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UwU is a smiley face of were a charater is closing their eyes with a cat smiley
UwU - 28 March 2019

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A phrase that is used to insult a person or to make them feel bad by saying that they are annoying or irrelevent af
anonymous - 28 March 2019

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The number that most represents me! Now bow down to your lord and savior!
Satan - 27 March 2019

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stored value card

stored value card is a type of card the is quite similar to the present debit card
anonymous - 27 March 2019

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cinderella liberty

Off vessel Pass , shore leave , but it ends at midnight. Meaning back on Ship by 0000 Hours. dig ?
call me Ismael. - 27 March 2019

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disappearing stream

this happens in the areas of sandy or porous or limestone regions. the water of streams or tributaries is absorbed in the soil before it joints the main river. hence it seems as if the stream has disappeared.
osaca - 26 March 2019

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Talking on the platform discord but as a verb
Justin - 26 March 2019

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legal aspects

flashcard evidence ,testimony ,physical and sound images use to prove or disprove the fact at issue
vivino - 26 March 2019

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franglais is a coined French word composed of fran- (French) & -glais (English) which consists in speaking or writing English using French grammar and structures. It is in some sort the literal translation of French words and sentences into English. it is good to note that, this franglais which is understood among french speakers of english, is sometimes unintelligible to native english speakers with no french background.
Abibou Akala - 25 March 2019

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UwU or uwu is a term closely linked with OwO. It is a text face that is similar to :) or ^^
anonymous - 24 March 2019

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Another way to say I love you but, instead it’s I wuv you.
anonymous - 23 March 2019

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Doing the most, obnoxious, extra.

ex: {rachael is making up a story about something that happened in theater class} “wow, rachael is head ass as fuck”
sam - 23 March 2019

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You are VERY bored and typed this, found a website called urban dictionary, but its blocked, so you go here instead.
anonymous - 22 March 2019

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Adnama - 21 March 2019   NSFW

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the meaning of sute is that changing a situation from sadness to happines, thats to sute
Boinet Juniour - 21 March 2019

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Gnarf means an über fan of the fcakit community, being a member of this community makes you feel more of a whole person.
Anouk - 19 March 2019

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A truant (West Yorkshire).
To twag means to truant.
'Twagging it,' is the common expression.
anonymous - 18 March 2019

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a place or experience where something is made sacred
anonymous - 17 March 2019

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It’s an Expression made when you see something nice (pleasing). Like WOW in English
Shahim Fajir - 16 March 2019

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A name of a person who has the basic character of life.
Donard - 15 March 2019

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armed resistance

resisting with the use of weapons, firearms, or violence.
anonymous - 12 March 2019

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polyvinyl chloride

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC or Vinyl) is a high strength thermoplastic material widely used in pipes and medical devices but list is endless. It is the world's third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer.
Brijesh Kumar - 11 March 2019

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bee hive

A formation of small hexagonal groups built from beeswax by honey bees used to save honey (their food source) and produce and raise larvae
Bee Guy - 11 March 2019

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kema keur

KEMA - is a type of certificate given by Netherlands
Abbas - 11 March 2019

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A Korean expression that is a softer equivalent to "damn"
It's typically used when expressing frustration.

"Aigoo! Don't scare me like that!"

"Aigoo, sorry," (Like saying "Damn, sorry" or "Shoot, sorry!")

It isn't necessarily considered a curse word for most Koreans. Simply an expression. Many Koreans will prohibit their children from using it though!
Kwon Ji Yeon - 11 March 2019

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A small particle of food or dirt, a crumb or speck
Stephen Brimer - 11 March 2019

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The meaning of VML in my love journey is Vida my Love as per my understanding to VML
anonymous - 10 March 2019

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capitalization on chance

The probability of incorrectly rejecting H0
(i.e., finding a
significant result when in truth there is no effect) increases as
the number of analyses increases.
Incorrectly rejecting H0 = Type 1 error
In other words:
When performing multiple analyses, the probability of
concluding that there is a significant difference (using your
sample), while in reality there is no difference in the
population, increases.
Compare with rolling a dice multiple times (chance on say 6).
Tim - 10 March 2019

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The name Prachi has the definition meaning morning
haikey - 10 March 2019

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great name for a girl;
american name made up from a person who loves you so much .
uded - 9 March 2019

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Axel Perez - 8 March 2019   NSFW

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this is piggy in the Republic of Ireland especially the westcoast
Sebastian - 7 March 2019

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authorised driver

The person or persons or group of persons named in the Policy as authorised by the Policyholder to drive the Insured vehicle
mk - 7 March 2019

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social statistics

It is a statistical standard of data taking among members of a social environment (society), either individually or by group. Such datas include: birth rate, death rate, etc.
Ifeanyi Chigozie - 7 March 2019

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Breakfast food served at dinner. For instance, use frozen stuff pancakes into batter for French toast.
Beverly - 5 March 2019

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rhetorical devices

It is the use of language that is intended to have an effect on its audience. Rhetorical Devices can include Repetition, Figurative Language and even Rhetorical Questions.

There is a strong use of Rhetorical Devices in the girl's debating dialogue.
Mikala - 4 March 2019

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Why are you people wasting time by looking up things like this ?
Oh wait... I am too

Brittney - 2 March 2019

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ash cat

Archaic. A cat that never leaves the fireside. Also a person who is a home body. That girl is a real ash cat.
English Priest - 2 March 2019

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This is hard... You either:

A.) failed the easiest game/test ever

B.) You're in school, so get to work!


C.) you're just super bored.

This is a weird but cool site though.
My name isn't needed - 1 March 2019

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Some one who is a boss bitch .. meaning she has a strong mind / that person has a good head in her shoulders , she so big headed she is a Headass.
Monique - 1 March 2019

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