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divided catalog

I think divided catalog can be defined as the division of material in a cataloguing section
david - 5 January 2022

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Bull cook

Young woman who keeps oil field camps dormitory’s clean an spotless.Some work in the chow hall doing the grunt work for the cook.
Jay T. Priest - 5 January 2022

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store layout

store layout process is make our store in perfect direction and Design to easy to get costumers them needed products and them use full items.
mayur parmar - 5 January 2022

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culture circle

Each cultural trait complex had a circle or a district from where they migrated to other places.
Here you can see circle word which mean a culture origin in one place and then circulate to all areas
Weisery - 5 January 2022

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You are in school or are in your house ding homework and you are bored so you type this combination and results actually appear and they are very accurate.
hello - 5 January 2022

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My name von "i know" and im from the O "i know" but i didnt do nothing "i know"
anonymous - 5 January 2022

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Farm to fiber ,fiber to factory , factory to fation , fation to foreign
Honnappa Rathod - 5 January 2022

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You got here because urban dictionary is blocked and you're bored.
bored - 5 January 2022

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Single Product Economy

a country that relies on one product for exports, like Zambia or Haiti
Brayden - 5 January 2022

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The act of giving a pigeon some bread, whilst sitting on a park bench
Archibald - 5 January 2022

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Memor can be defined asa special remembering of someone in literature
Umar Tawa - 5 January 2022

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of recito is to utter an delivered word to an audience
anonymous - 5 January 2022

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UwU means smiley or smile an its not "rape" it means smile
rhia - 5 January 2022

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this means ur not doing your work so good on you! relatable btw the way
qazwsxecrfvtgbyhnujm - 5 January 2022

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The kilowatt hour is a unit of energy equivalent to one kilowatt of power expended for one hour of time.
davidmac - 29 November 2021

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when you are searching up some random stuff because you are bored and your school blocked all the games so now this is the only thing to do to entertain you. but the thing is when you are bored and reading this you are also thinking about your problems and thinking how you failed random stuff
somone (R.M) - 29 November 2021

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Natural change

A change which occurs naturally is called as natural change
For example:-the causes of day and night,
the phases of moon
Manya - 29 November 2021

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Steve is wrong, XYZN was one of the first to discover the 7 group rule. It was used in one of our ciphers that we cant disclose.
Zidnaf - 29 November 2021

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some who fakes a smile because he/she knows healing takes time. No situation is permanent concept.
topaditop - 29 November 2021

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Just pressing things on your keyboard for no actual reason, it just because I felt like it, I mean it's kinda fun then you search up a meaning???
E - 29 November 2021

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Taper tantrum

Mass hysteric tantrum following tapering off of government policy,☺️
P L Arora - 29 November 2021

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High risk food

A food or product that has come from an animal and which carries the bacteria that has been in the animal.
Another meaning is that they may have been handled incorrectly whilst being prepared, especially foods from restaurants chefs need to be extra careful when preparing meat, dairy, eggs, poultry, gravy's, lobster, marrons, shellfish etc, scotch eggs, ready prepared salad, rice (is an extremely harmful food if not cooked correctly)
Danielle - 29 November 2021

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You've presumably typed most other letter combinations on the QWERTY keyboard, and have gotten to the point where you are searching for a sequence that hasn't been found yet. You are also incredibly bored.
Joe - 29 November 2021

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If you typed this I feel sorry for you are probably really bored and are just searching for some kind of entertainment you are definitely in school supposed to be doing work but are doing all the keyboard combos (I say wombo combos) I have wasted about 20 mins of my life writing this the boredom must really be getting to you good luck solider I believe you can get through the rest of whatever you are doing
iambaconeer - 29 November 2021

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amogus sus reference be like: so your typing every letter on your keyboard sideways HUH. Thats a bit SUS innt bruv, maybe you should stop acting so sussy and get on with your work instead you sussy baka!
Pigeon - 29 November 2021

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the meaning of calling a person somebody who is mean or says mean things as in "you are a flabberjacker" it is saying people are stupid with their insults and also mean so you can use this word instead of saying "your mean I'm going to tell mom" you can say "your such a flabberjacker"
David Oman - 29 November 2021

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huge or very obese man meaning that the man cannot fit through the door because he is so huge. also they are ugly so they cannot be described because they are so huge and hideous even though they are allowed to live and are not hung the moment they are born.
David Oman - 29 November 2021

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The one who will rise above all things and know with no doubt The Good will overcome the bad and all things will be done in the Word of what is Good.
Justin Glidden - 29 November 2021

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1. The sound a drop of water makes when it drips into a pool of water.
boink! ... boink! ... boink!
2. When you walk up to a person and tap them, like on the head with your finger to get their attention. Boink!
3. Same as a poke in a text message. Boink!
Marissa Cox - 29 November 2021

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Flying Machine Factory
A dirt bike exhaust company out of So Cal Owner/inventor Mr. Don Emler
Joshua Michaels - 29 November 2021

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If anyone can help me track down an apocryphal (Deuteronocanon) book, that would be great. I found a concordance, but am really looking for a lexicon.
Ana - 29 November 2021

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ignition system

The system that provides the electrical current or spark to ignite the air fuel mixture in the combustion Chambers source
Tyga Rivardo - 29 November 2021

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This means you are bored in school and you thhink your slick for searching this and the urban dictionary pops up but its blocked so you found this and you are continously looking at the different definitions of this word
Tristan - 29 November 2021

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A traveller in the fur trade who stayed for the winter, trading for the beaver fur.
Helpful hints - 29 November 2021

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A person in weak health who is overly concerned with his or her ailments.
Maureen - 29 November 2021

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Scheme of Work

A scheme of work is a plan of what will be covered in each week or session
SANI SAMAILA - 29 November 2021

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The mispronunciation of a NW Pacific tribe, called the Kwákcutals.
Cherry - 29 November 2021

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Rising of helium with water or other things(example) helium ,water, (other)
Tsehai - 29 November 2021

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Gisen is the name of my cat, and my nickname. Gisen to me means a cute black cat.
Gisen - 17 November 2021

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Air Start

a phat blowy consisting of two opposing genders male and female not gay or lesbian only straight in a bed
BOB 2 - 17 November 2021

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