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(Noun) boredom. you're supposed to be doing homework, but what's the point? now, going to google and typing in all the letters on the keyboard backwards, that's how you spend your time. And, while you're at it, why not make your own definition? it wastes time and helps you find your sanity.
Asher - 1 March 2021

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Relief, reduce, spread, bear..to reduce the effect of pains or hardship, to make less difficult.
Awolaja femi - 22 February 2021

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Lubby means "Chew Chao". In a remote area of Gilgit Baltistan (northern areas of Pakistan) the word "Lubby" i mean "Chew Chao" is used for someone who can't stay in one place. In urdu, we can say "kalabaz" which perfectly matches "Chew Chao" or Lubby. Chew Chao is not only one word, it is a brand.
Mehboob - 22 February 2021

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UwU is a Emoticon and it is described as being cute
#KittenLover9 - 22 February 2021

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It’s a dumb sexuality used in memes that isn’t valid and never will be. I mean, you can simp for the dude all you like but i’m done with this “dRaCoSeXuAl” crap. Like, if you should make a sexuality just for one guy, why not make one for everyone in the world, huh? Think about that.
anonymous - 22 February 2021

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Fuck Buddy-Best Friend- That person that you love and rely on for support and companionship and physical comfort. However, for reasons that are your own, will probably never marry.
Kim - 22 February 2021

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You not having the ability to spell. Also you being not as smart as the average person. You a whole dummy
Deez Nutz - 22 February 2021

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For The Gram bois
kooper rahmig - 22 February 2021

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A person who buys a tier-three Pokimane sub. They spend money on people that won't even notice them.
Person - 22 February 2021

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A person who would love to feel happiness but doesn’t have the ability so fakes it and smiles when they would rather die and/or doesn’t care what happens to themself
Night - 22 February 2021

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NGAS is an Afro Asiatic language speaking in part of Nigeria around 1000AD.Ngas is driving from the word Ngak which means One no difference.
Kezyto Peter - 22 February 2021

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the e pipeline algae mean the algae which live on the surface of the sediment (grains of mud or clay) in the aquatic ecosystem.
anonymous - 22 February 2021

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Transit shed

A building located near the pier used for short term storage of cargo in transit.
Irene calist - 22 February 2021

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CAN I ASK WHAT you are NEVER doing?
Can't Ask, What Now?
CANST hide the body in the ANKLE deep WATER right NOW.

Note to reader: the words that are completely caps (except I) are abreveations..
Nyroc900 - 22 February 2021

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Gnarf-The sound of food rushing into a place where air once was.
ManFromMars - 22 February 2021

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The T in T-lady stands for Top-lady. It is giving respect to the matriarch in the family or the mother in the family. It’s basically saying that she is number one in the person’s life which is usually a male. So clearly the slang for mother is the top lady in my life.
Chloe - 15 February 2021

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To be nice by being mean to stop people from embarrassment.
- Raven, Teen Titans Go, season 2
- 15 February 2021

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Insolation Weathering

Form of physical weathering. Involves the physical breakdown of minerals and rock due to thermal expansion and contraction.
Tino - 15 February 2021

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A GIRL NAME, MOSTLY FOUND IN 2021 good and lovable girls. usually top girls in school very popular in Egypt
LAVINE - 15 February 2021

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UwU is a puppy like face. People see it as a cat most of the time. But really the Uwu UwU uwu is for any animal that can make the expression such as a dog, hamster etc. The face is used on anime characters as well.
anonymous - 15 February 2021

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A musical artist from Epidemic Sound. Playful orchestral soundscapes from Stationary Sign takes us on an adventurous ride. Uplifting and cheerful melodies together with inventive and creative arrangements bring out our inner child.
Naya - 15 February 2021

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menu card

Lists food & beverages in designed paper are placed each tables for guests order what they want .
Binod Nath - 15 February 2021

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Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis is a process that removes foreign contaminants, solid substances, large molecules and minerals from water by using pressure to push it through specialized membranes.
Pratyush Gupta - 12 February 2021

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when you are SO Immensely bored, probably in a zoom, or google meets video call you try this, and are surprised that ANYTHING Shows up
A Chicken was here - 12 February 2021

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your bored in school and decide im too bored so you type left to right and find your not unique but this does not mean your not unique everyone is special
caiden - 12 February 2021

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Fabio Furrer - a famous Twitter personality known for his posting of cute Anime GIFS, which is pronounced as "Gif", by the way, not "Jif".

Fabio can easily be misinterpreted as a female, which is known as "floofing someone's gender" (mess up, screw up). He has since been given the nickname "Floof", hence why the word is now named after him.
Fabio Furrer - 12 February 2021

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49CFR 571 definition of UVW is:
Unloaded vehicle weight mean the weight of a vehicle with maximum capacity of all the fluids necessary for operation of the vehicle, but without cargo, occupants, or accessories that are ordinarily removed from the vehicle when they are used.
Dale Jordal - 12 February 2021

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Substantive position

Substative position is the position in which one is awarded by employer on merit of perfomamnce until retirement
anonymous - 12 February 2021

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It is an expression that shows that you don't care or agree with something or someone.
Smack Petersen - 12 February 2021

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A character, devotional for accomplishing a task at hand without a doubt and willingness of oneself to do so
Michael - 10 February 2021

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A syndrome of extreme boredom that results in a spiral into insanity. I can recommend two things. 1) play a game that amuses or entertains you or 2) lookup satisfying youtube videos and play them on mute.
The Great Oracle - 10 February 2021

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being ghosted by friends means you have crappy friends and you can do better so you go off and live your life while leaving them in the dust and them slowly going insane because of how much they screwed up and them eventually running away and never coming back. you can do better.
grace - 10 February 2021

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UwU is a text emoticon signifying happiness, cuteness, or both.
UwU - 10 February 2021

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When you are been surprised of something or something very unbelievable
Ebenezer - 10 February 2021

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when you want to look like your being productive at school but your doing THIS
bea - 10 February 2021

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A grand design of a fashion outlet of which ishould furnished for the fashion industry to meet the upmost standards of superior taste without the major expense.
anonymous - 10 February 2021

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Bye laws are local rules and regulations established by the power and delegation of the legislature to administer a particular jurisdiction.
Yeboah Martison - 5 February 2021

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G-checking is the way of verifying unfamiliar Brothers. Knowledge is sacred and someone doesn't receive the wisdom or enlightenment of the Brotherhood as soon as he comes home. A little piece at a time, as your time involved reflects your commitment. So, to G check someone stating their affiliation only goes to validate them as a Brother or expose them as false representation.
Get Real - 5 February 2021

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Reference to the area of Lebanon around Mt. Hermon.
Steve - 5 February 2021

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pictorial map

shows a give territory with more artistic than technical style. also know as the illustrated map, geo pictorial map.
Hiba - 5 February 2021

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