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100th of something
iDid'ntWantToDoThis - 18 May 2021

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A chewing a dog does with his front teeth only and lips pulled away.
Lilibeth - 18 May 2021

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The sequence of letters on the top row of letter keys on a standard English-language keyboard
Elias - 18 May 2021

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it means to be in love with the hottest man that has ever fictionally lived <3333
Vixen Malfoy - 10 May 2021

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GAMPI - 10 May 2021

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British word for leash. Usually called a lead. Used in the song “Tough sh*t Wilson”
Brad - 10 May 2021

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EPA interior volume

the amount total space within the cabin of a vehicle ,as measured by the EPA..
anonymous - 10 May 2021

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what is up procrastinators go do your school work now (- -)
{ }
anon - 10 May 2021

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When you are bored and dissatisfied with how life has gone in school so you type every letter on your keyboard
no u - 10 May 2021

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small eyes bad drivers/boaters for some reason love rice and would flame an american for losing in a casino
kevin hart - 10 May 2021

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Onomatopoeia: The japanese spelling of "scream", usually referring to a girl's high-pitched scream.
Also spelled: キャーッ
DragonPerson - 10 May 2021

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Heat zone

Heat zones are the zones that define the climate of a place. Each heat zone receives different amount of sunlight.
D7425 - 10 May 2021

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fruit set

Successful pollination of blossom or flower means that fruit will grow: the 'fruit has set', and one looks at the bulge beneath the empty sepals after the petals have fallen. The bump tells all.
MajorSeventh - 10 May 2021

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Inferiority or ineffectiveness of an person or action used for showing
Michael Techi - 10 May 2021

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uwu means that someone is being cute of kawaii for example ''ur so cute uwu'' or owo
Ingrid - 4 May 2021

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A species of Martian duck; first located on the west side of the Jezero crater. The qaz eats through absorbing minerals and water through its skin. The qaz show superior strength to humans due to the sheer amount of iron and calcium in the Martian soil. Qaz stand around a meter in height and are covered in feathers that use photo conductive cells to adapt to the harsh Martian weather.
Dictionary.org - 4 May 2021

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Back in the day (1960)we used the term woxo for ceiling obscured,. visibility zero at nas quonset point RI
Thomas McCarthy - 4 May 2021

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secondary product

A secondary product are product that have been processed most product from primary industy.
abdullahi mujahid - 4 May 2021

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Electrical breakdown

it tae place during half period of the cycle and produce a small shock wave with distinctive sound.
Olowolohun Abisola - 4 May 2021

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When Ur Ass is so big, it almost has to have its own headquarter.
"Damn huy, Ur Ass is hqhq!"
Kathirkuma - 4 May 2021

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Means like spunkyness. Your going the extra mile to do something
Richard Verr - 4 May 2021

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L053R is just Loser, except using numbers instead of letters for the o, s, and e.
LilPear - 4 May 2021

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Secondary sector

Secondary section involves turning raw materials into finished and semi finished goods
Mayasky snr - 4 May 2021

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Always Afloat

This relieves the ship of any obligation to wait until the tide is suitable at the time when the ship arrives she is entitled to load or discharge at the nearest safe place.
Salem Ifeanyi - 4 May 2021

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Ngeh in Ron language a tribe in Bokkos Plateau state Nigeria, means 'To touch'
Ngeh Mangai - 4 May 2021

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finding is the meaning of DERD. I mam from bangladesh.i am looking worldwide university list.
eqram - 4 May 2021

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Just like any birthday you say happy bday but if you crippin then you say happy cday
BigBoss - 4 May 2021

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Eddie Haskell

A person that acts pure and polite around authority figures but is actually deceitful. Often considered rude, mean, hateful, annoying, instigating, and obnoxious.
Jamerson - 4 May 2021

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Drug Contamination

Drug contamination is the presence of organism that makes a drug preparation impure
Blessing - 4 May 2021

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Drug Contamination

Drug contamination means the act of making drugs impure
Blessing - 4 May 2021

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a cringe fest of sad losers whos parents didnt love them enough as a child and due to this seek validation from the mass dismantle button in between the constant crashes and lack of meaning in life.
Jeff Kaplin - 4 May 2021

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It means sexy, but the word itself can't be used on certain social media or online platforms or they person does not want the word to be appear obscene or profane to certain communities. They word is masked or discreet on purpose for the reasons stated above.
Dee - 4 May 2021

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Used after or before a statement Complimentary or disagreeing with something said or going on.
Example, Mxm, she is beautiful indeed. Or even though I am broke I won't visit my mom cause she cares too much, mxm.
Thei - 4 May 2021

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A nabel when used as an adjective means selfish, proud or ungrateful.
anonymous - 4 May 2021

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A person who has never been loved as a child ..and to look sad is the same as being seen as sad which they don't want to be seen as , which of course they are . They smile even if the world doesn't smile with them , if not , its better to look arrogant rather than sad .The choices are few .
noel Lorenzo - 4 May 2021

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grease ice

As temperatures continue to fall, the frazil ice thickens and traps pockets of salty seawater, or brine, within its layers to create a slushy mixture called grease ice.
REZA MOLAEI - 4 May 2021

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Antimetropia is a refrective condition in which one eye is myopic and other eye is hyperopic
Akintunde blessing - 4 May 2021

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multiple access

Multiple Access Files refers to the technique that lets many mobile users share the allotted spectrum in an efficient manner or way
Arthur Geraldine - 4 May 2021

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She's just undescribable.
amazing,beautiful,kind,wonderful and most of all.......honest.
Long live all Cecelia's
lucky - 4 May 2021

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Neutral Body

A neutral body is a body that there should be non-partisan in out look.
Ibraheem kerimot - 4 May 2021

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