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Beautiful materials attached to trainee, to aid the during and after the training to enable them to know and to understand what they the training is all about and to understand the purpose,why the materials are attach for such training. Showing the need for the relationship between the materials, training and the trainees during the training and the field in which the beautiful materials are been used.
Bello sabo - 17 November 2020

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When your lady is seriously pissed the fuck off. - "This chic is in a mood!"
Samson - 17 November 2020

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Wyatt Is A Person's name Like Wyatt Earp or the creator of this:Wyatt Juelson
Wyatt - 17 November 2020

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mwerp is just an extremely cool word. i use it to just say randomly mwerp hahah and i think thats funny.

mwerp - 14 November 2020

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Long time disc jockey from the 70's Dave Scott used the term constantly in his shows. That's all I remember it from. It has/had no negative connotation when Scott used it. He was a great DJ, one of a kind.
Steve McGarty - 14 November 2020

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A dog stuck in a floor licking a cats head while the cat is eating chicken nuggets! ✌️
Weirdo - 14 November 2020

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Hard skills

Hard skills are part of the skill set that is required for a job
Shaheena Chujatharan - 14 November 2020

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the meaning of headass is when one of your friends say something stupid and you say headass
HEADASS - 14 November 2020

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green papers made from trees. Also used to pay for things like bills, food, etc.
unknown - 14 November 2020

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Ad eundem

It is a degree that is awarded to some one the grounds of existing work that has been done on the ground by one as appreciation for accomplished tasks.
ArchBishop Anyere Ta - 14 November 2020

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Tramp shipping

Tramp shipping refers to the unfixed transportation of mostly cargoes over the water, without a fixed route, a fixed timetable and according to demand to any port
Egbe Rachel - 14 November 2020

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Land registration

Land registration it describes by which matter of ownership,possession of other right in land can be recorded
ESV vicky - 14 November 2020

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historical map

a historical map means the terrain what it looked like a long time ago, and how they used the maps sometimes we use a map but online for example a GPS and that is how we find our way to get information where we are and what you are doing.
Theo - 14 November 2020

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Scheme of Work

A scheme of work defines the structure and content of an academic course. It splits an often multi year curriculum into deliverable units of work, each of a far shorter week eg two or three weeks
Monicah - 14 November 2020

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wood rays

Strips of wood cells that extend radially within a tree, varying in height from a few cells in some species to 4 inches or more in oak. The rays serve primarily to store food and transport it horizont
Anatomy - 14 November 2020

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Rig For Red

Rig for Red
Q drop #3891. Nothing can stop what is coming. 2020 election ballots were invisibly watermarked with QFS blockchain encryption. Counterfeit proof. All, and only, legal ballots will be counted.
Q SENT ME 2 - 14 November 2020

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Someone who loves dragons.
Example: She has so many dragon figurines and has dragons on everything! She’s such a dracophile.
anonymous - 14 November 2020

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The best game in te world. NOT A RIP OFF OF MINECRAFT OK?
6 Hundreds - 14 November 2020

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F*ck You Idiot : used in social media, chats, games
Olsom - 14 November 2020

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Air Start

a phat blowy consisting of two of opposing genders and a bed
bob - 14 November 2020

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You are suppose to be doing your school work but decided to do this instead because deep down you don't want to do your work.
davinki - 14 November 2020

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Fusing Current

Fusing current this the minimum current that will blow the fuse!
Chris Agagbo - 14 November 2020

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Contract Billing

Contact bill is a document sign by both parties (contractor and client) to seal agreement for contract.
Olawuyi Ganiyat - 14 November 2020

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The word "UwU" is a face like :), owo, qwq, or ^^. The "U" Is a eye, and the "w" is a kind of mouth. It's like the same for qwq or owo
kacie's world of uwu - 14 November 2020

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reading path

Reading Path is the thing that a attracts attention around the page which might create salience.
anonymous - 14 November 2020

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Past tense of shouve: removal of hair from testicles with a razor.
anonymous - 14 November 2020

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Levine came from the Hebrews named levi ,which means family or unite
Jan - 14 November 2020

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beautiful & timeless & fabulous
all in one awesome spirit, creature,
or creation
anonymous - 14 November 2020

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A group of ten musicians; a musical composition for such a group.
anonymous - 14 November 2020

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Otay is a term used for okay just in a cool different way. This term “otay” was originally used from the movie “The Little Rascals.”
Lillian - 14 November 2020

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Pubic hair in kashmir language
Nd khap khap baaz akh. De
Zook - 6 November 2020

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Someone pretends to be ur friend,but z a really enemy
Roky - 6 November 2020

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A spell from the "Harry Potter" franchise that causes whatever your opponent is holding to fly away.
Paula Landrum - 6 November 2020

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Osam vocational Education and Training, prepare learners/client for jobs that are based in manual or practical activities.
Winnie - 6 November 2020

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Something original and recently found, made, or said.
PLS ADD ME - 6 November 2020

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Was the 1st word ever said in a different language as in Aa. Was said more than a million years ago.
PLS ADD ME - 6 November 2020

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To hate someone, something, or just say it for abuse,
FUCK - 6 November 2020

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(Noun 1) When you mean all of the nearby people.
(Noun 2) Short for the United States.

Pls put this in
.......... - 6 November 2020

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surrounded by; in the company of; to be within. For example, It seems someone is among Preston Bayne.
surrounded by; in th - 6 November 2020

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Danny G 4 life Danny g is our saviour and if you want to represent him like everyone does you will join Danny g for life
westsidecorrupt - 6 November 2020

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