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informational value

The usefulness of records in documenting the substance of persons, places, things, or matters dealt with by an agency. The utility of the data contained in records, such as aerial photographs, engineering drawings, scientific observation data, navigation charts, etc. Informational value is considered in appraising records for permanent retention. C [..]


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input records

Nonelectronic documents designed and used to create, update, or modify records in an electronic medium; or electronic records containing data used to update a separate computer file. Sometimes called source recordsĀ or source documents.


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evidential value

The usefulness of records in documenting the organization, functions, and activities of the agency creating or receiving them. Considered in appraising records for permanent retention. Compare to Informational value.


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project file

All records that pertain to a project, as designated by the organization, and therefore filed together as a set under the project identifier instead of individually. Large, complex, and long-term project files may include several subsets of various types of records related to the project, which may have varying retention periodsdepending on their s [..]


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compact disk (cd

) A small optical disk on which text, data, sounds, visual images, and the like can be recorded digitally and then read by a laser beam, decoded, and transmitted to a computer, television, or playback device.


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historical value

In records appraisal, the value records have to warrant their permanent retention beyond the time they are needed for their normal administrative, fiscal, or legal purposes. Historical value is usually based on theevidentialand/or informational value of the records.


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(1) A survey of agency records and nonrecord materials that is conducted primarily to develop records schedules and also to identify various records management problems, such as improper applications of recordkeeping technology. (2) The results of such a survey. (3) (Arch) A type of finding aid for accessioned permanent records.


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records center

A facility, sometimes especially designed and constructed, for the low-cost, secure, and efficient storage and furnishing of reference service on inactive records, pending their ultimate disposition. The Secretary of State operates the State Records Center in Jefferson City for storage of inactive records of Missouri state agencies.


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subject file

A file type in which documents are placed and collected because they generally relate to the subject or topic of the file folder. Office correspondence is typically maintained in subject files. Subject files should be cutoffannually so that stale information may be disposed of and new subject files for more current information may be set up. Contra [..]


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temporary records

Records approved for destruction on a records schedule, either immediately or after a specified retention period. Also called disposable records or nonpermanent records. See also Appraisal; contrast to Permanent records.

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