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Lactarium was once used by the Borden Dairies to describe their dairy stores during the 1930's.
Randolph D McDorman - 19 September 2020

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You are very bored, just like me. so much so that you type the keyboard in backward. I have vocab I have to do. Lookup Google games or CoolMathGames.com.
SendHelp - 19 September 2020

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An antimicrobial coating made from Silver Ion inserts which break down the cellular walls of bacteria.
Source: gooutdoors.co.uk
SAMANA - 16 September 2020

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local crafts

local craft is a special skill made especially with the use of hands and special tools.
Elizabeth - 16 September 2020

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Box Rental

Box for cargo transportation or for any item that can be packaged in a special way.
Dauson - 16 September 2020

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When the power goes boom, it makes the skaboosh sound. 'Skaboosh! ahh shit, the power went out again.'
Skaboosh Boi - 16 September 2020

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Noncomunicable disease
Disease can't not spread
From person to person
Musa - 16 September 2020

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When you have to do a project for school/work but you procrastinate and type this instead. Another reason is being at home but having nothing to do, so instead of anything productive you type this.
MasterProcrastinator - 16 September 2020

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A system where someone allow the spirit to search his thought.
PETER - 13 September 2020

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For someone who has poor literacy but tries to cover it up. So when they read the word quay (pronounced ‘key’) they say qway. For example ‘look at all the lovely boats in qway-side’.
Lee Ward - 13 September 2020

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Computer lab

Hall where computers and its accessories are kept for usage.
Licius Mbahuma - 13 September 2020

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Bored out of your mind, you can't just do what you need to, well just do it yu sloth
anonymous - 13 September 2020

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Unit Head

Unit head:-
The head on the turbine is reduced to unity,the efficiency of the turbine remains unaffected is called as unit head.
Dhanu - 13 September 2020

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Idle Current

The amount of electrical power required to keep an inverter ready to produce electricity on demand.
paahfah - 13 September 2020

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A plant with a large fruit that can be cut in two and the seed removed . When dried, it can be used as a bowl for eating.
Francesca Rose-Smith - 11 September 2020

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the meaning of the power of the cloumbanius of wasting time witch in prime state can waste the life force of 100 % of the normal lifes
rob - 11 September 2020

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It engages in mobilizing of fund from the surplus sector of the economy and lending such fund to the deficit sector
Edeme Michael - 11 September 2020

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this rare occasion happens when a human is bored to death

this occurs usually to students who are supposed to be studying
but got bored and played with the keyboard instead
qwerty - 10 September 2020

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In means Happy birthday dude if your texting another person
Steve - 9 September 2020

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A face to express how you are feeling but you can't be bothered to use the emojis
Amy Newnam - 7 September 2020

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My dad always called his penis a dinkus. So, that's what I've always called it.
Jimmy Stephens - 7 September 2020

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Polish meaning of bubbling over or bubbling personality
Mickel Berry - 7 September 2020

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When you are so bored that you have already licked the cat, shined your Stranger Things action figures collection, and told your boss he looks like Stewie from Family Guy.
Ava Rae - 7 September 2020

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cable locker

It is a compartment located at the bow of a ship where anchor cables are stored.
EGWU PAUL - 7 September 2020

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Happy, not sad,neither happy nor sad,joy, joyous, Happiness,
Lawal kola - 7 September 2020

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Since true wisdom is only found in the word of God, and obedience to the word brings us the strength of God upon us ,then the pursuit of that wisdom is the source of our strength . Agur Means Brave in the pursuit of wisdom,
Jakeh means free from sin, or obedient, which is obedient to the Word. So then, Ucal means ; I am strong thru the wisdom and obedience to Gods word.
Brian Snider - 7 September 2020

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It is an Italian word (Latin) with the meaning Do not be afraid (Courage)
Oghosa Courage - 7 September 2020

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Epipelic algae live freely on sediment surfaces, epipsammic algae live attached to grains in sandy sediments.
Ahmed - 5 September 2020

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read for filth

Objective truth, based on insight from past experiences, active listening, critical analysis, with discernment.
Mo - 5 September 2020

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Commonly used in a business setting... "Move Fast and Build Things."
Elon - 4 September 2020

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The Ancient Phoenician spring ceremony. Held in late February or early March to honor the god Melqart.
Tom Niblick - 4 September 2020

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A place where people deal with their money and other important stuff
anonymous - 4 September 2020

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A lyric of a song from the movie Mary Poppins, wich mean too happy to say in a word.
anonymous - 4 September 2020

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To fall down or to break.
Ex. That building collapsed yestrday
anonymous - 4 September 2020

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A person who does illeagle actions for unpolitical reasons
anonymous - 4 September 2020

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A group of lines in a poem, or
A verse in a poem.
anonymous - 4 September 2020

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Free verse

Poetry that does not contain any rhymes or doesn't follow any rules
anonymous - 4 September 2020

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Open form

An object or a structure which its faces does not make a enclosed area.
anonymous - 4 September 2020

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Demonic views and perceptions that inpact or create falsehoods about the truth of evolution for the sole purpose of social engineering, exploitation, and subjugation of humanity.
Michael Anthony Pear - 2 September 2020

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duality of man

The battle of good and evil may never be known until you come face to face with a bad muther fucker
Dr Don - 2 September 2020

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