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Siliconate has main sources like JASPAR, QUARTZ, TESIDYMITE , ETC
M. INDU - 6 November 2020

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Visual performance

Visual Performance is the ability of the Visual Information Gathering System (VIGS) and the Visual Information Processing System (VIPS) to operate quickly, effectively, and with no discomfort on either a conscious or subconscious level.
anonymous - 6 November 2020

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Its how you tell uneducated old white people from educated old white people.
Master worsher - 6 November 2020

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Asian Tigers

They are the richest people and they are have a lot of money
Dr omini (miracle) - 6 November 2020

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Getting g checked is a stop and search by gang members or thugs.
Joel - 6 November 2020

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A large number equal to 10^1365 and has the longest name of a number between 1 and 1 millinillion (10^3003).
anonymous - 4 November 2020

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out of sight unable to be found secure from view
arlene Picco - 4 November 2020

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membership group

Membership groups: are the groups to which the individual already belongs and provide parameters within which individuals make purchasing decisions, whether individuals are conscious of it or not.
Mohammad - 4 November 2020

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To Say or have SAID SOMETHING TO someone or something SIAD
anonymous - 4 November 2020

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A latin word originated from the word tornai. It means tourist. A traveler
Fabian Ogoli Ogochuk - 31 October 2020

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One Who Wonders About 1600 Black Life's Plaza (aka) Pennsylvania Avenue, Like A Diseased Deplorable Mutt.
tyron - 31 October 2020

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to hate or kill someone in a very hurtful way or it means to not know or to not understand in a certain way
farte - 31 October 2020

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I am so bored that I am writing definitions for random keyboard combinations.
grant - 29 October 2020

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A time when the Gods and Goddesses conspire on your behalf. Perhaps it may cause some kind of FATE in a person's LIFE. Or just a moment of enlightenment.
Jennie a. Woodhouse - 29 October 2020

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cumulative index

it is a single set of document, comprises of previously published indexes, with an aim of saving time of a user and minimizing the searching efforts in different copies
Mavuto Mpulula - 29 October 2020

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habeas corpus

Habeas Corpus is an act of parliament in 1679 during the reign of king John which basically prevented anyone from unlawful incarceration or punishment without trial. It was part of the Magna Carta that put restrictions on King John’s rule and made sure that the king was not over the law.
Sai Kanu - 29 October 2020

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regular student

A student who is eligible for government sponsorship.
Jose Buz - 29 October 2020

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Dangerous Ladies of GAB , Social Media site GAB.com
Bill - 29 October 2020

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I think this is what Myar means is kindness and hope you liked this
Myar - 29 October 2020

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stretch call

Call that indicates the field of horses have one furlong to run the finish line. The final call of the race.
Jerrell Barnes - 29 October 2020

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Tourism flows

Tourism is the displacement of one's self voluntarily or involuntarily from one destination to another for self actualization
Tata Franklin - 29 October 2020

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global travel

the act of travelling around the world for reasons such as entertainment, family or relaxation.
john kim - 28 October 2020

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A dance move that includes movement of the arms towards the head and dipping of the head. Recently gained popularity and is a small trend.
anonymous - 28 October 2020

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The impact or effects of environmental characteristics such as air,water and land on man and other organisms.
ISAAC - 28 October 2020

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National tourism is a tourism who travel within the native country
Jainam Sanjay Parikh - 26 October 2020

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The first and foremost, non-religious, natural, imperceptible cause of everything that happens in the universe. The preeminent, indiscernible, fundamental energy-forces that underlie our observable reality.
Frank Desmedt - 26 October 2020

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An Exchange Electronic Trading (Mainly Computer Services) in Gombe State Nigeria.
anonymous - 26 October 2020

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financial memorandum

Financial memorandum is a constitutional provision of how revenues are generated and how expenditures are carried out in line with the provisions
Ejike Temple - 25 October 2020

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dus hara. ten defeat. its related to 10 headed raven defeated by Ram
Altaf ahmed - 25 October 2020

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environmental hygiene

Environmental hygiene is the practices or conditions that help preserve health in the environment
Ayinde-Oladeinde Ayo - 25 October 2020

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Jackson Turbidity Unit that is what jtu mean. I ;learned that at my college
Bobby - 24 October 2020

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press coverage

This are contents or an events cover by the press Media (offline or online) with the aim of promoting or creating awareness to it's public on a particular issue.
HOPE - 24 October 2020

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a dope ass cool ass awesome cool drippy playlist on spotify
pwah enthusiast - 24 October 2020

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UwU (or uwu) is a version of the text-faces ":3" or "^w^", however it can be seen as condescending/smug.
anonymous - 24 October 2020

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Your in core support, you finished all your work and while the teacher is telling you what you should do when your done you google this.
Olivia Macias - 24 October 2020

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A high performance car that has had modifications but is still legal to drive on the road
Darryl Watson - 22 October 2020

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natural barrier

is a natuarally occuring sheild from people and weather ;ike a rainforest
anonymous - 22 October 2020

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Looking from above, approaching the view of God. used in rhetoric and medieval memory for meditation. See St Augustine.
Arwen - 22 October 2020

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