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web site map

A visual representation of the pages in a Web site. There are four common Web site maps--linear, branched, interconnected, and combination.
Source: michigan.gov


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To remove your name from a mailing list or Usenet newsgroup to which you have subscribed.
Source: michigan.gov


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Refers to a piece of information sent to a browser that the browser software is expected to save and send back when you re-visit that site. Cookies contain information such as log-in or registration information, online "shopping cart" information, user preferences, etc.
Source: michigan.gov


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(What You See Is What You Get) The phenomenon of seeing on-screen what you will see on the page when you print your document, or what a Web page you create will look like when viewed through a browser.
Source: michigan.gov


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The administrator responsible for the management and often design of a World Wide Web site. The person who maintains a Web site.
Source: michigan.gov


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world wide web

Also known as or Web or WWW. An Internet navigation system that allows for point-and-click navigation of the Internet at large. The Web is a spider web-like interconnection of millions of Web pages stored on servers around the world. Web pages are hyperlinks to connect each other.
Source: michigan.gov


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web server

A computer connected to the Internet which makes Web pages available for users to read.
Source: michigan.gov


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web site

The physical location of a Web page or set of linked Web pages. Web sites are stored on Web servers around the world, and can hold any number of Web pages--from one to a million.
Source: michigan.gov


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web page

The single HTML document accessible via the World Wide Web. A Web page can be linked to other pages within a Web site or anywhere on the World Wide Web using links.
Source: michigan.gov


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A computer-generated environment.
Source: michigan.gov

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