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Rural depopulation

Is a decrease in the number of people living in rural areas
Jele kuhlula - 2 June 2023

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Norte Killa
When you kill mass amounts if Norteños, or more widely known as “Chapetes”z
nK - 2 June 2023

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It means that you are probably procrastinating at this moment that you are reading this. It also means that you are too bored to even want to exist. You could even be in class, and there are too many other possibilities. I actually am procrastinating right now too because I don't want to have to do my work even though it's so easy. I went to sleep at 2:00 and woke up at 7:00 and I'm still barely tired. You are probably playing random games on your computer too. By, whoever made this. <3
anonymous - 2 June 2023

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you're lonely, you're alone, you're broke, you're lifeless, you're bored, you're sleepy, you're also an orphan. Go back to doing your work..
Your mom is Da Ho - 2 June 2023

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A musician with a strong heart,caring,loving and a faithful man who truly understand each other person.
Ristarlin - 2 June 2023

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A body boundary is an invisible and personal set of rules that define what is a "good touch and a " bad touch''
Pearl - 2 June 2023

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Sandy soil is a soil that have a high content of sand . It is not used for planting and also call it sand.
Ewaoluwa Olaiya - 2 June 2023

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Academic staff is any qualified individual who is responsible for providing instructions and teaching in high learning institutions
Dist - 2 June 2023

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you are bored as heck and searched up random things and probably have 2-0 friends. you thought you could be unique searching this up and then unblocking a blocked site.
forty seven - 2 June 2023

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Aslak who is a sluggi, means to have a very long, dumb stupid, luggi. uggi, uggi means to have a gigantic anaconda looking penis
Aslakchrus - 2 June 2023

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Primary Carnivore

The animal that kills and eat other animals but are in the first level of food chaim/web
Shickfreed Miegrang - 2 June 2023

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Wasty means someone who want to achieve something
anonymous - 2 June 2023

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absurd or ridonkulous meaning that it is cawzy and redonkulous
Your mom - 2 June 2023

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classified index

This type of indexes deals with the grouping or arrangement of entries under headings and subheadings specifying a hierarchy of divisions and subdivisions based on subject matter.
Abdulsalam - 2 June 2023

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El Farsante

Farsante is the name of the song and it is by a Puerto Rican singer called Ozuna and Romeo from Dominican Republic. The song was released in 2017 and it is a really famous song. Farsante means impostor or faker in english. The song is about a man who is a liar and he is untruthful and a pretender. The song is telling us a story that can happen in a real life situation because the point of this song is to tell us that men sometimes can be untruthful because of the things that they do, on how they play with the women's feelings and how they want to restart the relationship and be better but the women does not believe in their promises anymore.
A - 2 June 2023

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Sad boy hours
(when you see something and then you get sad)
Seeing your cruch with someone else
SBH - 2 June 2023

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when pass existense of boredom thinking your children will do that one day in school when they tired just have you have done
jenson - 2 June 2023

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Variable charge

Variable charge can be generated through dissociation of functional groups and varies with pH value, the properties of colloid surface and ionic concentration.
WendieeeO-o - 2 June 2023

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Constant/permanent charge

Constant/permanent charge is mainly generated by isomorphic substitution and does not change with the change of pH and electrolyte concentration.
WendieeeO-o - 2 June 2023

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When you get bored in math and start trying to do every combination on the keyboard to see if someone already did it
? - 2 June 2023

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Ultimate level of extreme boredom, there is no turning back, you are probably supposed to be doing something right now, SO GO DO IT
anonymous - 2 June 2023

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Palatable Water

palatable water is the water that has solt it not good to use for cooking and drinking
chibale mwila - 2 June 2023

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Development control

This is or could be defined as the managing or regulating the or carrying out of any work on land to ensure that All development takes place and in such a manner that it conforms to a pre determined set of policies or standards.
Chukwu Christian - 2 June 2023

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The name Prabz which comes from sanatan dharma means supreme being(Goddess/God) and the beloved devotee of lord krishna.
Prabz - 2 June 2023

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tRump supporters at a rally, chanting to their neon god.
Let's be frank - 2 June 2023

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Wow you are in school right now and bored as hell. You came here thinking you were special but NO! You are experiencing the boredness of all those who have passed by here. Good luck and I hope your teacher is not bad.
Asian - 2 June 2023

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When you're at school/work and have fallen into the qwertyuiop rabbit hole trying to find a combination that hasnt been found yet
AvgBoredSchoolUser - 2 June 2023

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the meaning of sianna is a mature and beautiful strong woman. Sianna in tongan also means man
sianna Teputepu - 2 June 2023

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A Arena stage maybe thealer is completely surrounding by audience member
Janet - 2 June 2023

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When you bored out of your small mind and you type all the letters on your keyboard and expect no results only to find out everyone does this so much so, there are literal definitions for this word.
I_do_be_broonet - 2 June 2023

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it's p instead of q
Instead of queen elizabeth: Pween Elizabeth
Instead of quirky: Puirky
Instead do quinoa: Puinoa
tyrone - 2 June 2023

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Beginning Teacher

Beginning teacher refer to the teacher in the first 12 months of their teaching career
Kwangian Jeremy - 2 June 2023

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Goat Fuck

This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Owen - 4 April 2023   NSFW

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An amazing being which guides you through life, respected by using the emoticon OwO
your mom - 3 April 2023

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A Lubby is a genuis who uses irrelevant questions, answers and informations to get important informations from someone without the knowledge of the victim
La Lubby Boy - 3 April 2023

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