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computer lab

Every subject which is recognisation as deserving a study in a school should have a lab of its on.
Keshu - 28 February 2019

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a weird place full of paper with writing inside of it
anonymous - 27 February 2019

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made up word from the wizard society of elf’s this lead to kids beleiving that they had “made it up” themselfes
anonymous - 24 February 2019

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When four or more notes are used in a curved manner in fast speed is called khatka
For example Re Sa Ni Sa
anonymous - 23 February 2019

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The translocation of a solute from one side of the biological barrier to the other
Manish raut - 22 February 2019

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deep current

This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Mike Hunt - 22 February 2019   NSFW

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When you finished your homework and the t.v. isn't working.. . .... .
anonymous - 22 February 2019

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reticulate venation

The leaf vination design is net-like on both sides of midrib, the vination is called reticulate vination
Pp - 22 February 2019

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international tourism

International tourism refers to tourism that crosses national borders. ... The World Tourism Organization defines tourists as people "traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes
Subash Gurung - 21 February 2019

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Qdoba is made of two words
Qd, meaning an amount. Doba, meaning time.
Therefore, we may confer that the word means...any-time.

Qdoba Mexican Resturant
Any-time Mexican Resturant
Nick - 20 February 2019

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international tourism

International tourism means to travel out of your country and visiting other places by crossing the IDL .
Diksha Vaity - 20 February 2019

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retail sales index

measures goods and services sold within the retail industry
anonymous - 19 February 2019

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A old thing that is made out of wood and rare because this word was made in nineteenth-century
anonymous - 18 February 2019

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outstanding interest

It means that the interest that are due but not paid
Meghnajishob - 16 February 2019

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love in Ethiopia language
It is a much more potent
sentiment than a simple liking
for a person. Unrequited love
refers to those feelings of love
that are not reciprocated.
Interpersonal love is most
closely associated with
interpersonal relationships.
Such love might exist between
family members, friends, and
anonymous - 15 February 2019

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Best hotel in Atlantic City! Great accommodations, food and entertainment! Service is above and beyond!!
Tony - 13 February 2019

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