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Government schools

Government schools, are schools own by the government or public to obtain minimum education or learning.
Emmanuel Timothy - 2 March 2022

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hog rider

The almighty being of true power, Hog Rider of the Clash of Clans. He rides a large hog in his troops while they scream the war chant, "HOG RIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!". The hog rider has a mohawk, some gold, a large hog, and various other things to use during the clash of clans.
joe bob sea uncle!!! - 2 March 2022

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Bad feeling, a dismissive way of texting someone mostly in south Africa
Michaels - 2 March 2022

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Eagle Keeper

Anyone in the Air Force that helps maintain and defend the F15 Eagle. Including Avionics TITE test station, Manual's test station,and automatic test station.
Michael Cummings - 2 March 2022

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The subjective discordance between a person's chronological age, as determined by their external appearance, and their biological age.
Albert Huon-Stuhrer - 2 March 2022

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Lady who is confident in her sexuality and wears it well.
Lucky Day Laaitie - 2 March 2022

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In school waiting for the kahoot to start and you are crazy bored so you do a random keyboard combination to satisfy your boredom. So im here to tell you that you are doing good in school and it needs to stay that way. Now go play the kahoot, it will be fun
joe bob sea uncle!!! - 2 March 2022

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Cross-axis sensitivity

cross axis sensitivity is defined as the proportionality constant which is perpendicular to measuring axis
unknown - 2 March 2022

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Old word in English that now means practices.

perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one's proficiency.
"I need to practice my French"

carry out or perform (a particular activity, method, or custom) habitually or regularly.
"we still practice some of these rituals today"
DoingThisForHomework - 14 February 2022

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the word destruccion was the old word for destruction
Landon - 14 February 2022

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You're so bored in school and you've done every opposite letter combination that forwards reverse is the only one that happened to not tried yet.
joe bob sea uncle!!! - 14 February 2022

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Original man, pure man, spiritual man. The begining of mankind.
obaba - 14 February 2022

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People travelling in for example a car or a bus. Not the person who's like controlling (driving) the thing
Lily - 14 February 2022

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
John H - 14 February 2022   NSFW

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- Means to be sluggish, to not care....

In a sentence it would be ..
I don't care if u have a tail or not, I'm not going to even look for it....
Jesse Cummings - 14 February 2022

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tectonically active

Tectonically active is a term used to describe areas of the Earth that are strongly affected by the movement of the Earth's tectonic plates.
Sof - 14 February 2022

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Ass, bum, backside, ringpiece. That is the meaning of the word
Fert in the west country,eg Cornwall.
john - 14 February 2022

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Welt Pockets

A welt pocket is a type of pocket on a garment. It makes the garment look better and neater than a regular pocket does. This is to be proven by a scientist who watched and participated modelling for half his Career. Professor lambs bottom says “I rly liked the welt pockets better than the other pockets”
anonymous - 14 February 2022

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When a human is bored in their natural habitat, they will slide those tan sausages we call fingers across their keyboard in reverse. To display their boredom to Google, that is probably why you are reading this. Isn't it?
Jellie - 14 February 2022

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A cutsey way of saying 'oh no' that sometimes people online use as a way of making them think their an animal girl when theyre just a crusty musty 40 year old man in a dark room
kifyyyy - 14 February 2022

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what sun zu writes good thing about
sun zu the 3rd - 14 February 2022

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kcf is when you take the fraction and then fry it.
poupou - 14 February 2022

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The inability of the people around you to be sensitive to your thoughts, rather they just assume that you look happy so you are a happy being.
The Pathshaker - 14 February 2022

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