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A weeaboo is a person from a western culture who is obsessed with Japanese culture at a superficial level. Being around this type of person is normally uncomfortable for people from both Japan and the west.

They are characterized by their extensive knowledge of various anime, insistent use of Japanese phrases ("Kawaaii! etc) and unsettling interest in suggestive drawings of girls/childlike women.

Their understanding mostly comes from imported Japanese pop culture seen through the distorting lens of their own experience of social isolation in a western context, and they are not to be confused with people who have a genuine in the culture and history of Japan.
Pauly - 4 April 2019


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a stereotypical fan of anime (=a type of Japanese animated film)Weeaboos are infamous for making a mockery of the Japanese language.


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Basically obsessed with anime( a type of Japanese animated film) usually consisting of cartoon characters or inappropriate content.
. - 8 April 2019


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the japanese version of a koreaboo
obssessed with japanese culture, even though they aren't native. generally very cringey and weird for everyone. And liking japanese culture or learning japanese doesn't make you a weeaboo.
lel - 8 April 2019

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