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broad classification

The classification of works in broad categories by logical abridgment, even when more specific numbers are available, e.g., the use of 641.5 Cooking instead of 641.5972 Mexican cooking for a cookbook of Mexican recipes. Broad classification is the opposite of close classification. See also Abridged edition; Close classification.
Source: oclc.org


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spine label

The label affixed to the spine of a library book.
Source: oclc.org


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physical description

Describes the physical characteristics of an item. For books, includes such data as dimensions, number of pages and illustrations, and accompanying materials, if any.
Source: oclc.org


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copyright compliance

Guidelines that relate directly to WorldCat Resource Sharing: Guidelines for the Proviso of Subsection 108 (g) (2). Borrower is responsible for ensuring that the request conforms with U.S. Copyright law; request must include code ccg (conforms to Copyright Guidelines) or ccl (conforms to Copyright Law).
Source: oclc.org


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series title

The collective title of all items in a series, as opposed to each item's individual title. Example: Series title—Summer Institute of Linguistics Publications in Linguistics Title (of individual item in series)—Modes in Denya Discourse See also title.
Source: oclc.org


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Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second Edition. The national/international standard for cataloging library materials. The rules are "designed for use in the construction of catalogues and other lists in general libraries of all sizes. The rules cover the description of, and the provision of access points for, all library materials commonly c [..]
Source: oclc.org


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authority file

A list of the authoritative forms of the headings used in a library catalog or file of bibliographic records, maintained to ensure that headings are applied consistently as new items are added to the collection. Separate authority files are usually maintained for names, uniform titles, series titles, and subjects.
Source: oclc.org


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close classification

The classification of works to the fullest extent permitted by the notation. Close classification is the opposite of broad classification. See also broad classification; Full edition.
Source: oclc.org


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direct request

An OCLC ISO-10161-based service that provides a means to send patron-generated requests automatically to WorldCat Resource Sharing. See also ISO 10160/10161.
Source: oclc.org


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working copy

A copy of the master record, displayed on the user's screen. When the user edits the working copy, the master record remains unchanged. Also called "editing locally."
Source: oclc.org

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