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concentrated load

A single load or force that has such a small contact area as to be negligible compared with the entire surface area of the supporting member and applied at a certain point on the structure.
Source: rcd.co.uk


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Abseiling (from the German abseilen, "to rope down") is the process of descending on a fixed rope. It is also known as: rappelling or rappeling.
Source: rcd.co.uk


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Any incident which does or could result or could have resulted in injury EN:15567 Ropes Courses. See HSE information pertaining to RIDDOR – reporting of incidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences. http://www.riddor.gov.uk/
Source: rcd.co.uk


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effective depth

The distance from the centroid of the top chord to the centroid of the bottom chord.
Source: rcd.co.uk


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impact load

A weight that is dropped or a dynamic load generated by movement of a live load such as vehicles, craneways, etc.
Source: rcd.co.uk


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(Load and Resistance Factor Design) A method of proportioning structural members so that no limit state is exceeded when all appropriate load combinations have been applied.
Source: rcd.co.uk


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moment connection

A connection designed to transfer moment as well as axial and shear forces between connecting members.
Source: rcd.co.uk


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EN:15567 Ropes Course; definition: This type of support does not require any specific equipment. One or more people work together to catch, hold or give physical support to other participants.
Source: rcd.co.uk


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Advisory Activities Licensing Authority. The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority inspects activity centres and other activity providers on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills (DfES). If the Licensing Authority is satisfied that the provider complies with nationally accepted standards of good practice, they issue a licence. http:// [..]
Source: rcd.co.uk


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The process by which participants or instructors gain access to a ropes course element.
Source: rcd.co.uk

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