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Special fare

Special fare is fare charge by airlines at are low price apart from the normal fare.
Mudarebo Mesach - 27 August 2021

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goodness, good turn, nobility, right, excellence of quality
anonymous - 27 August 2021

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Tender plants

Tender is helper of tree to come to hard and straight
Anshul - 27 August 2021

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Making other people happy, but forgetting that you need happiness too.:(
Sumeyye - 27 August 2021

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Divide the 26 english letters into groups of 7. Group 1 is AHOV. I'm unfathomably angry I am the only person in the world to discover this.
Steven - 27 August 2021

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Hmar is also one of the rcognise tribe in India
And this tribe is very fast growing UP tribe in NE INDIA,
Google - 27 August 2021

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Hmar is a tribe name in northeast India.Proud to be Hmar
Amezia - 27 August 2021

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Ngas is driving from shiktuke call Ngak which means the plural form is call Ngas.Ngas is a spoken language around borno basin from 1000AD to 1750AD ,in Nigeria Ngas has played the major roles military, politics, engineering and Educational board. Ngas are normal found in plateau state and some of the states Nigeria.The majority of Ngas are christain and we have two Ngas, the plain Ngas and hill Ngas.
Kezyto peter wuseli - 27 August 2021

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Quiet! to hold Your finger to your mouth and indicate to someone not to say anything or be quiet
john Linsey - 27 August 2021

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Asain is a rice man, I enjoy these men not so much. They make me happy :)
Carlos - 27 August 2021

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an absolute mockery of the LGBTQ+ community.
Lily - 27 August 2021

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selecting or choosing from various sources.
made up of what is selected from different sources.
not following any one system, as of philosophy, medicine, etc., but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.
noting or pertaining to works of architecture, decoration, landscaping, etc., produced by a certain person or during a certain period, that derive from a wide range of historic styles, the style in each instance often being chosen for its fancied appropriateness to local tradition, local geography, the purpose to be served, or the cultural background of the client.
Phil - 22 August 2021

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From Wasit in Iraq. It was a Cantonment for Arab cavalry exactly in the middle of the two trouble spots in the caliphate then namely Kufa and Basra. Descendants of cavaliers from Wasit are called Wasitee or simply Wasty
As related to me by my grandfather
Najam Wasty - 22 August 2021

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ambu bag

Ambulatory Manual Breathing Unit (AMBU bag): this is a simple medical device used in resuscitation of a patient especially in emergency situation,
Princess Chioke Igwe - 22 August 2021

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tank culture

Tank culture can be defined as the culture where by tank made of steel,reinforced cement,fiberglass are used to put large amount of fish in water.
Taofeek kehinde - 22 August 2021

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Investment casting

Investment casting is one of the centuries-old metal manufacturing processes, which can date back 5,000 years. In its earliest forms, beeswax was used to form patterns necessary for the casting process. Today, more advanced waxes, refractory materials, and specialist alloys are typically used for making patterns.Molten metal is poured into a consumable mold formed by refractory ceramic material with a wax pattern involved. The wax is melted out and the molten metal will solidify inside the ceramic mold, and then the metal casting parts hatch out. That’s why investment casting is often referred to as “lost-wax casting”.
ChrisD - 22 August 2021

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To move quickly or go higher in different ways
Example:Otto dreded in his new workplace
He was really dreding
Synonym:excel, improve
Antonym:demote, fail
Odo David - 22 August 2021

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Emulsion Speed

A property of photographic emulsion which determines how long they must be exposed to a given light source to secure equal density when developed.
M A Tarabzouni - 22 August 2021

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Unrelated Goods

Change in price of one or the other does not affect the demand of the other goods
Azeezat omotolani - 31 July 2021

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pest resurgence

Reborn of pests due to their resistance against chemicals Or due to nonspecific target such as natural enemies or predators
GURJANT SINGH - 31 July 2021

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Sad person that watches too much anime and is very sad, and sad
Epic man - 31 July 2021

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An old man or woman that is narcissistic. Never believes they are wrong but everybody else is. Non-excepting people are snide.
Nephi88 - 30 July 2021

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duality of man

The battle of Jeckyl and Hide... made worse by a biplolar mind is the antithesis of “The Dualty of Man” ... from experience its a never ending war in my head
Chip - 30 July 2021

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office equipment

Office equipment are the tools, machines and equipment that are needed to perform the jobs in an office.
anonymous - 30 July 2021

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basketry is when canes are splits and woven by palm branches with the help of the hands
Naana Ow - 30 July 2021

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Is a soil with high percentage of sand, or large soil praticles
Olamide temitope - 30 July 2021

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Physics can be defined as the study of motion that deal with behaviors of matter in relative energy
Koshi Vic.k - 30 July 2021

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G14 classified

An item that is extremely secret and will be killed immediatly if leaked to someone.Used in a movie called 'Rush Hour (1998)'to make fun of a character played by Chris.
Lian Za Hmung - 30 July 2021

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Cargo Drop

delivered to address
addreses delivered progress,
USA - cargo drop in to the address
anonymous - 30 July 2021

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national budget

National budget is an estimate of revenue and expenditure of a nation usually on a specific fiscal year
Nazy Nazareth - 30 July 2021

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Nefarious is the act ov imoral or wicked activities
Goody - 30 July 2021

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degree of openness

It is the international transaction of a domestic economy with respect or relative to it's GDP
Dahamani sulemani - 30 July 2021

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Effective rainfall

The amount of rainfall utilised by the crop after evapotranspiration, deep percolation and surface run off, leaching,etc.
Sai Soumya Moahnty - 30 July 2021

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26 = Displacement
D = Darude
E = Efi
TT = Twin Turbo
-Sil, circa 2021
Anon - 30 July 2021

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Colloquial meaning used in Mridanga Talam - a short crescendo beat played to gradually raise the tempo
Babu D - 30 July 2021

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lenghth of the tip of your thumb to the first knuckle
YourFace - 30 July 2021

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Novel of manners

are the kind of novels which aims to represent or recreate social, political, economical and cultural aspects of a certain society so as to correct some issues appearing in that society contrary to the expected issues or sometimes to promote the cultural values of a particular society.

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UwU means when a cat/or anime character will smile, it doesnt mean anything bad (i think) so why say it means a abd thing?..
UWU - 30 July 2021

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What am I doing with my life? Hope my coworkers don't see me procrastinating at this level.
qpalzmwoskxneidjcbru - 30 July 2021

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environmental hygiene

Environmental hygiene this is otherwise known as environmental sanitation and it is refers to as an active process involving individual and community participation in establishing clean and safe environment to foster emotional and physical wellbeing.
Odujoko Olajide - 30 July 2021

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