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If anyone can help me track down an apocryphal (Deuteronocanon) book, that would be great. I found a concordance, but am really looking for a lexicon.
Ana - 29 November 2021

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ignition system

The system that provides the electrical current or spark to ignite the air fuel mixture in the combustion Chambers source
Tyga Rivardo - 29 November 2021

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This means you are bored in school and you thhink your slick for searching this and the urban dictionary pops up but its blocked so you found this and you are continously looking at the different definitions of this word
Tristan - 29 November 2021

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A traveller in the fur trade who stayed for the winter, trading for the beaver fur.
Helpful hints - 29 November 2021

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Gisen is the name of my cat, and my nickname. Gisen to me means a cute black cat.
Gisen - 17 November 2021

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Air Start

a phat blowy consisting of two opposing genders male and female not gay or lesbian only straight in a bed
BOB 2 - 17 November 2021

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It comes from jamaica.My name is Idren so I now thats how I know where it comes from.
Idren Sedeno - 17 November 2021

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A browser game where u r a cell and u eet things to get bigger. lots of shitty covid knockoffs too. ie: covirus.io and others
I know way too much - 17 November 2021

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Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a medical terms that refers to the patient’s own blood plasma to improve healing and growth of the tissue.
hevaclinic - 17 November 2021

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Hair graft

A follicular unit that contains one or several hair follicles is called a hair graft. Hair grafts can be extracted from one part of the body and planted in the target area.
hevaclinic - 17 November 2021

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Combined school

Combined school is a school that offers both primary education and secondary education.
M.N Zulu - 17 November 2021

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A phrase said loudly and drawn out, commonly while pointing to the forearm of your left arm, nodding to the phrase "ice in my veins". Most commonly said by 11-year-old boys who didn't realize that this fad ran out quite a while ago.
therealschwa - 17 November 2021

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someone stupid, When someone thinks dickhead means the head of the penis. That is stupid
anonymous - 17 November 2021

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Yes, I also made this definition while in class. I am supposed to be reading a book, but Im bored so I make this definition, if you are reading this, u r not alone.
No worry about name - 17 November 2021

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direct sales force

Sales force are group of persons with the understanding of a given company objectives employed to serve products and services to customers
Gabriel Solomon - 17 November 2021

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ugga bugga

When this word is used depending on how it used mean figure it out . Or get a good laugh out of it.
Victoria J Street - 17 November 2021

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Threefold Purchase

A tackle containing two or three things that are heavy is called a three fold purchase
Fatima Sarah musa - 17 November 2021

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Brig rat

As a former MOS 5831 (Naval Correctional Specialist) in the Marines, it was most commonly used as a term to self describe ourselves, the staff of the brig. If you were asked by a Marine from another unit what you did you would respond that you were a "brig rat". That was regardless of role. A brig cook would use there term as willingly as a guard. We were brig rats.
5831USMC - 17 November 2021

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Brig rat

As a former MOS 5831(Naval Correctional Specialist) in the Marine Corps, the term "brig rat" also was commonly used to refer to us, the guards. A 5831 would refer to himself as "brig rat" to a Marine from another unit.
Dan - 17 November 2021

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