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1. A responsible adult acting out activities they deemed as fun as a child. Usually brought on by nostalgia.

1. He was highly into his kidaulding, then called upon stage by his favorite band, Airo-Smith.
2. John decided to spend his summer kidaulding as a boycott at Camp Lake Orion.
3. Enjoying a large bowel of Fruity-Pepples and saturday mornig cartoons is her idea of kidaulding, on her days off work.

Kid(meaning:child)\- auld:(meaning: old/things of old).
Bluerosefire_ - 19 April 2021


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1. A small morsal larger than a grain of sand.
2. A small piece of something.
3. A small nugget.

Example: The minners found boulders, chuncks, nuggets and nibbits of gold in the river bed. A tiny piece of gold is a nibbit.

4. NIBBIT: a tiny unit on a circuit board.
Bluerosefire_ - 19 April 2021