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The short version of Phat Ass White Girl (PAWG). It is a term used to describe a white girl which a big, huge ass or behind.
Austyn - 23 August 2020

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Revolted by an overt action, weather to one self or to another.
Dennis C. Shendler - 23 August 2020

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A politician who takes money from a second person, the government being the first, by definition the people. To do the second persons will.
John Thomas Hall - 23 August 2020

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There, what. Where. How. Why. Thought. Emphasize. Charismatic. Thoughtfulness. Secrecy. Optimism. Dignity. Wit-fullness.expreraments. Righteous. Elaborate. Concise. Awareness.
TipsyLazz - 23 August 2020

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towards you, or something that is in your way or in your direction you facing
sakiusa - 23 August 2020

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A sweet guy and you'll never be wrong to love him.besides his quite nature he always open up.when he trust you
anonymous - 23 August 2020

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Riann :Queen,beautiful gift of life,life of success
Gracious - 23 August 2020

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model village

A model village is a village set up or community where members take a deciding to pull resources together to improve the wellbeing of the community.
Ibrahim Yerima - 23 August 2020

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Supplementary examination

Are the second examinations conducted after student to fail the first examination! So obviously is the second examination
FAMILY TV - 23 August 2020

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wood rays

Strips of wood cells that extend radially within a tree, varying in height from a few cells in some species to 4 inches or more in oak. The rays serve primarily to store food and transport it horizont
Maris - 23 August 2020

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Power Center

Someone who's opinion is always acceptable by everyone around him. Hanua Lagbo Dzissah is a power center in his community.
Lawrence Butsormekpo - 12 August 2020

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MLGB actually stands for Me Like Great Bacon so put it there please
Sativa - 11 August 2020

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Laughing at some one who is delaying or holding something back in terms of progress, development, or accomplishment. Or to laugh at someone who has already been retarded.
#Factreasearchingner - 11 August 2020

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Somewhere unknown .e.g. somewhere in the weldie. Hence meaning somewhere in an unknown place
anonymous - 11 August 2020

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Typically used in a business setting encouraging team members to innovate quickly and take action or "Move fast and break things."
Mark - 10 August 2020

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The acronym dtb meaning is

DTB means “Don’t Talk Back“. A parent tells child in text message to do something then adds “DTB” just do it!
Caressa - 10 August 2020

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Remedial conservation

Involves intervention order to repair damage or counteract deterioration. And there are various remedial ways of preserving archival materials this are; Refotmating,Fumigation,Binding,Deacidification and encapsulation.
Jacqueline pascal ny - 8 August 2020

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Wasty means Modesty.
It is a Hebrew/Arabic origin name derived from "Wasst" meaning modest or in the middle.
Sy - 8 August 2020

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fusing current

It is the minimum current at which the fuse element melts and thus disconnects the circuit protected by it. Obviously ,its value will be more than the current rating of the fuse element.
Pragati - 6 August 2020

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Noun, hateful person one who holds grudges, and or acts out violently towards blameless, innocent victims. Example; to rob, rape, kill, or destroy someone or something just because they hate & hold grudges.
Douglass - 6 August 2020

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The term ‘differential effect’ refers to a change happening to something as a result of varying action of a causative factor.
Dr. N. K. ARJUNAN - 5 August 2020

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It means a specific goods that's is allowed for a particular type of business organization or a goods or devices designed for a market that will satisfy the households.
izuchukwu joshua U. - 5 August 2020

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She was a good girl but always scolded by her her mother due to her habit of onychophagy
Jayshri - 5 August 2020

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Single Product Economy

Single product economy is where a country produces one product (primary products) with no value added for export
Owusu Richard Frimpo - 5 August 2020

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Asian Tigers

They are industrialised country.they are developed country.
Boluwatife Esther - 5 August 2020

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(Slang) A young guy who knows a secret of a circle.or a young guy who has been in a circle for a long time.
A young male best friend..
Sometimes related related to a tune or particular type of music (jamaican dictionary)
Nigerian slang : a typical young coded boy.
Ceejay canspray - 5 August 2020

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hybrid model

Vi = hiIi + hrVo from this Zi = Vi/Ii and hr = Vi/Vo
Io = hfIi + hovo from this hf = Io/Ii and ho = Io/Vo
ma elena noriega - 5 August 2020

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Sariri is of the Aymara and Quechua language origin. In Aymara it means "Traveller". In Quechua it means "the one who continues".
Lynn - 2 August 2020

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Magnetizing Force

M. M. F. Per unit length is called magnetizing force. It is denoted by H
And measured in oarsted. And in si system ampere turns per meter
Ashok sharma - 1 August 2020

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of Latin derivation, for things from the "garden area"
J.A. Smith - 1 August 2020

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Sand Sheet

Sand sheet is a sandy flat area with the surface characterised by small ripples.
Bright Tsibu : Ghana - 1 August 2020

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Is the travel by a tourist outside their country boundaries for business or leisure purposes
Tsaone elton - 1 August 2020

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A small oval shaped bean they use lilva to play also
Annika Jannet Fatima - 1 August 2020

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To argue or disagree for no apparent reason. They were in a quabble at the street corner.
Pamela I Strong - 27 July 2020

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Beautiful, but crazy
Erli - 27 July 2020

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The international tourism means the people travel outside the borders, now a days people love to go for various activities some go for pleasure and some for medical purpose.and medical outside countries are more populated.
gayatri nikam - 27 July 2020

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Funny fart
Fart so funny
I’m laughing at the pure humour of this expulsion
The Oxford English - 27 July 2020

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BLACKPINK FALAFING FALA FOOM aripink collab ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ FALAFING FALA FOOM

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The insight of things to come. I was named Augurie by my Grandfather, who thought it wise that the situation I was conceived and born in warranted my name. I am proud of my name. It gives me the opportunity to heighten premonitions of things to come. I am the only one with the name "Augurie."
Augurie Ezioma Steve - 23 July 2020

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extended keyboard

Extended keyboard is a larger version of other keyboard
anonymous - 23 July 2020

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