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used by idiots whu think they are beter for using new words that do not actualy exist, taking advantage of the evolution of the languaje to create a complete mess
eyurt - 13 November 2019

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Sara's spelling of bridge... She is a very smart young girl whom I love dearly however, she doesn't know how to spell and she wrote this on a book title... and printed it. So ya, using this word to be like my sister and spell bridge wrong, because I have not been able to find many other definitions that make sense. Thank you.
Gandolf the Gray - 12 November 2019

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1. Owning good things, qualities, attributes, personality.
2. To completely own something.
3. A municipality in the district of Nyon in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland.
Jedidiah Olamide Bor - 12 November 2019

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store layout

a store layout defines the location of a store and how the goods and services are been displayed in a way to attract customers in every direction. Layout also deals with the environment of the store
AMALIA JOHNSON - 11 November 2019

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someone who only feels pain, but they cant share their feelings because no one will understand. so they just hide themselves with fake happiness.
sara - 10 November 2019

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The Proper Way To Say Idiot!

BTW it might be a redneck word just like my dad because I am the one who started it back in year of 2010 in uptown Columbus Georgia
Jerietha Kay Epolite - 10 November 2019

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A unit of quantity equal to 101365 (1 followed by 1365 zeros).
Tommy - 10 November 2019

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A cute little person who says words like yuppaa boo poo this make people tell you cute
Chabby - 8 November 2019

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Rig For Red

Rig for Red
Something that Q says right before some serious sh*t is about to go down.

Source: Q Drop # 3574 qanon.pub
Q SENT ME - 8 November 2019

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Mweh is a word that is used to show any emotion. It is a great word and should be used often. (Pronounced: M- weh
Norah_ishere - 8 November 2019

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Left over paper and chunks from the walls of a house or apartment. (Not rat shit)
Donald J Parker - 7 November 2019

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Development control

controlling of construction of buildings in cities
Lili Davids - 6 November 2019

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Being extremely bored that you have passed the definition of boredom by the way some one is coming to take you to a country because that is the only way to be cured of this non existent boredom
Me - 6 November 2019

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You have free time in school and you do not know what to search. You have a computer and are trying not to do your work but try not to get caught so you search the most random things.
Donnie Allsion - 6 November 2019

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A disgrace to all of humanity and is only played by angry 9 yr olds.
That gUy - 6 November 2019

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
definition explainer - 6 November 2019   NSFW

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Final Year Brethren service Or week where final year students celebrate their lifetime in school
FYB - 6 November 2019

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Jungler is a famous Indian leather fashion accessories brand
Mohammad Sarfaraz - 6 November 2019

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Shared Meanings Design Framework. A novel SDLC that seeks to incorporate semiotic techniques and tools. Main application areas include optimising the UX, cross cultural HCI. Latterly ETrust signification. Cyber intangible Trust semiosis being a topical application.
Tim - 6 November 2019

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Fine.female.friday/this is the real meaning ok,this is the real meaning ok, this is the real meaning ok this is the real meaning ok this is the real meaning ok this is the real meaning ok
Sksksksksks - 6 November 2019

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Physical stability

an equilibrium point of a given different equation is stable means all the solution curves of equation attracts towards to equilibrium pont
Binydana - 4 November 2019

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A unit of quantity equal to 102172 (1 followed by 2172 zeros).
Tommy - 4 November 2019

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Face to face business for future for 5 or 10 yours.....
Jeyam saravanan - 4 November 2019

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High heels how have had happened happy Halloween hall hard headed
Kunal - 1 November 2019

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a relationship that my friend wants to happen and might happen eventually but i dont want it to happen
ratthew yotto - 1 November 2019

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a weeboo is a person how is not japaness, korean or chiness and love anime the use fraces like OwO Oh'wo~ UwU oo'wooo and ewe e'woo
sickend weaboo - 31 October 2019

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Like coach, but Goach. Emphasis on the pronoun coach, nothing to do with any weird stuff its just goach.

Ex. "Yo Anh lets run some Cod"
"GOACH what do you mean bro, been had been playing that lets run some siege."
"GOACH what do YOU MEAN cod just came out"
Hydrant - 31 October 2019

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When you just randomly type on the key board when you THINK your teacher isn’t looking at the screen and you aren’t by your friends and you are very very board because the person next to you is absent and you say “I don’t care what I am typing I am just board.”
Spaghetti45 - 31 October 2019

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when your life is not going well enough and you are just pressing keys on your keyboard to see what it will get you to
Life - 30 October 2019

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Fuddi Yon Da || This is the definition of FYD slang in Punjabi language.
V15HU - 30 October 2019

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wind wave

When the water on the surface of the Ocean rises and fall alternately they are called waves
Shivam kumar - 30 October 2019

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Uzu means boldness and courage's individuals. People who are eager and alert in what every they do, The Akan people of Ghana will say 'Vhim" in their local dilecte.
These people always succeed and survive in what ever they do .
Jerry - 28 October 2019

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spit the bit

Quit a job or task. IE: I've had enough, I quit! Derived from a horse term.
Nailer - 27 October 2019

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Go away. Used by my primary school teacher in the early seventies.
Deb - 27 October 2019

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One who is in a position of honor and respect within a family. Usually a grandfather or elder uncle. A super grandpa
Lori - 27 October 2019

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go work on your school work, smh.
at this point, you're to the point where
you have searched almost every single
combination EVER. Please, Get help.
I'm a hypocrite- - 27 October 2019

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you should stop and get some help because you are the stupid one in your class.
You should stop and think about life or what you have done.
You should search nothing else except your work.
you should go do your work or else you fail.
you have your teacher behind you now.
theboredguyinschool - 27 October 2019

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industrial Lubricant

lubricants, grease, aerosol, cleaner and degreaser, rust preventive, antifriction, oil, valve lubricant.
davemosil - 25 October 2019

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you just searched this up cause the this is google backwards , didn't you?
Kabilaash - 25 October 2019

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You try to search up the longest word you know and expect nothing so you can make the meaning for it but then you find out someone else did it already - me .
Kabilaash - 25 October 2019

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