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pump down

In a Refrigeration system, the operation by which the refrigerant in a charged system is pumped into the liquid receiver.
Source: powerengineering.org


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lantern ring

A metallic ring placed in a pump stuffing box that provides for the entrance of sealing and/or lubricating fluid to the packing.
Source: powerengineering.org


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dry air

Air containing no water vapour.
Source: powerengineering.org


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magnetic coupling

A coupling that connects two shafts by means of a magnetic field.
Source: powerengineering.org


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methyl orange alkalinity

A test performed to measure total alkalinity of boiler water.
Source: powerengineering.org


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mud drum

Lower drum of a water tube boiler.
Source: powerengineering.org


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Arithmetic Logic Unit, a computer component where all arithmetic and logical operations are performed.
Source: powerengineering.org


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armature reaction

The effect caused by the interaction of the magnetic field of the current carrying conductors in the armature with the main magnetic field. The two magnetic fields combined cause a distortion in the overall magnetic field that results in a shift in the neutral plane in the direction of armature rotation.
Source: powerengineering.org


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aspirating psychrometer

A device consisting of two thermometers mounted side-by-side, one having a bare bulb and the other having a bulb covered with fabric. A fan is used to draw air over the thermometers.
Source: powerengineering.org


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coefficient of linear expansion

The change in length experienced by a solid of unit length per degree change in temperature.
Source: powerengineering.org

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