decide to contribute and continue the tradition and add a definition of your own
definitely a human - 30 May 2022


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when ur supposed to be studying for your missed exams while ur class goes over them but ur running on a half hour of sleep and losing ur mind
benrey - 31 December 2022


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When you are at school putting off your work. Stop procrastinating and do your work instead of reading and adding definitions.
IsabellazAwesome - 11 February 2020


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it means ur bored. thats it. go back to school and study instead of typing random words that arent really words
anonymous - 13 September 2023

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