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weapon: halbred, handaxe, super hand weapon used in hand combat.
papa - 1 December 2020

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Flow Tube

It is imaginary bundle of flow lines bound by an imaginary wall
Pragati kide - 1 December 2020

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To educate someone in the knowledge and use of numbers.
Ney Villamil - 1 December 2020

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Dime line

This is a betting line in which the bookmaker or sportsbook makes a 10% commission on the line. This happens because the line difference between the favorite and the underdog is ten cents.
yes8sg.com - 1 December 2020

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A nean person is someone who is capable of being nice and mean. Theses people keep the balcnce.
anonymous - 1 December 2020

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The cave dwelling peoples of Mount Seir, which means shaggy or hairy, also the peoples whom Esau intermarried aling with his sons and daughters
Darryl Motley - 1 December 2020

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Useful energy

Useful energy is energy in the place we want it and the form we need it
Cindy123glow - 1 December 2020

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a formator is a designated person formed to be responsible in accompanying young people who are aspiring to respond to their unique calls from God to accomplish a task.
Basil - 1 December 2020

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A Romanian Well system used in the 1800’s and was adopted by the Greeks in the early 1900’s.
Gavin Van Dyke - 1 December 2020

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terminal resistance

Explain all the process of electric field.concept of electric field ,meaning of electric field intensity
abiona gbenga - 30 November 2020

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Special Bets

Each team to have more 3 corner each team to have more than one card
Abdinasir - 30 November 2020

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George Mendoza’s book, Gwot! Horribly Funny Hair Ticklers.
anonymous - 30 November 2020

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Intraoperative Care

Begins when patient is transferred to onto the operation table and ends with admission to the post anesthesia care unit.
Nazia - 30 November 2020

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The meaning of jinga is to be a complete and absolute loser
Water McBottleSon - 30 November 2020

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Summary lead

Summary lead is a kind of lead that bring out important and useful fact in the first paragraph(who? what?when? where? why? and how?).
Nimfa Bako - 30 November 2020

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Wipe On Plate

These plate are sensitised with diazo compounds similar to those used for presensitised plates
Fabian - 30 November 2020

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environmental hygiene

It is all activity aimed at inproving and maintaining a healthy condition neccessary for our well-being
Prosper longto - 30 November 2020

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Person’s biological father
Or one’s father
Or my father
Azeez Mujeeb - 30 November 2020

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In kurdish its mean (stem of plants ) they use it for a name as graceful
Numu - 30 November 2020

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A combination of letters commonly associated with the government's files and translates to "What are you doing people?? Stop searching random stuff and get back to school!"
Agent Karen - 30 November 2020

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An acknowledgement of having heard what another has said - nothing more and nothing less. It is a reply without commitment of any kind.
Ray Riddell - 30 November 2020

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Butler Service

Butler service meaning : Anticipate guest needs before guest request.
Mohommed Azam - 30 November 2020

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All encompassing goodness and connectiveness with nature's beauty
Fara Biundo - 25 November 2020

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When you approach some one with the intent to steal or take an item of the, usually performed on people younger than you
Fortune - 25 November 2020

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A word that only the most bored people on the world think that nobody else searched in google, then they surprised realice that someone has already searched it and that someone is actually giving you an explanation.
anonymous - 25 November 2020

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when they think they have done everything and then you show them this
intense boredom - 25 November 2020

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A rare occasion when this wonderful human being(basically includes all of us) has a test but doesn't want to study!!!!!!
So much pain - 23 November 2020

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Mechanical Services

A service that deals with heading and air , systems ,alams Systems , Mechanical systems.
anonymous - 23 November 2020

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Novel of manners

It describes in detail the customs and social behaviours .it is a fiction
Aeni - 23 November 2020

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A formator is a person who uplifts one's talent especialy in young children.
anonymous - 23 November 2020

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Fuck the fenders, In hot ridding, it is common to have a fenderless ride, especially in the case of a 1932 Ford. As an act of defiance, actual attachable plaques have been created and are available to display on your car. Such plaques are often seen at car shows and cruise nights.
Jeff Strong - 23 November 2020

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Coolest man in the world the most loved and good company you The Man, My Dog, My G
ROEL P-DAWG - 23 November 2020

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Government schools

Government schools are schools owned and controlled by the government
anonymous - 23 November 2020

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To be Pride of someone or something, to have confidence
Moses S. Bonwin - 20 November 2020

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Means you are in school in class and are bored out of your mind and so you have decided to type this in the search engine and learn that you are not alone.

anonymous - 20 November 2020

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Its meaning is when u are sad u want a person who rab your back and u hug that person and cry and tell all to that person and the person understand u and make u comfort this is the wish but i am afraid of that the person around me dont understand me and and don't fell what i feel and i am afraid what he think about me and what if he reveal my secret and use my weakness against me so i put all my feelings inside me i know i may have a depression but in this way i hurt a lot but i fell secure
Wania - 20 November 2020

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Controlled Composition

Is the one where a teacher give the amount of text to read and is controled
Benna - 20 November 2020

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When you are bored out of your mide so you start typing random letters... (Dont worry I'm in school too...)
Xx_Stupidname_xX - 19 November 2020

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If you research about the term "Assassin"... they are basically hitman for hire. You pay them to do your dirty work, they'll do it without a second question, provided you pay them properly.
Now, the word Misthios, is a Greek term, for the english word "Mercenary". These people are also paid killers, who can be hired. For me basically, Agent 47 and Assassins are almost the same, except Agent 47 is way more stealthier than Alexios or Kassandra.
Therefore, my conclusion... Mercenary and Hitman are practically the same thing.
Lord Takshak - 17 November 2020

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UwU can be a face or a bad thing it can stand for what the fuck
Anyomuses - 17 November 2020

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