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media owner

General term for companies or organisations that own TV stations. In TAM research, it is used more broadly to include TV stations, TV airtime sales houses, programming organisations, trade associations or other parties belonging to the television sector.
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Information sent by a server to a web browser and sent back by the browser unchanged each time it accesses the server. The only modification is that the cookies can store information about the user’s navigation of the Web site. Originally developed in order to assist shopping basket applications, cookies can serve in a number of contexts to authent [..]
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media player

Computer software for playing multimedia files that may be general or specifically tailored for a particular type of file (e.g. audio or video player) with an emphasis on the quality of the user experience.
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tolerance margin

Latitude of acceptance of the deviations of the actual sample allocation from the target sample allocation before attempting corrective action.
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audience composition

The profile of measured audiences to a channel, programme, etc. with respect to selected demographic and/or other variables.
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audience factor

A scaling factor used in the UK, to estimate some audience sizes when only homes and population data are available.
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The fraction of bits transmitted that are received incorrectly.
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(see also Obb (Opening break bumper)
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frequency discount

A rate discount given to an advertiser who purchases a specific schedule within a specific period of time, e.g., six ads within one year.
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Commonly used abbreviation for Household or Home, the two terms being equivalent.
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