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The word means as much as "Yes", or it can be used in any context without any meaning. Often used after a certain action has been done. Not really used in writing.

"* finished watching something * yeet"
"* goes to bed * yeet"
"* gets out of the shower * yeet"
"* takes a bite of his sandwich *.. YEET!"

It's often use to show excitement.
"This sandwhich is... yeet!"
"*Listen to sound of own fart*, yeet!"
"Sees someone accomplish something on tv.. Yeet"

Also used as a verb to throw something.
"Those batteries are empty, yeet them in the trash"
"I'm gonna yeet this bottle mate"
"Did you yeet the trash?"
"I yit it last night"
Pim - 4 April 2019


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I wish the world was flat so I could yeet my self off the edge of it
lkja - 6 June 2019


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1. To throw something over a long distance.
*I've been yeeting balls all day on the golf course*

2. To express excitement or loss after a game.
* I was the last man standing again in pubg YEET*
* I was the first one out YEET*

3. A type of dance popularized by Vine around 2014. See youtube for the dance.
maskap - 4 April 2019


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Yeet is a multi-purpose expression. Usually loudly exclaimed to register excitement, but can also be in anticipation, relief, and joy among others. Also possibly used in negative contexts, but mainly positive.

Yeet is an evolving, modern expression that reflect the rapid and changing nature of internet discourse. The internet is basically steroids for language evolution. Just being able to witness these exciting developments makes me want to yeet like crazy!

Ex. (when watching your favourite sports team do something good and sporty) "Yeeeeet!!!"

Ex. (upon finding and trying out a cool jacket you like at a thrift store and deciding you're going to buy it) "Yeeeettt!"
Pauly - 4 April 2019


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YEET can mean anything but it is certainly the best word in the world.
Oliver - 9 August 2019


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Yeet is a informal slang word used to express excitement.

It's saturday YEEEET
anonymous - 4 April 2019


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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
THE TRUTH! - 6 June 2019   NSFW


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1. To discard something at a super high velocity.
2. To show strong expression of emotion.

Example: 1. He proceeded to yeet the can after finishing it.
2. Lazarbeam said "YEET", after he killed the enderdragon.
Go_away - 16 October 2019

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