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Spatial arbitrage

The purchase and subsequent resale of the same product in different geographic locations in order to exploit a price discrepancy.
Denzell - 20 December 2018

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Roachy come from the word cockroach, is made by fake plastic toy for
scarring or prank your friends.
alisha - 20 December 2018

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When you are incredibly bored that you just start typing this in cause you don't have anything to do and have not found something to do yet
anonymous - 19 December 2018

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All sorts of methods. Unrestricted. Open to consider all methods.
Joseph meadows - 18 December 2018

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To be who you are and bring out the who of a person that think they whom to be.
Paul Brown Jr - 17 December 2018

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You are so bored and/or you saw this before. (How did this site get created???)
Not Telling - 17 December 2018

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
tyson - 17 December 2018   NSFW

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No such word.
1.It's a "tad"
2. It's "todger"
KatMint - 16 December 2018

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The process occur in water logged area, aerobic condition when iron compounds are used and segreted out
Hildegarda - 15 December 2018

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A free-lance buyer and seller of collectibles and antiques who deals in cash only, under the radar
Phil Wallace - 15 December 2018

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It is a movement button that can be used for right handed people in mostly games
paul - 13 December 2018

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A headass is a derogatory term to notice one's ignorance, Used for making fun of someone in an insult battle. For Example, Anthony and Brandon are headasses
Robert Kaner - 12 December 2018

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Someone who try to achieve whatever he/she needs in life /Someone who live to gain
anonymous - 12 December 2018

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