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course section

SECTION DE COURS A letter used to differentiate between courses with the same course code that are offered more than once a year. The letter follows the course code. For example, SOC2511A (i.e. section A of SOC2511) is offered Mondays at 8:30 a.m. whereas SOC2511B (i.e. section B of SOC2511) is offered on Tuesdays at 1 p.m.
Source: uottawa.ca


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regular student

ÉTUDIANT RÉGULIER OU ÉTUDIANTE RÉGULIÈRE Status of a student who has been admitted to a program of study leading to an undergraduate degree, diploma or certificate at the University of Ottawa and who is registered for one or more courses in a program. For more information, consult Regulation 1 – Categories and Status of Undergraduate Student [..]
Source: uottawa.ca


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sessional grade point average

MOYENNE PONDÉRÉE DE LA SESSION (MPS) Measure of the student’s overall academic performance for all courses in a given session (see also grading system).
Source: uottawa.ca


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quick picks

Employee Directory InfoWeb Maps Virtual Campus Library Campus Tours Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs Financial Aid Payment of Fees Sessional Dates Academic Careers Emergency Preparedness Students Academic regulations - University of Ottawa Home Registration Accommodations Academic Fraud Exams Aca [..]
Source: uottawa.ca


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academic year

ANNÉE UNIVERSITAIRE / ANNÉE SCOLAIRE Normally, the period from the start of the Spring-Summer session (May 1) to the end of the Winter session (April 30).
Source: uottawa.ca


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ADMISSION Approval to register in a program of study at the University. Admission is valid only for the session indicated on the offer and is void if not followed by registration. For more information, visit the future students section of our website.
Source: uottawa.ca


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admission scholarship

BOURSE D’ADMISSION Scholarship granted upon admission based on a student’s average. Students must maintain an 8.5 grade point average (GPA) to be able to renew the scholarship at 100% of the initial scholarship amount or an 8.0 to 8.4 GPA to be able to renew the scholarship at 50% of the initial scholarship amount.
Source: uottawa.ca


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advanced standing

ÉQUIVALENCE Recognition granted for a course completed with success at another academic institution towards the student’s program of study at the University of Ottawa (see also transfer credits).
Source: uottawa.ca


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annual grade point average

MOYENNE PONDÉRÉE ANNUELLE (MPA) Measure of a student’s academic performance in all courses taken during an academic year, i.e. May through April (see also grading system).
Source: uottawa.ca


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AUDITEUR / AUDITRICE A student who has been authorized by one of the faculties to take one or more courses but who does not obtain credits for the course. Auditors are not entitled to write examinations or to hand in assignments and may not change their status after the deadline has passed for course changes for the session in which they are enroll [..]
Source: uottawa.ca

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