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hygroscopic nuclei

Tiny particles of matter that have a special chemical affinity for water molecules, so that condensation may take place on these nuclei at relative humidities under 100 percent.
Source: wrds.uwyo.edu


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Valley breeze

A shallow, upslope flow of air that develops during daylight hours within mountain valleys.
Source: wrds.uwyo.edu


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Hair hygrometer

An instrument designed to monitor relative humidity by measuring the changes in the length of human hair that accompany humidity variations.
Source: wrds.uwyo.edu


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A thin envelope of gasses (also containing suspended solid and liquid particles and clouds) that encircles the globe.
Source: wrds.uwyo.edu


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Convective condensation level

The altitude at which air parcels rising with the updraft of a convection cell reaches saturation; coincides with the base of cumuliform clouds.
Source: wrds.uwyo.edu


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The atmosphere above 80 km (50 mi) where gases are stratified, with concentrations of the heavier gases decreasing more rapidly with altitude than concentrations of the lighter gases.
Source: wrds.uwyo.edu


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Intertropical convergence zone

(ITCZ) Discontinuous belt of thunderstorms paralleling the equator and marking the convergence of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere surface trade winds.
Source: wrds.uwyo.edu


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Ozone shield

Ozone (O3) within the stratosphere that filters out potentially lethal intensities of ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun.
Source: wrds.uwyo.edu


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Polar front

Transition zone between cold polar easterlies and mild midlatitude westerlies.
Source: wrds.uwyo.edu


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station model

A conventional representation on a weather map using standard symbols of weather conditions at some locality.
Source: wrds.uwyo.edu

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