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Key pest

Key pest are crop specific.They are perennially occurring serious persistent species which cause damage above the economic injury level if proper control practices is not applied..
Sangita - 29 September 2019

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scala naturae

A metaphor used to describe the social hirarchy was beleived to be created by God
anonymous - 29 September 2019

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Your ride or die freind/ your homie that sticks by your side
38baby - 29 September 2019

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Key pest

Key pest are damage one specific crop.. N are periliously occuring serious damage..
Sangita - 29 September 2019

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Database Manipulation Language.It is a language found in the data if computers which interprets 0s and 1s to a high level of understanding.
Caleb Anane - 29 September 2019

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A nice guy and good personalities and easy to get along with she loves to play sports favorite sports are all of them he likes to play video games he likes go outside he
will defend you be nice to you and who buy expensive things and for your birthday
Ovet - 29 September 2019

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Peace off

This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Brian Dormio - 29 September 2019   NSFW

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pastoral farming

Pastoral farming can be defined as a type of farming that involve rearing of animals for man use
Adekunle oluwafunmil - 29 September 2019

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
DoodleBops - 29 September 2019   NSFW

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When you disagree to a statement made by someone, whilst texting you could text MXM
Trishicka - 29 September 2019

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The absolute of boredom, you type this in google when you have no purpose of existing on this rotting planet. Or.. you might be just plain bored because you got grounded from the xbox yet you hid the phone somewhere, this is one of they many random things you might be curious to type out of sheer boredom.
h - 27 September 2019

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input records

It's the record of all the items in running the farm during the years
Verd.g - 23 September 2019

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big book

Big books are oversized books with enlarge prints. It is usually intended for shared reading activity for the whole class.
Bhida - 21 September 2019

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SCFM is a word used to describe a gas measurement
Angel Bonilla - 21 September 2019

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Lego friends girls on a mission in the city street for the new place in the street for the new place in the city street meet the l2 milks meetupin sidefriend up thank you l2 m I love you
Kristina - 21 September 2019

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energy deficit

When you eat lower calories than you burn which mean that you loose weight. This is also called a Calorie Deficit however Calories are Energy sources so they can call it both.
Jacob Bolt - 21 September 2019

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When you see the abbrevation 'e.g.' it means: "for example".
It stands for: "exempli gratia".
Jo - 14 September 2019

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RSVP meaning "répondez s'il vous plaît".

Which translates from French: respond if you please
Less literally: Please reply :)

please respond." If RSVP is written on an invitation, it means the host has requested that the guest respond to say if they plan to attend the party.Jan 15, 2019
anonymous - 14 September 2019

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Common name in the Netherlands for boys. And a name used for girls in Thailand.
Pim has no meaning, it derived from the name Wim>Willem>Wilhelm.
anonymous - 14 September 2019

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gift—in Spanish, an “obsequio” is a gift (a bouquet of flowers, jewelry, etc.) of deference.
Julia Alaniz - 14 September 2019

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your bored in school, and you scrolled this far, do some wrok before your off target
wack - 14 September 2019

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1.Guardians of the Crown of God
2. A Religious Organization dating back before the Big Bang
3.The oldest Religion known in the intelligent Universe
4.The most high-tech organization in the Universe
5. The largest organization in the Universe with populations in the trillions, with 99.9% not human
Jon Paul Radebaugh - 14 September 2019

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1. To focus on a subject or thought
2. To apply energy to a task
3. To contact a lifeform
4. A Planet in a classified region of Outer-space
5. A form of communications that has been used since B.C. times
6. The communications office of God and the Heavens, Dimensions and Spirit Worlds
7. To send a signal with a specified destination in the past or future
8. To draw attention to a certain person for a reason they might need to know about
Jon Radebaugh - 14 September 2019

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die in the hole

I don't know about die in THE hole, but die in a hole is when someone is being super irritating or you're just mean or something- i dont know bye
jesus take the wheel - 11 September 2019

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Trim the Fat Tuesdays - coined by author Valerie A. Brooks on her blog "The Brooks Family". It's a weekly post designed to give people helpful tips for weight loss and healthy eating. Let's give @TTFT a better meaning and help each other through our weight loss highs and lows.
Valerie - 10 September 2019

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surplus energy

The excess energy that remain in our body is termed as surplus energy
Jitty - 10 September 2019

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house account

House account can be define as a large or portable place where buying and selling activite take place,not assigned to a field salesperson
MONDAY OLANREWAJU - 10 September 2019

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What occurs when your oatmeal turns out sticky and paste like.
Nicole - 10 September 2019

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it means that you are like me and hate school so you google random stuff
anonymous - 10 September 2019

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scheme of work

Schemes of work is a breakdown of syllabus in to teachable units to the learners in a specific class.
Chimiir Moses - 9 September 2019

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extended keyboard

extended keyboard has additional keys hten basic keyboard . And design varies among companies who manufacture
anonymous - 8 September 2019

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The definition of headass is ur mom or it could be ur dad, ur sister, ur brother, even ur baby cousin or all ur family.
Headass - 8 September 2019

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heat zone

Division of earth zone according to their temperature
Rani - 8 September 2019

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mwa means me...it is an informal way someone can use when they are trying to point out that it is me you're calling

example; A person: Mr Mucho
Mr Mucho: that would be mwa
mulonde mucho - 8 September 2019

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medical attendant

Passing meds .taking blood work.moping grooming dressing washing clothes cleaning client rooms bringing clients on doctor appointment
Marcella Lemon - 6 September 2019

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To round a racing mark in sailing by luffing without tacking, relying on forward momentum of boat to carry it past the mark
R. Franck - 6 September 2019

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rural depopulation

Refers to a decrease in population of certain areas in search of Better living
Gumani (MAKHE - 5 September 2019

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when you are really bored so u type every letter on the keyboard so you dont die of bordom
my name is jeff - 4 September 2019

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pedagogic task

Tasks that learners will not necessarily do outside of a classroom
Dawood - 3 September 2019

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financial claims

It is a right of payment of future sum of money or a periodic payment money
Oyelami Abbas - 3 September 2019

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