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A loyal person and good hearted but a ruthless cold hearted person when disrespected. When disrespected he is overwhelmed and can not be subdued. Highly intelligent and plans murders with precision and patience.
anonymous - 4 May 2020

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Too Much For Text (when someone wants you to elaborate on something that is too much information to be typed through a text)
KC - 4 May 2020

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CR means Chromium
20 is 20mm in diameter
32 is 3.2mm thick
Anggoro Arif - 1 May 2020

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It is a word written when you are bored. These are the first two letters of the fourth row of a standard QWERTY keyboard
Tigran Khachatrian - 1 May 2020

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When a taser hits the tip of your colon and you try to tell people
A nanny’s mouse - 1 May 2020

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Because the length exide’s our limits the technicians has referred the address to engineering.
anonymous - 28 April 2020

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national budget

A plan on how a goverment of the country raise and spend money in a year
MARYSE SAKALA - 28 April 2020

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You are incredibly bored in the middle of a school lesson so STOP SEARCHING RANDOM THINGS AND GET BACK TO DOING YOUR WORK!
anonymous - 26 April 2020

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boredom at its peak, boredom so powerful if someone looks at it they become instantly bored.
anonymous - 26 April 2020

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The continues acts of foolish behavior knowing a bad outcome is going to happen.
Frankie Buggs - 25 April 2020

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is a Xhosa slang language which means Hi/ Hallow.
It is mostly used by people that are staying in townships of South Africa.
Nkosi - 25 April 2020

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G pack

Location can affect the definition as some class a g-pack as £/$1000 wholesale meaning it’s worth more on the street but most class it as £/$1k retail as it is already cut and packed for sale, into 100 x £/$10 deals usually of 0.1 (in uk) this is helpful as when a dealer re-ups his runner he knows to expect $1k back, it’s also easy to calculate stock-gross return at a glance.

However in the uk although the term g-pack is used, such a pack rarely returns 1k as a 10g pack of 100 x £10 deals in theory is worth £1k gross but most dealers do deals such as 2 for £15 or 3 for £20 so it’s value varies constantly, but for the purpose of control the value is calculated at it’s lowest possible return, presuming every sale is 3 for £20, as the pack is often broken down into smaller 1g packs of 10 worth £70 although averages at £65 across the pack and so the dealer will expect a minimum £650 return on the pack. Everything is calculated at lowest possible return/value,

Good rule of thumb, if it’s in one bag it’s wholesale if it’s cut and packed it’s retail
AD - 22 April 2020

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shrink allowance

The pattern must be made over size to compensate for concentration of liquid metal on cooling.
S.Uday Kiran Reddy - 22 April 2020

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Bad feeling, not certain with your friend’s comment and being embarrassed at the same time
Livy - 22 April 2020

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mxm is when you're are not taking sides with someone you're talking to is saying, or disagreeing to a statement made by someone
King•SteveAjā™” - 22 April 2020

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Acronym for "Powell's Derivative-Free Optimization solvers
". PDFO is a cross-platform package providing MATLAB and Python interfaces for using late Professor M. J. D. Powell's derivative-free optimization solvers.
Zaikun - 21 April 2020

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Another meaning of PTF are also writing as Petroleum trust found
Muhyideen - 21 April 2020

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when someone thinks a pearson is in a gang they g chexk him or her to see if they are real or not.
bkrandon - 20 April 2020

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safety gear

I always we also to the roller skate because you don't have the safety gear
Anneliese solaiza - 18 April 2020

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A woman who is the guardian of a courtesan
And this signifies that your villica must have trained the courtesan(a rich prostitue or a respected prostitute) the way of life, attraction or anything that would help the courtesan to succeed in her job while she the villica earns her money.
Grace Braimoh - 16 April 2020

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Pa Rang Aricutirimi Cuaro
It is a place in Mejic, one of the more knowladge places
mexico is not me - 16 April 2020

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your like me with nothing to do, and you think that boredom is the lack of imagination when really, it is just a lack of yourself.
coolboxbro - 15 April 2020

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Sooner Than Ever...
A time frame that's set before the end of time.
Kwok - 15 April 2020

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verbal scale

it refers to a relationship between map and ground distance
Mohammad Shaan - 15 April 2020

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Regecting my opinion. My opinion is not taken seriously. I been taken for an idoit
anonymous - 15 April 2020

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youre stuck inside and have schoolwork to do but u dont wanna do it so you just do this. my advice : get back to work and stop procrastinating and do literally anything exept this and STOP!
ANONYMUS - 14 April 2020

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selective harvesting

The practice of removing individual plants or small group of plants leaving,other plants standing to anchor the soil is called selective harvesting
anonymous - 14 April 2020

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A dumb and stupid person, someone who is known as the ‘town bicycle’ a bitch.
Jess - 14 April 2020

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An angle of god in German that is the meaning of Kearstin it can be pronounced in many ways but idc
Kearstin - 13 April 2020

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Our meaning is nothing of the sort and placing definitions on websites that do not give credit (along with some kind of symbol or wayof recognition , could possibly, and probably, cause huge problems
Gsjsjegfjdks - 13 April 2020

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Kwok - 11 April 2020   NSFW

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Bluger is the consultation of ideas when it is needed and where by an individual is seeking for an advice or were he or she is acting on a particular case
Eronmhele success - 11 April 2020

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Holder for Value

Is any one who will get paid at maturity of holding instrument by Holder in due course ( Eg by the Bank of Drawer )
E David - 9 April 2020

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Local students

Students who's home away from university, is still situated nearby
anonymous - 9 April 2020

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support staff

staff support means the member of a different department at the hospital for example you work as a security guard then there is a trouble shooting somewhere in the excavator you know much about it you can help them but u are not part of department
casidyskinner - 7 April 2020

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It's a method of gaining heat through conduction.
Ngbala-okpabi, Shalo - 7 April 2020

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A traditional Ojibwa term for the characteristic of appearing attractive to the opposite sex purely through intellectual prowess on daytime television shows.
Example: Rachel Riley was really taken by Moss's tenettenba.
Matt Wilkins - 7 April 2020

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Relaxed Inhibitions

Keeping it real...100%, no need for verbal filter. Saying what YOU see. Body language and demeanor beyond the good opinion of others. Relaxed in ones own view of current situation, content. Calm, unprovoked, pleasantly in tune, at peace. Almost a zen like state of mind, very grounded. Near God consciousness.
Phillip Monteau - 7 April 2020

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It hides inside a jewlery called a miracalous it can go through things and it tiny it can't be videoded or photoed it has an owner also it give humans superpowers it has magic words to say to get your superhero oufit in Miracalous Tales of ladybug and Cat noir Adrien Agreste gets the most powerful miracalous whicch is the ring kwami name is plagg power cataclysm marinette dupain cheng gets the lady bug earings also a power ful 1 they have to hide there identies from each other hawk moth is bad and wants there jewlels
BobaTeastarlivesstar - 7 April 2020

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a match book cover with the name and phone number of a gal or guy you just met,usually in a bar on a nite on the town
James Anzalone - 7 April 2020

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