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you get this when a human is insanely bored by the way the mental asylum has been notified of you
qmwnebrvtcyxuzilokpj - 18 January 2021

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Advanced water treatment

The level of water treatment that requires an 85-percent reduction in pollutant concentration, also known as tertiary treatment.
MrsKijaba - 18 January 2021

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You are in school pressing a "unique" combination of letters because you are bored out of your mind only to find out its on urban dictionary but its blocked. you went down 1 or 2 searches and saw this website and its unblocked. Turns out your not unique at all.
Barack O'Biden - 18 January 2021

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Grid Square

A grid square is a grid that you use for doing maths problems
Kiki green - 18 January 2021

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Heat zone

Zone which is near the equator .They get colder as they move away towards the poles.
LISA - 13 January 2021

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Bendy and the Ink Machine. BATIM is slang for theMeatly and MikeMood’s game, Bendy and the Ink Machine.
anonymous - 13 January 2021

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Abiden is a person who endures and is the opposite of a trump
anonymous - 13 January 2021

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A word to help you in scrabble.
Definition: the keag was too fast yet i was too slow.
Keag - 13 January 2021

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ugga bugga

I use ugga bugga when reffering to a sound that a caveman make when its feels a sensation of drastic and dramatic change of emotions.
Eduardo Perez - 13 January 2021

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specialty restaurant

A speciality restaurant are those types of restaurants.where Only one food item are prepared and served.
Sailendra khadka - 13 January 2021

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alternate route

Referes to an existing path or road that is also headed to the same destination.
JbncPsclRnttr - 13 January 2021

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Have you here’d the joke about the Jewish pilot. Etc........?
G Smith - 13 January 2021

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Cram pass and forget lm only 9 years old
What do you expect me to know !!!!!
Ot - 8 January 2021

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Something more miracle or knowledge which surprise people.
Ovan - 8 January 2021

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Albert Cock - 8 January 2021   NSFW

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Someone who dates people online. Usually, males. But you can find girls too. They normally are antisocial, and probably never experienced in real life love.
Jumei - 8 January 2021

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a person who is misunderstood so they just hide their pain behind a smile instead of expressing themself on how they really feel
zahniah - 8 January 2021

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This shows your slow descent into insanity as you type random letters from your keyboard.
mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiu - 5 January 2021

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You probably got here because one of your friends said pfp at school but you didn't know what it meant so you searched it up. Urban dictionary is blocked so you came here and then you saw my post. basically, pfp means profile picture on Discord or Reddit.
The nope rope - 5 January 2021

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When you think of what to say.
(can be wrote with as much h's that an individual says)
King - 5 January 2021

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A "Formator" is a person who "forms" or "moulds" or "shapes" youngsters in a particular profession/vocation.
Fr M Arockiasamy. - 5 January 2021

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Shuga can also mean a kind of soft or a romantic name given to some one you cherish
Bella - 5 January 2021

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Yes, we are both in school and we are both bored.
You might be straying away from math, science, or even gym. But you are here. typing random concoctions into the school Chromebook. Well. Me and you both, kid.
Bruv - 5 January 2021

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A magical spirit which goes inside of the miraculous or jwellery and the person is transformed.
Rudrakshi Adhikary - 4 January 2021

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minimum dynamic area

the suitable habitat required to maintain and support minimum viable population and to cope with natural disasters.
zakia - 4 January 2021

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national budget

An estimate of a country's expected revenue and anticpated expenditure for a given fiscal year
anonymous - 4 January 2021

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lex causae

Applicable law on the contract determined by the court
mag - 4 January 2021

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Collection of Brain specimens after clinical autopsy or post mortem. The brain bank becomes the essential component for finding answers to plenty of open questions in several chronic brain disorders
H.Basavanagowdappa - 2 January 2021

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Shear line

In meteorology, a line or narrow zone across which there is an abrupt change in the horizontal wind component parallel to this line; a line of maximum horizontal wind shear. Yes I did it.
Blubbie - 31 December 2020

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When I was a small child in Lancashire England in the 1940’s my mother would give me white bread broken in pieces, topped with warm milk and sprinkled with sugar for breakfast. It was called pobbies.
Jean Pollard Holmes - 30 December 2020

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Chiden... Joe plus China equals Chiden. Now America pays the cost for this piece of garbage taking the reigns of our once great country.
Mark - 30 December 2020

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An offensive term used to offend Indians. It is the Indian version of n*gger.
Jayfe - 30 December 2020

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Being so furnished or don't know what to say I am so speechless I am so stunt
Miracle - 29 December 2020

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X = ground/earth
L = left channel
R = right channel
godwin - 29 December 2020

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The meaning given at 1. is wrong, but would be correct if changed from "where the vessel shall be delivered to the owner" to "where the vessel shall be delivered to the charterer."
(If the vessel is sailing from its last port of discharge in order to be redelivered back to owners, it is still earning hire. No question of a 'bonus' arises.
Charles Baker - 29 December 2020

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Ithink innocentia it a person who is always doing the right thing ,who has no sin
Nompumelelo - 29 December 2020

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head ass can be used for roasting for example skin tone chicken bone leave me alone head ass
cordez - 29 December 2020

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Welcome , what country do you live in?
Are you from Uzbekistan?
SarahSimpson - 29 December 2020

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means you are bored out of ur mind and need something to do so u search this up thinking u are a genus but find out u are not
anonymous - 29 December 2020

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Too fucked up to move or sit still... all 50 of the things you have began to start are all lingering, waiting to never be finished! #goodtimesrolling
HaleyBug - 29 December 2020

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