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land hoarding

 The act by which property developers buy up land but do not build on it immediately, instead waiting for the price of the land to rise and ensuring a higher profit upon sale.
Source: rgs.org


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natural change

The birth rate minus the death rate of a population.
Source: rgs.org


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grid square

The squares of a map denoted by a grid formed by a series of numbered horizontal (Northing) and vertical (Easting) lines
Source: rgs.org


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core region

An area at the heart of economic activity, where innovation, technology and employment are at a high level.
Source: rgs.org


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nucleated settlement

A settlement that has historically formed around a single central point such as a market square or a river crossing point.
Source: rgs.org


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glacial retreat

Net loss of ice from a glacier as a result of ablation exceeding accumulation.
Source: rgs.org


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pastoral farming

 Farming that produces livestock for meat, milk, wool, hide and other animal products.
Source: rgs.org


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interlocking spurs

 Tapering ridges which alternately project into a river valley, around which the river winds its course.
Source: rgs.org


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development gap

The widening difference in levels of development between the world's richest and poorest people.
Source: rgs.org


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river cliff

A steep, concave curve created on the outside of a meander bend by the erosive effect of fast flowing water.
Source: rgs.org

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