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Flame up like the Latin word flame is flame coloured like a candle

Avva on 2017-10-09

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Available Resources

Available resources is something that a firm possesses or employs
 Saru on 2017-10-09

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Fuck You Money

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anonymous on 2017-10-06   NSFW

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Fuck Me Money

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anonymous on 2017-10-06   NSFW

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Fuck You Money

This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
anonymous on 2017-10-06   NSFW

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Wet end

what is the duty of the expeller on a pump wet end
oupa on 2017-10-05

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Meaning Of Cerial:It Mean A Person Who Creatup Something That Give Him/her Money.
Kola on 2017-10-04

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market disequilibrium

This is where the forces of demand and supply in e market contradict in the market making either demand or supply low
Nalugonda joviah on 2017-09-29

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One or more "side kick" type companions to an individual on a quest or mission to accomplish. (Modern usage, after year 1984.)
 Cindi Berry on 2017-09-29

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It is the transport location of a solute form one site of biological berries to the other.
Sangeet Kumar RAJPUT on 2017-09-27

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Rural depopulation

Rural depopulation:Rural areas become depopulation, result in a decline of functions and services. Town become ghost towns
johannes mathole on 2017-09-26

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The sunbrella is used when the there is a sun. But if there's not you will not use the sunbrella.
Bethoven on 2017-09-25

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anonymous on 2017-09-24   NSFW

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As in "landscape", photo art made from the sides and sections of buildings. Usually abstract colors and textures but sometimes utilizing doors, windows, or other architectural details to create an image.

See also "spontaneous composition".

see also bfullerfoto on FB at


for examples of this type of work.
Brian Fuller on 2017-09-20

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I heard in Africa it means a well dress lady
, but that was my dad he always put his own meaning to things
anonymous on 2017-09-19

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The word wiwi is an African English sang mostly used by south African countries like Botswana, south Africa, Zambia and their neighbours meaning urinate. E.g I want to wiwi, young boy go out and wiwi to avoid wiwing on your bed before you sleep. Wiwi means urinate.
ezadeen arafat on 2017-09-19

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AP style: Conforms to AP style

This afternoon, we will study the after-effects of excessive after dinner drinking.
anonymous on 2017-09-18

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Aztec word means "womanly" oh geez has yo be fifty characters long. Soooooo..... im watching lord pf the rings and
anonymous on 2017-09-17

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Heat zone

It is the latitudinal division of the earth on basis of the climate in a place.
 HARSHITHA on 2017-09-17

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Air Velocity

This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Kevin Casidy on 2017-09-14   NSFW

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an expression of cynical doubt---------------------------
ernie on 2017-09-13

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A renewal ,regeneration or improvement of a generation.
Mudzo on 2017-09-12

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Line up.., assemble group of karate practitioners.
anonymous on 2017-09-10

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A mythical creature that is mostly human but is also a bird having feathers for hair
anonymous on 2017-09-03

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Geographia- Writing about Earth
anonymous on 2017-09-02

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Carton Board

a board that is to be used for making cartons, see box board
Caroline Chandler on 2017-09-01

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Super Flash

Superflash meaning fast, speed and quick , it means to reach one's destination just at a flash of time
Paul ELLINGTON  on 2017-09-01

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The willingness to win

Submitted by Dr. Beverley Elaine Wright
Public Health Specialist
Kingston Jamaica West Indies
 Beverley Wright on 2017-09-01

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Sub requirement

: In order for Mavis to view a movie, ALL of the following must be met by the movie. It must:
be in English
be short
be for children
be a comedy
Facts: The movie that Rowena talked about:
is in a small theater
is for children
is a comedy
is in English
anonymous on 2017-08-29

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Solar energy is simply energy provided by the sun. Solar radiation form helps in producing electricity. Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available.
 Madhav on 2017-08-28

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Following carefully. She works very delegently
anonymous on 2017-08-26

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
anonymous on 2017-08-22   NSFW

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Through Vial Impedance Spectroscopy. A process analytical technology based on the measurement of the electrical impedance spectra of a solution contained within a freeze drying vial during the process of freeze drying. In this method the electrodes are external to the vial, hence the term "through-vial" impedance spectroscopy. The methodology for monitoring product temperatures and drying rates was first developed by researchers at De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom.

See www.dmu.ac.uk/tvis for example applications for this analytical method
 Geoff Smith on 2017-08-19

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