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pedagogic task

Tasks that learners will not necessarily do outside of a classroom
Dawood - 3 September 2019

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financial claims

It is a right of payment of future sum of money or a periodic payment money
Oyelami Abbas - 3 September 2019

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Channyn Leila - 3 September 2019   NSFW

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Follow for follow on instagram
When someone asks for followers you follow them they follow you
anonymous - 3 September 2019

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Kuchi is also a short broom use even today to whitewash inrerior and also inside the houses and trees in the park kalsomine, calsomine, or lime paint is a type of paint made from slaked lime
choudhry khawar - 3 September 2019

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aspect angle

The largest angle formed between LOS to target and targets longitudinal axis measured from tail of the target.
Higher the Aspect angle greater will be ROC and vice versa
Jahangir khan - 2 September 2019

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rational knowledge

Knowledge which you gain by reasoning and asking questions
Deng kuot deng green - 2 September 2019

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stem cutting

It involves a selection of individual stems for inducing rooting.
Kironde Edrine - 2 September 2019

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W- Women's
A- Association of
C- Colorado
H- Hockey
Prince Adebayo - 31 August 2019

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recurrent training

Recurrent training is a comprehensive training strategy, the essential characteristic of which is the distribution of training over the total life-span of the individual in a recurring way, i.e. in alterna- tion with other activities, with work in the first place, but also with leisure and retirement.
Gyanendra N Tiwari - 28 August 2019

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Anyone who doesn't work in a fire room or the engine room anybody who works above decks especially on electronic equipment ,navigation, operations are twidgets I'm a proud twidget of navigation
stephen c adamowicz - 28 August 2019

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commercial harvesting

The Harvesting of animals and crops for money and commercial reasons
Me - 26 August 2019

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Persons who habitually use a hot tub for social interaction.
Frank - 25 August 2019

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Darren luke - 23 August 2019   NSFW

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Saying “I don’t SFG” means “I don’t suffer fools gladly”.
Pizza dough ho - 23 August 2019

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synonyms: Warped, disfigured, broken, misshapen, bent.
Kronkmaster - 23 August 2019

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virtual office

A physical address for registration with the local authorities and receipt of mail, most often for a short-term lease.
ABiLiTieSTrust - 23 August 2019

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To stand at a quit place with an opposite sex.
Example; Ransford Abeka was chorking with that stunning girl
Ransford Abeka - 23 August 2019

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Change course to a specific compass heading or by a specific number of degrees.
"Corpen starboard niner" means change course by 90 degrees to starboard.
"Corpen 120" means come to 120 on the compass.
CDR Chip Sherman USN - 23 August 2019

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3PA(Three Pronged Approach)
A programme by World Food Programme to alleviate hunger and lessen vulnerability
Takudzwa Mhike - 23 August 2019

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anonymous - 23 August 2019   NSFW

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To write down your thoughts, especially at an emotional time of distress, as a way of relieving stress and/or to focus your thoughts. Your thoughts can easily be wrong, but your feelings are right, so when you write them down, its "JUST WRIGHTE"!
BRIAN L - 23 August 2019

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Mucket also means monica. A little boy made it up and that has stuck with us ever since he was small and we stuck with that and that's what we want to use
Monica montoya - 23 August 2019

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Noun: A provision added to the US Constitution
"the Second Amendment"
Off Duty Officers - 23 August 2019

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You're so desperately bored that you ended up typing this as a result.
dafsadsf - 15 August 2019

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Someone who do things by him/ her self thinking about how to survive or to be a grate person in life
VANNY BOI - 15 August 2019

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Inventory can refer to finished goods or work in process items for assembly. Finished inventory can be held in a warehouse holding some residual values. Raw material or components require production in order to produce a final saleable product.
Stak Trade Finance - 15 August 2019

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grip it and rip it

Spiritual mind-set and Experience a life free from the fear of failure, and when we boldly take risks as God fills us. We'll begin to see the miraculous done in and through us.
Abi - 15 August 2019

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The word mbtc ltd it means Mujyarugamba Business and Trading company.and it is located in eastern province in Nyagatare sector. And it has a hotel called MBTC hotel at university of Rwanda road opposite Nyagatare Radio.and the owern of MBTC LTD is the distributor of inyange industry in the districts of Nyagatare and gatsibo.
Fred - 15 August 2019

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Simply seeing others non relative and common to him or her as enemy with out any reason.
Tesfaye daba - 15 August 2019

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'Spiritual being' in Sanskrit. Kyarn is kind-natured, emotionally intelligent and highly intuitive person.
Sadhana - 12 August 2019

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To describe a material, fabric or product that has become soaking wet
Patrick Lintott - 9 August 2019

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raw edge

The edge of a seam that is cut and has not been finished
Nomthunzi Isaacs - 9 August 2019

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YEET can mean anything but it is certainly the best word in the world.
Oliver - 9 August 2019

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dame tu cosita

Tldr version: "Give me your little thing"

Now this is just to meet the word minimum blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Danny - 9 August 2019

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Sissyjd - 9 August 2019   NSFW

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Generation Z’s very own gentle giant, a leader, overlord, artist, and creative.
Zior - 5 August 2019

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When you have 5 children. 2 girls and 3 boys and they all smell. They are all uggy!
Joseph De La Torre - 3 August 2019

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Fresh sound sweet arrogent gentle good skillful loving caring
Sazy - 3 August 2019

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filter housing

the function of filter housing is the protection of filter assembly or covered made by stainless steel material for safety of filter assembly
pankaj - 3 August 2019

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