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Pupils on roll

It also means the number of pupils registered in the catalogue excluding the left students.
Ramesh Thorat - 28 June 2022

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A single of Happiness and cuteness
anonymous - 28 June 2022

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Someone who looks happy but deep down they are in so much pain. They really want to open up to someone but they fear that their secret will be used as their weakness against them so they lock up their pain and fake a smile to make the world feel as if they are happy. Am a victim
Emmanuel Pleasure - 26 June 2022

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local crafts

Local craft are artworks produces with use of band hands or with the use of machine
Ayomide - 23 June 2022

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Chimmy is a verb meaning to start shit. To use in a sentence: Have you seen that girl Selen Tatsuki over at the bar, always chimmying about & runnin’ amok?!
ThanatosX33 - 21 June 2022

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The first person who intends something; generally a proposer for some purchase, etc.

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Red head

A ginger who is extremely segregated simptoms are having red hair, depression, not being good at basketball, but they DO HAVE A SOUL
BOB - 21 June 2022

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This is a specific number recognized as the longest number in letters. Also it is worth 10^1365 as a scientific notification. But it is a far way to Millinillion (worth 10^3003) you can find on Wikipedia.
Anonymous - 21 June 2022

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This is a specific number recognized as the longest number in letters. Also it is worth 10^1365 as a scientific notification. But it is a far way to Millinillion (worth 10^3003) you can find on Wikipedia.
anonymous - 21 June 2022

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A small book that you have not finished or are still writing or starting to write soon

It can also mean that you just need to publish it and or edit.
Sebastian - 21 June 2022

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Sparten means am Immortal, a reigner of a great kingdom A Superior, Supreme Being, God
Sparten Dykho - 21 June 2022

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Meaning of word "Luno"; astronomy moon. masculine: Luno.
Femanine: Luna. Hispanic txt
Andrew - 21 June 2022

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When I was little my Hispanic mother said it meant wet fart
Lisa Garcia - 21 June 2022

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It means snake charmer supposedly....it is my last name currently
Haway - 9 June 2022

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You have entered the world of boredom, you are sitting in school trying to search up the most random pattern thing u could think of. But there are 2 million other miserable children who are possessed by evil boredom. Good luck with the rest of the school day soldier.
KumalalaKumalalaKuma - 9 June 2022

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No cure no pay

You give the sample to the customer.. If they are satisfied with the quality and use it, then you invoice.. If product failed you don't invoice..
Ay┼če Çelik - 9 June 2022

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duality of man

A sickened mind and spirit
The mirror tells me lies
Could I mistake myself for someone
Who lives behind my eyes?
Will he escape my soul
Or will he live in me?
Is he trying to get out
Or trying to enter me?
Steve Kelly - 9 June 2022

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Lmao did I just reach this level. I got shocked when google gave me results
mirag3 - 9 June 2022

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Systemic barrier

In appropriate and inadequate flow of information which leads to lack of understanding about the role and responsibilities
Kartik Ramteke - 9 June 2022

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a really big number, 10 to the power of 243.
anonymous - 9 June 2022

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Development project

It refers to the act of changing poor situations by building infrastructures to equip a society
Mabel - 1 June 2022

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Its a right path undertaken by an individual basing on different factors like,guidance, future admirations and prospects, time frame and the available resources to undertake training. the destiny is not always pre- determined and therefore an individual suffers the consequences of the career choice.
amutuhaire felix - 1 June 2022

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Diagnoses, 4th stage: Terminal
You will never tell the truth: Taking your lies to the grave
Samantha Rae - 1 June 2022

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Wanker Daddy - 1 June 2022   NSFW

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Rock or stone in Finnish, for example, "tuo kivi on harmaa"
(that rock is gray)
Kivi - 1 June 2022

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You are a cool person and like to search random things because of boredom and also dictionary.university
Nobody cares - 1 June 2022

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your bored and stuff and either your work is too hard or you are mad so you type up dumb things like. Good luck. You just wasted time that you could be playing things on your comp. You are dumb like me. Ha Ha. No cure. So there is no point in trying to find someone to cure this level of boredom.
1234567890HaHaHa - 1 June 2022

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environmental hygiene

Environmental hygiene is simply defined as the act of maintaining the entire environment clean and free from human activities that degrade the land, pollute our water bodies and the quality of air, as well as protecting other species on the earth.
Assuah, P. Ferguson - 1 June 2022

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You are so bored that you decide to search the alphabet across and got this.
idk - 1 June 2022

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Mashed boiled bananas or plantains, a staple food in Uganda.
Onen Gum Jimmy - 1 June 2022

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Past tense of arrive. to have already beat someone to the finish line. To show up before the rest of the guest. To already be at a location before others. To come to a conclusion about a current event based on gathered information.
Terry Burwell - 1 June 2022

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You are in school
you don't want to hear your teacher's boring lecture

cbornonwnnor - 1 June 2022

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where you are dying of boredom and decide to google random letters of the keyboard
kai - 1 June 2022

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Pedogenic Regime

Pedogenic regimes refers to specific soil forming processes which occur only under specific climatic condions to give rise to specific soil types
anonymous - 1 June 2022

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An awkward or mischievous version of the word "haha" for laughing
anonymous - 1 June 2022

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Parallel Market

An unofficial foreign exchange market tolerated by a government but not officially sanctioned. The exact boundary between a parallel market and a black market is not very clear, but official tolerance of what would otherwise be a black market leads a to use of the term parallel market.
With respect - 1 June 2022

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Longest number of a name………………………………………………………
anonymous - 1 June 2022

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Tactical strategic assassin warriors ,Tactical strategies against war it's military and government Mafia money powers it by Scott Lowell Greenier
Tsaw - 1 June 2022

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menu card

Menu card is the list that contain the food and beverages to be selected from in a restaurant
Jumoke - 1 June 2022

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When you’re procrastinating in class and decide to mess with the keyboard in an orderly fashion and you get this word so you look it up but urban dictionary is blocked so you find this website instead and realize your experiences are shared with many before you and you decide to continue the tradition and leave a definition of your own for the next generation of bored students to find
definitely human - 1 June 2022

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