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A return is when someone who has disappeared for a while finally comes back.
For example: "I have made my return, posting cryptic meanings and getting disapproved by the mods in charge of dictionary.university"
Side note, IM BACK BABY! :)
TallBoiRyanTTV - 6 November 2021


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What is the truth really? Is it something you want to believe, or what you need to come to terms with? Is the truth what you are hiding from, only for it to catch up to you in the end? The truth is all of these things, and at the same time, none of them.
TallBoiRyanTTV - 4 May 2021
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Time is something everyone wants more of. Time is also something we have little of too. Time is all around you, but nowhere to be found. If you which to look for time, close your eyes, listen as the clock winds down. Once you do this, you will realize time is something you have lost, and can never gain back.
TallBoiRyanTTV - 6 November 2021


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TikTok is a social media app for cringy 14-year-olds who do Fortnite dances to try to prove some kind of social status
TallBoiRyanTTV - 4 May 2021
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You slam your head on the keyboard, most likely board from school, work, or just a general lack of motivation. The result is a string of random letters and some letters. As you read this, you feel a sense of relatability. You slightly feel just a little less alone in the dull and small world.
TallBoiRyanTTV - 18 April 2021
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My name is Ryan, and all of these meanings do not fit me. Yes, my name does mean King, but I feel like no king. Anxiety pounds my chest and I live in a constant state of fear and misery.
TallBoiRyanTTV - 4 May 2021
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"your contribution is welcome"

"your contribution is welcome" is a line used in dictionary.university's intro when you load up the site.
However, all of my posts have been disapproved by the mods. Why? Not a clue, they don't go against the TOS. But hey, in the words of every New Yorker out there, "It is what it is" (that phrase coming soon)
TallBoiRyanTTV - 25 May 2021
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This meaning has been disapproved

You sit in class bored out of your mind, so you open up dictonary.university. You check your profile to see that not one, but all of your meanings have been disapproved by the mods. You wonder what you did wrong, but it doesn't matter. You decide to keep making content on this site, hopefully, one of your entries will be approved.
TallBoiRyanTTV - 18 May 2021
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G14 classified

so basically what G14 classified means is the REDACTED INFORMATION


And that's everything you need to know about G14 Classified! Thanks for reading, I know this one is kind of long but I'm glad you made it to the end! Be sure to read other articles on what G14 Classified because there is probably some information I forgot or didn't mention.
TallBoiRyanTTV - 17 November 2021
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When something is Cryptic, it means it has meaning, but that meaning is not clear. For example, if that noise you hear in the background is really there, then what is it? What is it really? Are you sure you know what is breathing down your neck right now, the thing you can't see even if you turn around? Do not be fooled, the wind you feel coming from your nose when you exhale is not your own. This is what cryptic means, a story you do not understand, you just know it exists. What about me, am I real, am I just an AI created to write the Cryptic definitions for you to read. What about you reader? Are YOU real? What is your story Reader? Why are you here? How did you get here? Why are you reading this? What in your life lead you to this moment? Look in the mirror, your face is not your own. Your face is not your own. Your face is not your o...
TallBoiRyanTTV - 6 November 2021