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Voters list

A list prepared by the Chief Electoral Officer that contains the names and addresses of registered voters in each electoral district. (Election Act, s. 45-51)
Source: elections.bc.ca


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Chief Electoral Officer

An independent Officer of the Legislature appointed by the Lieutenant Governor on the recommendation of the Legislative Assembly. The Chief Electoral Officer is responsible for the administration of t [..]
Source: elections.bc.ca


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Advance voting

An opportunity to vote before General Voting Day. Advance voting is held between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on the Saturday and Sunday two weeks before General Voting Day, and the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday a [..]
Source: elections.bc.ca


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Writ of election

A formal order signed by the Chief Electoral Officer and the Lieutenant Governor that directs a District Electoral Officer to conduct an election. An election is called when the writ of election has b [..]
Source: elections.bc.ca


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Voting station

A table in a voting place with a Voting Officer, a Voting Clerk and a ballot box. Voters in a voting area are assigned to vote at a voting station. (Election Act, s. 82)
Source: elections.bc.ca


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Voting screen

A screen in a voting place behind which voters go to mark their ballot in private. (Election Act, s. 83)
Source: elections.bc.ca


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Voting place

The building or facility where voters of one or more voting areas are assigned to vote. (Election Act, s. 1, 81)
Source: elections.bc.ca


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Voting Officer

The election official appointed by the District Electoral Officer to conduct the vote at a particular voting station. (Election Act, s. 19, 88)
Source: elections.bc.ca


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Voting Clerk

A person appointed by the District Electoral Officer to help the Voting Officer. (Election Act, s. 19, 88)
Source: elections.bc.ca


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Voting book

A book that contains a listing of registered voters and a record of who voted at a specific voting station or voting opportunity. (Election Act, s. 84)
Source: elections.bc.ca

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