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Generation Z’s very own gentle giant, a leader, overlord, artist, and creative.
Zior - 5 August 2019

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When you have 5 children. 2 girls and 3 boys and they all smell. They are all uggy!
Joseph De La Torre - 3 August 2019

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Fresh sound sweet arrogent gentle good skillful loving caring
Sazy - 3 August 2019

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filter housing

the function of filter housing is the protection of filter assembly or covered made by stainless steel material for safety of filter assembly
pankaj - 3 August 2019

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oi cunt

This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Cunt69 - 2 August 2019   NSFW

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scheme of work

Is a central planning tool and the key mechanism by which a teacher prepared for teaching and learning at period of time ,e.g a month,a term or a year.
lucykomu92@gmail.com - 2 August 2019

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mortality experience

It is the experience of mortality that show mortality have no definition by cohart study
Dr Manzoor chitti - 2 August 2019

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This describes the sense of things rather than natural sound, for example-snake
Ziya - 2 August 2019

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national budget

Is a financial statement that gives any estimate of the planned revenue and planned expenditure of the government for one particular financial year
anonymous - 2 August 2019

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Small, insignificant, unpleasant

“That bittle woman is so annoying”
anonymous - 2 August 2019

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gender coding

Biological sexuality of humans, being either male or female and roles played by each gender.
Eunice Sibanda - 29 July 2019

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Latin roots for aged and beauty characteristics. Synonym meaning for aged beautifully.
Dan Nguyen - 28 July 2019

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Northumbrian Exit From UK.

If The Scottish choose independence a referendum may be wanted by Welsh nationalists and Northern Irish, possibly Cornish also. The uk fans cannot expect to be able to break agreements and choose to leave Europe without provoking such actions. My suggestion is that the united kingdom will be no more if the scottish welsh and irish want independence and we will be left with England alone. I for one do not want to live in a little england ruled from london and the south so i suggest restoring the old kingdoms starting with Northumbria which includes Northumberland up to the Scottish Borders - Durham - and tyne and wear. This is not absurd since the precedent has been set by brexit and uk breakup and in the past by eastern european countries and even theSoviet Union.
Lisabela Marschild - 27 July 2019

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blade tip

The top of the blade or the sharp edge of the blade
anonymous - 23 July 2019

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financial memorandum

Financial memorandum may be describe as a kind of formal documentation of revenue, cost and expenditure of government administration giving out the basis of which it will receive its allocation.
Sanni Olukayode Adep - 23 July 2019

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A written statement of facts by someone who has sworn to tell the truth, signed in the presence of a notary public or other legal authority, and can be used as evidence in the courts
Leo Peixoto - 23 July 2019

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jake brake

Comes from Jacobs Vehicle Systems, Inc. (Jacobs), it is an extra supplement to the friction brake system on wheels. Using an air compression and release mechanism, the engine itself works to slow the vehicle.
Leo Peixoto - 23 July 2019

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Reprobus means outcast it can also mean rejected. We can also say that reprobus means not liked
Tosan - 23 July 2019

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computer lab

a computer lab is place where computer and it's accessories are kept and use
bash basarake - 23 July 2019

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financial claims

its like a legal right to an item or am object
eg. money.
jain - 18 July 2019

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N-P-K is a complex fertilizer made up of three primary nutrients required for a healthy plant growth.N stands for nitrogen ,P stands for phosphorus and K stands for potassium.
Pokemon pikachu - 15 July 2019

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heat zone

Some important parallels help us to divide the earth into three heat zones.
Supriya Soni - 15 July 2019

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financial memorandum

A written document containing a proposal, decision, policy etc to the institution it regard to.
Abubakar I. Aranka - 15 July 2019

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Split paint pot with circular brush hoisted up vertical poles or cables to paint them
K - 15 July 2019

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scrunch dry

Scrunch dying
Its grippings and squeezing clumps of hair while directing heated hair into the hand.
pink beautiful - 12 July 2019

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internet : application used by the Romans for their home banking
de Willy - 12 July 2019

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a good scrabble word because it helped me win against my fam fam
Connor Broschard - 12 July 2019

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
annonymous - 12 July 2019   NSFW

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glacial retreat

Process by which glaciers melt faster than precipitation can replace the ice.The backwards movement of the snout of a glacier.Net loss of ice from a glacier as a result of ablation exceeding accumulation.when ablation exceeds accumulation causing a net loss of ice from the glacier. This usually involves the snout being found at a point in the valley short of the farthest it ever reached
Y va el tercero - 12 July 2019

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my loving wife, my beautiful gorgeous, exciting and the most wonderful being in this galaxy
undhux - 12 July 2019

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Contains flat plate
An example:polyplacophora
Poly means many
Placo means flat plates
Phora means bearing
KEHEKASHA Ansari - 6 July 2019

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recurrent training

Training that will keep you current in your position. can be done through classroom sessions, one-on-one mentoring, briefing, read and sign and other means that can be audited to show that the personnel satisfies the currency requirement for the position held. This can also be documented through task-based recording.
Adolfo Anacay Jr - 6 July 2019

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It mean adding some thing to some thing to get some thing
anonymous - 5 July 2019

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study period

The period in which a research is conducted, including from title approval to finalization of the paper
anonymous - 5 July 2019

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food vehicle

Food to which fortification is carried out e.g. when iodine is added to table salt,salt becomes the food vehicle.
Aleekihato - 5 July 2019

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off station

Incorrect position _
Mistake position (used for lights or buoy of navigation at sea)
Capt.,Esmaeil - 5 July 2019

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parent rock

parent rock .. determines colour texture , chemical properties , content permeability.
tulasi.. - 5 July 2019

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time utility

Time utility is providing the consumer his desired goods at the time he required them
Ezeani Cynthia - 5 July 2019

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nominal hours

Meaning of nominal hours in a given course duration
I find it pretty difficult to calculate the given credit hours. Again, what is notional hours in instruction of students doing a diploma in mechanical engineering. I find a real task of a challenge and so, I need your kind assistance in this matter
Kwesi Folie - 5 July 2019

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cultural assumption

Rude way to describe someone's beliefs, culture or up bringing
molly - 5 July 2019

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