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kcf is also a online group kids cancel friends
what happens in the group is they take turns too try and cancel each other . they are very small at the moment but will get bigger.
Sam smith - 11 June 2021

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spit the bit

When a person spits the bit, it means that they have made a mistake and it caused a failure to occur. This can be caused by fatigue or plain incompetence.
Jeff Weinstein - 11 June 2021

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Top Predator

a predator that is a big size and that is very rare for one of these to get killed . the apex predator is known as the alpha predator.
unicorn - 11 June 2021

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menu card

It means a list of foods and beverages
for people to choose from .
mostly found in a hotel or restaurant
KAMSI - 11 June 2021

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Eragon to began a new area a shift From a darkness to. an enlighten world where uuderstanding and kindness are the norm where happiness will always reign
Juanita Broughman - 11 June 2021

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Pronounced mer-YUM, orig. from the Aramaic language. Maryam is the English transliteration of مريم in Arabic and מִרְיָם in Hebrew. This name has many spellings and variations, depending on language and place of origin. Woman in ancient history who had this name were Maryam, mother of Jesus, as well as Maryam, sister of Moses. Muslims, Jews, and Christians use the names Maryam, Miriam, and Mary, respectively. The name has many meanings and connotations.
Mariyam S - 7 June 2021

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UwU is the best thing thats evew happened UwU! I weawwy wike UwU and fow me it means that im wewaxed or i feew cute! UwU <3 awso i feew wike awot of fuwwies use this wowd so im gonna say it asweww UwU <3
Just a fuwwie <3 - 7 June 2021

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Someone who hides there true feelings and never tells anyone but they want to but their afraid Someone will make fun of them or they will not understand so you hide it with a good fake smile.
Kaitlyn Allport - 7 June 2021

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Mush Coil

A mush or hit-or-miss, coil is one in which the individual wires of a coil settle into the winding space haphazardly, as distinguished from a systematic arrangement of wires is layers and rows.
Much coils are most common on small machines, since they are simple and quicker to wind.
Charan - 3 June 2021

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Feeling good, being happy, smoking weed, getting high, making up something, making a connection with someone, twilight, sunset, sage ,herbs, Bobby pin, hair, sharing thoughts, thinking, unaware, unknown,friendly, kind, liar, weird, deceive, untrue, fake, false, imaginary, tense, dislike, forgettable, new, strange, uneasy, desperate, denial, crowd-pleaser, type, undesirable, questionable, free, result
Gavin, Jasmine - 3 June 2021

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To taminet to put an end to something
To sanctify ,ironic discription or to treat down tobersically reverse a dicition or situation with conviction
Narkisus iliya - 25 May 2021

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Mechanical Movement

A movement based on a mainspring that is wound by hand. When wound, it slowly unwinds the spring in an even motion. An automatic mechanical requires no winding because of the rotor, which winds the mainspring every time you move your wrist.
anonymous - 25 May 2021

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Nothing sus, it just be two guys that are friends and don’t want to do anything weird (might be sus on a Wednesday tho)
BigBootyDaddy903 - 25 May 2021

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It means rail me

So yeah dont say UWU to a guy if your a girl because it means rail me
Anonymous - 25 May 2021

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uckers badders

This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Joy - 25 May 2021   NSFW

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meen is the worst name you could be called. it is worse than word and is used as an offesive term. "you are meen!" "you're fucking meen!"
ariyah - 25 May 2021

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over-the-top hyping of marriage and coupling, thinking that marriage is the ultimate goal of one's life.
xys - 25 May 2021

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A pus-pus who tries to be funny yet fails every time at doing so. Will get mad when responded with "headass lmao".
harre - 25 May 2021

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Swinging the lamp

Royal Navy - telling stories of one’s experiences in the Navy, usually after a few tot’s of pusser’s rum, they may get exaggerated as time passes!
Sinbad - 25 May 2021

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it means you are extremely bored like everyone else who wrote this combination of keys
bored kid in class - 25 May 2021

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national budget

National budget is a budget that continues to support job creation, with a particular focus on unemployed strategy.
Israel Sadare - 25 May 2021

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Valid scabble word. Do not question it. Yep add those points.
anonymous - 18 May 2021

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I know you were doing strange patterns on the search bar and it showed up below and you just clicked it and now are reading this 'cause you don't want to work
Also you've probably read like 70 definitions or so so how much time have you spent already?
btw i'm bored
Arken - 18 May 2021

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A ship on which Paul sailed on. The principal meaning to the word is *i shall abide in death*
Adramyttium - 18 May 2021

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Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is a classic retro game in 1991 versing Nintendo Mario. Sega owns sonic and he can go super sonic
Sonic - 18 May 2021

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Data gathering accuracy percentage - How well someone is at getting the right information to perform a task
Jeff - 18 May 2021

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I've running this brand at the 80's, and my Japanese colegues explained and translated :The sound of the water creek or spring
Yo - 18 May 2021

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you know getting over it that really hard and frustrating game that not many people have competed, this is kinda like that so welcome to a chat thing that basycly no one has found. It's out of this multi-verse boredom and for a fact im in a meet right now and i found this so its completely true that you might be in a zoom or google meet right now
shappoka199 - 18 May 2021

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100th of something
iDid'ntWantToDoThis - 18 May 2021

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A chewing a dog does with his front teeth only and lips pulled away.
Lilibeth - 18 May 2021

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The sequence of letters on the top row of letter keys on a standard English-language keyboard
Elias - 18 May 2021

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it means to be in love with the hottest man that has ever fictionally lived <3333
Vixen Malfoy - 10 May 2021

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GAMPI - 10 May 2021

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British word for leash. Usually called a lead. Used in the song “Tough sh*t Wilson”
Brad - 10 May 2021

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EPA interior volume

the amount total space within the cabin of a vehicle ,as measured by the EPA..
anonymous - 10 May 2021

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what is up procrastinators go do your school work now (- -)
{ }
anon - 10 May 2021

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When you are bored and dissatisfied with how life has gone in school so you type every letter on your keyboard
no u - 10 May 2021

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small eyes bad drivers/boaters for some reason love rice and would flame an american for losing in a casino
kevin hart - 10 May 2021

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Onomatopoeia: The japanese spelling of "scream", usually referring to a girl's high-pitched scream.
Also spelled: キャーッ
DragonPerson - 10 May 2021

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Heat zone

Heat zones are the zones that define the climate of a place. Each heat zone receives different amount of sunlight.
D7425 - 10 May 2021

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