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Someone who's identity has been stolen and is being used to scam lonely desperate people out their money. Fraudulent and cruel !
Laura - 12 April 2021

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A particularly firm couch cushion.
Sarah powell - 12 April 2021

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Slang for taking, stealing, pilfering, etc. such as to 'gank'.
"He keeps kiping my lighters!"
Daelia - 12 April 2021

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party discipline

Party discipline means upholding the entrenched principles, rules and regulations guiding the behavior of members of political party
Omiwole Joseph L - 12 April 2021

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Having used ones’ intuition, ie, instinctively, or without need for contemplation or reasoning - required no forethought.
Nigel kenworthy PhD - 12 April 2021

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shoot system

Shoot system is the consist stems including branches like leaves fruits and flowers
Hana mataan - 12 April 2021

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Factitious host

An insect that is not the preferred host but is used as a host for the production of parasitoids. such as hosts are usually used because they are easier to rear in large numbers than the preferred host.
SIYA THAKUR - 12 April 2021

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n. the fundamental drives which govern and affect human behavior. They pertain to the most basic physiological needs of man such as hunger, thirst, sex, and self-preservation.
Sol - 12 April 2021

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It means that you finally got into the back of the class, you have a computer in front of you, plus you are bored. They blocked the dinosaur game the psychos, so you think that google has got some cool stuff, so you try doing a different combination of all of the letters in a different order thinking your a genius, but after reading that something actually came up and saw that it has a genuine definition, you click down on the link to add your own definition, and here you are reading this thing, this is lucky for me because this is a typing class so it looks like im doing good work so gg boys easy A+ for me :)
Procrastinating god - 12 April 2021

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Parallel Beam

A parallel beam is one which does not converge or diverge -its width stays the same as wave
Aliyah - 12 April 2021

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The way XQC Spelled orange to bottle the blue laptop bank heist.
Ahmed - 12 April 2021

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BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA! Song: On The Ground, Gone,Solo,Dududud,How you Like that, Crazy over you, Lovesick girl,As if's I was your last,Forever young,Bet you wanna, Ice Cream,Playing with fire, and more STAN BLACKPINK AND BE A BTS FAN TO AND TWICE IF YOU ARE YOU A BLINKARMYONCE and Straykids Bye
I'm Somebody - 12 April 2021

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Has three meanings
1. Bright as that of light
2. Unsatisfied with something given to you
3. Something new
Buay - 12 April 2021

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Stud dog

A male dog who is listed on the BREEDING register of the nation's official kennel club, and possesses credentials for his breed-type + character + courage + intelligence + self-control + trainability, plus has official PASS certificates for the genetic disorders present in his breed.
anonymous - 12 April 2021

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Cheap Labour

ABDUL - 12 April 2021

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government of the day

I hope you know that you are loved and treasured. You are such an amazing person, and you need to start believing in yourself! You are strong, and beautiful! You are perfect just the way you are, no matter what anyone says.
The Alien From Mars - 28 March 2021

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Brella: Beautiful shining one.
Brella is so beautiful she shines bright like a diamond
Momma - 28 March 2021

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Food Vehicle

A Vehicle that carries food, but not a vehicle that eats food.
Garfield - 28 March 2021

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To express that you are feeling confident or prideful. In my experience, it is used when a person is talking about how they know best or think they aced something
Starpower - 26 March 2021

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A very bully girl from Honduras which goes by the name Nicole
Mikee83 - 26 March 2021

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Appalachian use is to describe a very high level of meanness, “That feller is mean as Cyarn”. There is only one higher degree of meanness, rattlesnake. If someone is “mean as a rattlesnake”, you better hie tale it back to the house.
Elie Mae - 26 March 2021

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This word definitely does not exist trust me I'm a doctor
Lol - 26 March 2021

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looking at a butt in the washroom throo the cracks in the stalls when your vidioing it on your phone
joe mama - 26 March 2021

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A person who feels hopelessness and just wants to make others happy so much they hide their own pain behind a smile
Cookie - 26 March 2021

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audience accumulation

The addition of new audience to a publication, television program, or other medium, as successive issues or broadcasts are produced.
G.O - 26 March 2021

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Material index

Material index is the ratio of weighted products used by industries to choose the best or ideal location where cost can be minimized.in other words,it is the measurements of output produced using a given amount of raw materials to determine an industry location.e.g if output obtained is less than 1, the industry will locate near the source of raw materials but if greater than 1 it can locate near the market but if exactly 1 the industry can locate anywhere.
Fonyuy Geraldino - 26 March 2021

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Nursery Bed

Nursery bed is a place where plant are raised before transplanting.
Yy shehu gabada - 26 March 2021

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I think it's slang for va"gin"a. Get it "gine" ? That's strange that these comments ha e ro be 50 characters long.
Ryan - 26 March 2021

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Awful,sickness of death and pain only cares about self never helps very mean
Mary Katherine - 26 March 2021

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Person who make friends and funs with people to keep them lively
Young saoti arewa - 26 March 2021

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By a G-check you test someone to see if they a real ass Gansta
anonymous - 26 March 2021

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They are organisation that Partner institutions to report statistics .they use their statistics to compile aggregates and to assemble source
Babawale titilayo fa - 26 March 2021

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"Flarp" means to be lazy, and not really wanting to do anything.
anonymous - 26 March 2021

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Scheme of Work

It is a breakdown of academic activities to be covered within a specific period of time.
leo grace - 26 March 2021

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places of interest

A place of interest can be define as a place which we would like go or interested to go.

Yuppie mike - 26 March 2021

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When you enter a cool pattern into the search bar and it appears with definitions
anonymous - 26 March 2021

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pro-pesticide means like when it becomes active once in enters an organism.
anonymous - 26 March 2021

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American Breakfast

It is a hot cooked breakfast that consists of eggs,bacon, sausages , toast and juice
Dimakatso motaung - 26 March 2021

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it means ur shill and ur cool or sum like sad or something like used in anime chats like v_v ^_^ '-' its basically just like :) :( :< :> :/ :\ but those are anime themed. e.g today im gon' to the mall yessir U_U ^_^ cool right.
Tangjiro - 26 March 2021

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Obsessed with anime, the cringiest type of animation ever presented by mankind. makes me want to puke. sry to the anime fans reading this
zksoaps - 26 March 2021

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