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welfare pluralism

The range of welfare provision, including informal provision by the family and community, the welfare state, the voluntary sector and the private sector.
Source: polity.co.uk


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global culture

The way cultures in different countries of the world have become more alike, sharing increasingly similar consumer products and ways of life. This has arisen as globalization has undermined national and local cultures.
Source: polity.co.uk


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The view that examines the world from the point of view of women, coupled with the belief that women are disadvantaged and their interests ignored or devalued in society. See also liberal feminism, Marxist feminism, radical feminism.
Source: polity.co.uk


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Having citizenship of a nationstate, including things like voting rights, a passport, and the right of residence.
Source: polity.co.uk


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shared resources

These are those resources that are not privately owned and whose use is freely shared – for example air, water (unless you choose to buy bottled water) and parts of the countryside. They are also sometimes referred to as ‘public goods’.
Source: polity.co.uk


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absolute poverty

Poverty defined as lacking the minimum requirements necessary to maintain human health. See also relative poverty.
Source: polity.co.uk


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achieved status

Status which is achieved through an individual’s own efforts. See also ascribed status.
Source: polity.co.uk


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Stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination against individuals or groups on the grounds of their age.
Source: polity.co.uk


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ageing population

A population in which the average age is getting higher, with a greater proportion of the population over retirement age, and a smaller proportion of young people.
Source: polity.co.uk


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The media’s influence over the issues that people think about because the agenda, or list of subjects, for public discussion is laid down by the mass media.
Source: polity.co.uk

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