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Not For Wimps
Don't even think about if you are a wimp, crybaby or can't handle the HardCore way of doing things.
An example we took the trail that went up the mountain and through some serious terrain. That trail is definitely NFW.
 HardCore (14 November 2017)

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Urban concentration

The portion of a population living in cities/urban areas
HC (13 November 2017)

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As in something crash or wild or a whole lot of fun. An example would be, "what a qoot !"
Victoria garcia (11 November 2017)

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As in something crash or wild or a whole lot of fun
Victoria garcia (11 November 2017)

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selling something without the intention of getting aprofit
jjengo accram (7 November 2017)

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a conelet is a small opening on the side of a volcan
 gabby (7 November 2017)

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Urban concentration

When you realise the uncle stole shoes and electricity
Big Joe (7 November 2017)

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
HEYYY!!!! (6 November 2017)   NSFW

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
 Betterman (6 November 2017)   NSFW

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It is a clarification base for young novices who are working towards a beneficial end in life. I offers them a chance to dialogue with representatives of different career fields for them to select and get motivated. They will then work towards the attainment of the set credits
Dube Edward (6 November 2017)

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Computer Lab

a computer lab is a place where we found a serie of computers
anonymous (5 November 2017)

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Such a wonderful sound the word has. It sounds like love and friendship.
Lynette (4 November 2017)

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relay neuron

a neurone which transmits impulses between other neurones,especially as a part of reflex arc
anonymous (2 November 2017)

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The new internet prank sensation. You hail a cab or bus, then jump down an uncovered man-hole. "Ghosted".
anonymous (1 November 2017)

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It is a conpsct of starting on the top row of letter's on the keyboared then moving inwards and counting that pattern till the last row. Also measn your bored and have nothign to do exepc kill time.
Person (31 October 2017)

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Yer bored and u know it
U relly wanna show it
U already typed qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm
And u wanna have fun
But no.
anonymous (31 October 2017)

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a website where you do stuff. best part:YA GET TO BUNK ASSEMBLY!!!!!!!
anonymous (31 October 2017)

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Step-on guide

people who live in the area and have local knowledge .They take over the tour temporarily and provide the kind of informationthat the usual tour guide can not afford.
Hamza Abo Izz (29 October 2017)

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Initial charge

Money that can be charged from you before you pay..............
anonymous (25 October 2017)

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It is derived from Ga-Adangme word Nu (water) Ngo (salt)
anonymous (24 October 2017)

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Jaipur Sangeet Mahavidyalaya

Jaipur Sangeet Mahavidyalaya provide both hobby and professional classes for dance, vocal music and instrumental music Scholl
 jaipursangeetmv (24 October 2017)

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Protection yourself and the Reputations air the company that you work for ..the 24 counts the number of line stock on the baton stick
anonymous (18 October 2017)

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Medical Attendant

Is the person who trained and qualified to care the patients under the supervision of nurse
 Nsajigwa Brown (18 October 2017)

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Urban concentration

An agglomeration of population in cities; the prescence of an amount of people in cities.
 Anonymous Academic (18 October 2017)

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Urban concentration

Wen u realise that your mother is your uncle. It is a sad sad sad sad feeling.
 Big Johnny (18 October 2017)

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High-pressure turbine-driven propellant pump connected to a rocket combustion chamber; raises chamber pressure, and thrust
Source: reddit.com

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A method for cooling a rocket engine, by passing the cryogenic fuel through channels in the bell or chamber wall
Source: reddit.com

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Pre-combustion power/flow generation assembly (turbopump etc.)
Source: reddit.com

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Portmanteau: methane/liquid oxygen mixture
Source: reddit.com

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A set of two substances that ignite when in contact
Source: reddit.com

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Application of DC current to separate a solution into its constituents (for example, water to hydrogen and oxygen)
Source: reddit.com

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deep throttling

Operating an engine at much lower thrust than normal
Source: reddit.com

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Very low temperature fluid; materials that would be gaseous at room temperature/pressure
Source: reddit.com

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(Of a propellant tank) Pressurising the tank using boil-off of the contents, instead of a separate gas like helium
Source: reddit.com

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Material which is intentionally destroyed in use (for example, heatshields which burn away to dissipate heat)
Source: reddit.com

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SpaceX's world-wide satellite broadband constellation
Source: reddit.com

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Reaction between hydrogen and carbon dioxide at high temperature and pressure, with nickel as catalyst, yielding methane and water
Source: reddit.com

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Jargon Definition Raptor

Methane-fueled rocket engine under development by SpaceX, see ITS
Source: reddit.com

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Vertical Take-Off and Landing
Source: reddit.com

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Thrust-to-Weight Ratio
Source: reddit.com

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