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voters list

A list prepared by the Chief Electoral Officer that contains the names and addresses of registered voters in each electoral district. (Election Act, s. 45-51)
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chief electoral officer

An independent Officer of the Legislature appointed by the Lieutenant Governor on the recommendation of the Legislative Assembly. The Chief Electoral Officer is responsible for the administration of the provincial electoral process. (Election Act, s. 4-13)
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advance voting

An opportunity to vote before General Voting Day. Advance voting is held between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on the Saturday and Sunday two weeks before General Voting Day, and the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the week before General Voting Day. (Election Act, s. 76, 97)
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absentee voting

Voting during advance voting outside one’s electoral district of residence; voting on General Voting Day at any voting opportunity other than the one designated for a voter’s voting area of residence. Absentee ballots are counted at final count. (Election Act, s. 73 (d), (e))
Source: elections.bc.ca (offline)


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A person or firm that audits financing reports. Registered political parties, registered constituency associations, and candidates must appoint an auditor. (Election Act, s. 179)
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A document used by voters to indicate their vote in an election or electoral event. (Election Act, s. 86)
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ballot box

A container for marked ballots. (Election Act, s. 85)
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An election held between general elections to fill an empty seat in the Legislative Assembly. A by-election is triggered when an MLA resigns, is disqualified from sitting, dies, or is successfully recalled. More than one by-election can be held on the same day. (Constitution Act, s. 35; Election Act, s. 1, 25; Recall and Initiative Act, s. 26-28)
Source: elections.bc.ca (offline)


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campaign period

The time between when an election is called and the close of voting on General Voting Day. (Election Act, s. 1)
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A person who stands for election to the Legislative Assembly. To become a candidate, a person must meet the requirements of the Election Act, file nomination documents, and receive a certificate of candidacy from Elections BC. For election financing and election advertising purposes, a candidate includes an individual who becomes a candidate or who [..]
Source: elections.bc.ca (offline)

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