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lantern ring

A metallic ring placed in a pump stuffing box that provides for the entrance of sealing and/or lubricating fluid to the packing.
Source: powerengineering.org


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pump down

In a Refrigeration system, the operation by which the refrigerant in a charged system is pumped into the liquid receiver.
Source: powerengineering.org


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dry air

Air containing no water vapour.
Source: powerengineering.org


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magnetic coupling

A coupling that connects two shafts by means of a magnetic field.
Source: powerengineering.org


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methyl orange alkalinity

A test performed to measure total alkalinity of boiler water.
Source: powerengineering.org


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mud drum

Lower drum of a water tube boiler.
Source: powerengineering.org


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Arithmetic Logic Unit, a computer component where all arithmetic and logical operations are performed.
Source: powerengineering.org


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aspirating psychrometer

A device consisting of two thermometers mounted side-by-side, one having a bare bulb and the other having a bulb covered with fabric. A fan is used to draw air over the thermometers.
Source: powerengineering.org


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coefficient of linear expansion

The change in length experienced by a solid of unit length per degree change in temperature.
Source: powerengineering.org


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comfort cooling

The use of a refrigeration system to provide comfort to human occupants, rather than refrigeration used for freezing, storage, etc.
Source: powerengineering.org

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