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courtyard garden

A ground level patio that is open to the sky and surrounded by walls, hedges or plants of some sort.
Delana Mars - 21 June 2019

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food vehicle

refers to a commonly consumed food that is used to deliver a particular nutrient or chemical substance to an individual or population such as in food fortification.
Tapiwa Magaisa - 21 June 2019

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pan face

A face that is flat and mostly round in shape, similar to that of a frying pan.
Caroline - 19 June 2019

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Electro Wave Inversion: A new technology also known as Infrasonic Waves; which allows superior imaging.
Jon - 19 June 2019

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A random guy you do not know his name, but you have to refeer him in some way so you cal him 'cawn'.
Is used like a kinda slag way.
anonymous - 19 June 2019

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extended keyboard

An extended keyboard is a kind of keyboard that can extend more
Aimee - 19 June 2019

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To cuff me, to start relationship with the person asking. Hmj
IlLtErAtE_sEb - 19 June 2019

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In Wicca, the Spirit of Freedom.
Often linked with its protector The Dragon (Warrior, defender, teacher).
Alex S Clarke - 17 June 2019

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A position adopted by a loving couple. To spoon in a left handed direction in bed
Brian Woods - 17 June 2019

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Nebula or star from Mayan mythology, depicted within the film the fountain.
Jay - 17 June 2019

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Intellectual, higher thinking, independent.. aloofness, likes cats, knowledgeable, swift, fast, etc
Carol Chambers - 17 June 2019

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A character in a science fiction dystopian screenplay by T. Bennett.
T. Bennett - 13 June 2019

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an idiot or a freak who has annoyed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the dog owner - 13 June 2019

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The fortnite sea monster with one eye carrying a castle on the back
Lewis sub 2 BCC - 11 June 2019

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urban economics

When talk about urban ecomics is that
Refer to the all aspects of human life
like social, economic tradition and political development
Elin Elias - 11 June 2019

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Someone who hides their pain behind a smile . Someone who doesn’t want people to know what they really feel on the inside , because they are truly afraid of what others will think of them . I am an eccedentesiast and know many others like me .

Source: my mind
Truce - 11 June 2019

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a fortnite event that involves a giant dragon named cattus detroying greasy grove and polar peak
cattus - 11 June 2019

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sandy soil

Sandy soil is said to be d richest minerals resources which add nutrients to d plants and resources.Sandy soil can be use to build house and other construction works.
Oluwaseyi olukotun - 11 June 2019

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When someone says something you don't approve, you use the word 'mxm'
Abenati - 11 June 2019

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The TFFY IS the name of design for hand made jewelry, by Jim tajvidy jewelry designer and master Jewelers .
Jim - 11 June 2019

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A tough outer layer, especially that of an animal or plant.
Tehreem - 11 June 2019

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FIR stands for FIRST INFORMATION REPORT,a written document prepared by the police and contains the complement lodged by a victim
Trisha - 11 June 2019

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A guy who rarely gets angry and finds pleasure in making others happy. This is one quiet dude that's ladies would always talk about in their secret conversation. Some people mistake his quiet altitude as pride but trust me Eugene is that one guy u would love to hangout around with.
Amih - 8 June 2019

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Formed by the deposition of sediments at the mouth of the river, it is usually triangular in shape and has a network of distributaries
Tri - 8 June 2019

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Uki means exactly to say gold in language japanese,specially tokiyo . It's pronounced like this=you-key=UKI
Seema tiwari - 6 June 2019

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radial cleavage

In this type of clevagea, the successive clevage furrows cut stright ,at right angle to one another. As a result blastomers are arranged radially and blastomer of upper tire lie over the carresponding blastomers of lower tire e.gab. Sponges, Coelentrates (Hydra) and echinoderms ( Seaurchin)
R k lone - 6 June 2019

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A small amount. Like the last of the coffee. “There’s a drooled left.”
Pam Kong - 6 June 2019

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I wish the world was flat so I could yeet my self off the edge of it
lkja - 6 June 2019

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Referring to a person as a slonk is a negative term in old Cumbrian dialect.
anonymous - 6 June 2019

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foyot is a restaurant at which the french senators eat
navya 8d - 6 June 2019

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We always used 'Skaboosh' as a way of saying 'buzz off' 'go away' 'get out of my face' when we were young.
Jennifer Harris - 6 June 2019

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A new way my bestfriends and I decide to state our love for each other. For example

1. I lvoe Bhoodoo
M2CA - 6 June 2019

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A new way me and my bestfriends decide state our love for each other
M2CA - 6 June 2019

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parent rock

The preexisting rock from which a metamorphic rock forms.
Katrina - 6 June 2019

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My mother used to call us by this term in a "less-than-loving" manner (1980s) when she was displeased with us.
Kathie - 6 June 2019

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Olivia - 6 June 2019   NSFW

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internal assessment

It is the assessment work given in schools and colleges to check the capability of a student that how much he or she can discover or research about a particular topic either in group or individual.
Anwesha Sahu - 6 June 2019

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reticulate venation

It is a web like substances present in leaves
Aditya Kumar thakur - 6 June 2019

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In practically all Slavic languages regardless of whether they use the Roman or Cyrillic alphabet d u c h is translated as
Spirit, ghost, Non physical characteristics of a person.
Among these languages are Polish, Slovak, Czech, Russian, Belarusian ,Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Serbian, and so forth
Gregory Duch - 6 June 2019

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Inabit is a mixture of things.
Often used meaning:
To be done soon, in a bit of time; usually constituting 3 hours or less.
anonymous - 6 June 2019

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