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An event which occurred in the moment you expect it the least
Mike (7 August 2018)

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Voster means a tall man with a lang nose and handsome according to banyankole of Ntungamo
Abhi poster tugume (27 July 2018)

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Sandy soil is mainly compose of silica,which is low in nutrient element.
Isa salisu (22 July 2018)

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Physical Presence

You miss someone's physical presence meaning you miss being around them
 Tea (21 July 2018)

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It is actually something that is to happen 'toward' a set time.
Idongesit Brown (19 July 2018)

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Marketing is a management process that lets your goods or service reach a product by creating a product with a concept. It's called marketing
 dkvaruahir (18 July 2018)

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ieuan is a welsh name which translates to john in english
anonymous (18 July 2018)

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Processor is the most important part of the computer. It contains a microprocessor chip which works all the way to think for the computer and manages the program according to the user’s commands and instructions.
 dkvaruahir (18 July 2018)

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when u so bored that you type this in even tho u dont look at the results
qwerty (18 July 2018)

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specialty restaurant

speciality restaurant is that restaurant which mainly open at meal time
sheikh imtiyaz (17 July 2018)

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Tiani a cute Hawaiian local girl. Who is out going, beautiful, loyal. Has a smile that everyone one loves. And is friendly and nice and kind. Very smart. Clever. And love making trouble with boys. She has curly hair with cute small face features:)
anonymous (13 July 2018)

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biological factor include aspect such as fungi, bacteria, rodent........
 thapelo tau (12 July 2018)

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s3d is actually means sad. The a was created into e and people called it sed (meme). Now people made E into 3.

for example
1) I AM Very s3d
2) why are u so s3d
s3d meaning teller (10 July 2018)

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Heat zone

Division of earth zone according to their temperature
Neha chauhan (6 July 2018)

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Soil is said to be sandy if the proportion of sand particles in a sample of the soil is very high.
David Timothy (3 July 2018)

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my mxit name combining both my names sanele and ngcebo
sanel (30 June 2018)

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Lift and Shift

“Lift and Shift” is a cloud migration strategy whereby an organization essentially lifts up their existing architecture and re-hosts it in a cloud environment, without optimizing the application for a cloud environment features. This is the opposite of re-architecting an application to live natively in the cloud.

Source: https://www.mojotech.com/blog/a-guide-to-cloud-native-jargon/
 mojotech (29 June 2018)

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party discipline

It refers to a system of rules of conduct that customarily governs behavour of all members belonging to a party and are expected to abide by it.
Chirwa Edmond (29 June 2018)

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Home institution

a place where you dont leave home for an education
nikita cox (20 June 2018)

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The meaning may be : Reason To Live, of which I have heard frequently.
Mia (19 June 2018)

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Father Of All Gandus..like if there is a Gandu, UDGANDU is the ganduest of all....you know what i mean right?
anonymous (18 June 2018)

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Mbeya means agrain of salt or arock of salt being spoken by acertain native tribe in Tanzania.The salt sellers or salt makers were nicknamed Mbeyes.These people were surnamed differently according mother tongues wherever they had to migrate.For example Simbeyes,Mwambeyes,Mbewes,Mbeyas,Mbeyes and Mbeyos.The females are respectedly named Nyambeyes.All the above surnames have a common infix,surfix and syllable ie' Mbe'.These people orinated from a certain mountain known as Mount Mbeya which means a mountain of Salt.
Noah Mbewe (14 June 2018)

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a house, a place to work, where group of people work together, abode,
harit (14 June 2018)

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A novel source of animal protein which reduces the risk of allergen development whilst still providing high sustainable energy. Great source of dietary fats which build muscle whilst supporting a healthy skin and coat.
 Matwalker (14 June 2018)

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Conversion allowance

Compensation made by employer to employee for swapping his job
Aku gustave (10 June 2018)

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Commercial Harvesting

commercial harvesting is a cash of animals,fruits,vegetables and livestock .it includes that all harvesting of fruits and vegetables harvested by other techniques.
Rajeshwar mandal (7 June 2018)

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A building that stands alone not part of a group with no adjacent structure that defines the business within. It becomes a landmark and advertise the business it contains by extension. Thus the expression of signature
Tusk, W. (5 June 2018)

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It means you've just wasted your time looking for a definition. Plus typing all those letters up. Y
 nunya (5 June 2018)

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Heavenly Richies From God Or Born To Be Rich Heavenly
Ojah Caleb (4 June 2018)

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Bunbu ichi

The Pen and Sword in accord - The Samurai debate regarding letters and learning versus the Martial Arts.
Peter (31 May 2018)

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Are you okay?
Hi there (30 May 2018)

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Bow lift

When the user lifts thy bow and returns it to were it began on thy instrument.
anonymous (24 May 2018)

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Tijarah means trading.buying and selling one person to another
Syed (23 May 2018)

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Pre-accident Condition

Had a knee injury at work when the driver unload goods from the lorry, he push the cage of goods stenght from the lorry into wards me.
anonymous (22 May 2018)

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
 TMX Louis Lave (22 May 2018)   NSFW

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We use it as having a great day! Fun and joyful
Judi (19 May 2018)

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Anchor Clanker

person who is finicky or nit-picking or talking naimlessly
f*ck (18 May 2018)

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To laugh at a retard, or to laugh at someone who is retarded instead of actually laughing
anonymous (17 May 2018)

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BFFAW can also mean Best Friends Forever At Work, or Best Friends Forever AnyWhere.
anonymous (16 May 2018)

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The sound made when touching someone’s nose. “Mwerp”.
Sam (14 May 2018)

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