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El Préstamo

In Spanish there are four different definite articles, ¨El¨¨La¨¨Los¨¨Las¨. Nouns are often accompanied by articles. ¨El¨ is a masculine definite article that precedes a masculine noun to indicate that the referent is known by the speaker and the listener, this article is used to talk about specific nouns. ¨El¨ translated to English is ¨The¨, all the four different articles in Spanish are translated to English as ¨The¨.

The word ¨Préstamo¨ is a word in Spanish that comes from the action of ¨prestar¨,that means in English to lend something, like money or something a person needs like a car, with the obligation to return it after used it. This word means an amount of money that is requested from a financial institution like a bank or from a person with the obligation to return the loan with interests. ¨Prestamo¨ also refers to a contract whereby a person is obliged to return the money that has been borrowed

The phrase ¨El Préstamo¨ translated to English means ¨The loan¨, it is a popular reggaeton song from Maluma, a famous Colombian singer. It is a song of double meaning, it speaks about a history of love and how the relationships that made us suffer once in the past affect those of the future.
The lyric of the song is basically about the loan that a man has given to a woman. This loan that he is talking about refers to the love he has given to her, in this context the loan is the love and she has to return it back to him. All that they have lived all the love that he has given to her was only borrowed.
In the song’s context it refers that he has giving all his love, all his feelings to a woman but it has being just borrowed to her, he has borrowed the biggest thing a person can lend in his life, his heart, his love. He will never give his heart to another person, he will only lend it due to he has lost several times in the game of love in the past and he doesn’t want to lost again. Due to it he will be always clear about the loan.
So basically he lets her know that it is just a loan, and she has to face it even though she does not want to give it back, she has to return the loan even with interests.
Jenny (5 October 2018)

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