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Paid Social

Paid social is the activity within a brand or agency whereby a staff member will do paid ads on social media.
onedayagency - 15 April 2022

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When sacred masculinity is diminished via emasculation.
David-Graham-Vickers - 15 April 2022

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Thought to originate from Asia, the reeser monkey evolved to a six toed (12 total) male and female ruling class of human. Long extinct, the afasian liked asia versus asia action in rumors. Rumor is the species died from a broken heart as it felt it was abandoned when the inferior humanoid arrived.
Mark Blomquist - 4 April 2022

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acronym apparently referring to the newly recognised condition or syndrome known as Shell Shock seen in British War records and clearly meaning a non treatable injury of a mental type requiring removal from the combat for hospitalisation
Micheal Mooney - 4 April 2022

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I judge people not by skin color but what is in their hearts and minds, Good People - Bad People, they come in all shapes sizes and color. I will fight hard for Good People no matter their Color. Erase Racism , Eracism, what a great word.
Sean Paul - 4 April 2022

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When a woman is peeing and queefs. Queefing while taking a pee. Pee-queefing
Jm - 28 March 2022

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government of the day

Government of the day refers to the current rulers form a government by a political party elected parliamentary members of a State or central government who holds power to rule over a country
S. Richard Humtsoe - 28 March 2022

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duality of man

when the imposter is sus and not sus at the same time
Sussy imposter - 28 March 2022

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The timing. As a rule of thumb (for a steak 22mm thick) – cook 2 minutes each side for rare, 3-4 mins each side for medium-rare and 4-6 mins each side for medium. For well done, cook for 2-4 minutes each side, then turn the heat down and cook for another 4-6 minutes. Perfect Steak.
Lachlan Wright - 25 March 2022

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environmental hygiene

Keeping the surrounding neat and clean aii the time for protecting ourselves
That order price
Samuel w Habulembe - 25 March 2022

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Blood Bond

A bond that signifies a never ending union between the bonders
anonymous - 21 March 2022

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Portfolio assessment

Portfolio assessment is the continuous and systematic collection of works by students in relation to set objectives.
GABRIEL ADU GYAMFI - 19 March 2022

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funnel approach

The funnel approach is the use of sales and marketing funnels to track the paths followed by customers right from the moment they learn of your product’s existence through to when they request for a quotation, place an order, or schedule an appointment with you.
unknown - 19 March 2022

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Young driver

A person that drives between the ages of 16-25 years of age.
Amelia Black - 19 March 2022

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A maniacal despot wishes to rubblize the west especially NYC.
George - 19 March 2022

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Open form

the pattern formed by the rhyming words at the ends of lines in a poem

anonymous - 19 March 2022

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Learn as much as you can while you are young, since life becomes too busy later.” – ...
“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” – ...
“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” –
Bored In Schl - 18 March 2022

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Current Rating

Current rating can be defined as the maximum current carrying capacity of the power cable under normal operating condition
Eniola David - 18 March 2022

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a made up piece of land between canada and the us. everyone who claims they are from wyoming have been abducted from the government and have had that implanted in their brains. if you try to travel there you will wake up with no clothes in canada.
THE TRUTH - 18 March 2022

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B-Sian is a slang which is used for Asians who get B's in school, etc, who don't match the stereotype given to Asians.
iWANTwaffles - 18 March 2022

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means when a group of guys who cant fight by themselves get together to "jump" other people, usually referred to as scardy cats or people who "are all talk and cant back it up"
unknown - 18 March 2022

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You are extremely bored in school and have typed most/all of the QWERTY combinations. And maybe Urban Dictionary is blocked.
Zodiaaaaaaaack - 18 March 2022

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When student decides to get their work done early but instead avoids it by typing every letter into the keyboard diagonally. now please if you are one of these students (such as myself who was bored and decided to do this) please stop scrolling through these funny descriptions and get back to you work. Then you can go be bored AFTER you finish.
KittyKatie - 18 March 2022

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An animal Scratching and biting at fleas,is the act of flenning. A dog flens itself. A dog that looks like it has fleas or worms is said to be flenny.
West Country - 18 March 2022

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A military, an ex-soldier, with combat experience, who can be hired for all kinds of work, someone who will not be afraid to get their hands dirty, only male since women were excluded by custom of the time, Greece of 430 ac was totally Patriarchal.
That said, Alexios is the only true protagonist of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, a natural canon.
Apart from the fantasy of Atlantis, even according to Greek mythology, Kassandra could never have been as she is presented in the history of the games, since there are only semi-gods men, it is a fantasy and an inadequate character created on the model of the Spartan Warrior, strictly male, who is in fact Alexios...
Make Assassin's Creed a more historically accurate game.
Enza - 18 March 2022

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Buba means doll in Hebrew, so a bubala is a little doll; you'd use that to refer to a child as a little doll as a term of endearment
steve krausz - 7 March 2022

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To hit or smack someone or something with your fist or hand
Or using an object to hit or smack
Someone or something like a: fist hand banana fish apple brick leg or foot
Lucy - 7 March 2022

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Short version of the name Maxim because i want to and because i think that it goes perfectly in here
Maxim - 4 March 2022

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you are bored and you don't have anything to do with your life so you typing random stuff on the internet and searching it up to get out of you couch and do something else
qwertyuiopasdfghjklz - 4 March 2022

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Short word for "Good morning".Used when greeting in the morning through text or chat. Because they're lazy to type Good morning at the morning, so they use "Gomo" to make it short.
H.F - 4 March 2022

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Defeat in Detail

Invented by Red Cloud, and used in the only war (not to be confused with battles) lost by the US government against Native American tribes. Red cloud then went on to work for his people in Washington, DC and lobby as well as educate people.
Gregory Baca (gbaca) - 2 March 2022

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De jure census tallies people according to their regular or legal residence
Ibrahim Ademola - 2 March 2022

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some utter bollocks in 'paradise lost' apparently (formal)
powerpuff girls - 2 March 2022

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Sleepy or peace or bye say when sleepy or saying
UwU meaning - 2 March 2022

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computer word

The word formed by one or more bits or bytes is called a computer word.
Mamun Hossen - 2 March 2022

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Sluggi: a women who belongs to the streets
Synonym: Hoe, hooker,
niko - 2 March 2022

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Simp is when men are seen as too submissive to women and try to win them over to gain sexual attention.
simp - 2 March 2022

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Very courageous and beautiful lady. She is social and lovable, she doesn't fear to correct someone.
Syprine - 2 March 2022

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Klahowya means welcome in Chinook Jargon. I is also a high school in silverdale washington
Tanner Globak - 2 March 2022

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reciprocal demand

Reciprocal demand is mutual demand of each and other of trading partners. It is straight and elasticity of demand for one country to other country goods for its own at difference price ratio
Of export and import ( Terms of trade).
Pratik vadodkar - 2 March 2022

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