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It means your in school bored while nodding off and you decide "oh HEY! since I'm a genius I'm gonna search this up, because your teacher makes no sense at all and is confused on why your typing randomly. Anyhow right now, your probably in school or inside of a zoom session because of covid. I hope your teacher isn't annoying as hell.
a god - 8 October 2020

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Doaa means prayer a beautiful and smart girl who listens to Allah a girl with kindness
Doaa - 8 October 2020

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expected outcome

These are results, which we will except during research in our thesis.
Priya Verma - 8 October 2020

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Bobus means a bright pink oub shaped creature that rides obus in Salzburg
Jeanne - 5 October 2020

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To display ones unique way of life without based on it's foundation
Dy'll - 5 October 2020

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A place where you don't want others to know your whereabouts.
Commonly used by people who are too "secretive" ...... interchangeable by Crooked individuals
Kayawe - 5 October 2020

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it means you really like the person by saying to him he is a hmar
Hmar - 5 October 2020

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Total amount of the particular unit divide by given periods of time ; fore example in daily term, weekly term or monthly way
Elizabeth joseph - 5 October 2020

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He is a caring person,keeps his own secrets and is a man of silence
Esther gathoni - 5 October 2020

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when you are so bored that you even decide to do random things with your keyboard and even decide to write a definition on the word you typed with your keyboard.
chase - 30 September 2020

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Immense boredom, and you are most likely going through a really boring zoom, and you want to do something appealing to you, like a test, or balloon car.
qmwnebrvtcyxuzilokpj - 30 September 2020

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A tasty waffle that would be especially great with syrup.
Caleb C - 30 September 2020

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Just admit it, your bored in school or don't have any work during eagle time so you search up weoiruhfiuerhihuqoi thinking your cool and quirky BUT YOUR NOT, now get back to work.
anonymous - 30 September 2020

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A saying apart of Guapteamthelabel’s Figure Of Speech “Big Havi” Meaning Big Brother
Brandon Claudio - 30 September 2020

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When you achieve something.
Were you able to krack (complete) the job? Yes, I kracked it.
Kufre Christopher - 30 September 2020

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orographic rainfall

Precipitation that occurs when warm moist air cools as is is forced to rise over mountain
Hotho - 29 September 2020

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Detention time

Time that is taken by a volume of water to fill in a storage reservoir or a tank with a constant flow of water.
Rishabh singh - 29 September 2020

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Motto of the Royal Anglian Regiment of the Queens Division - Steadfast.
R Owbridge - 28 September 2020

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5)....4)…..2) Are Gud Exps Sumwhat Similar To Putting "Emphasis" On Ah Statement After Its Been Made Pertaining Sum "GANGSTA SHIT"
anonymous - 28 September 2020

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Billy Mother Fucking Strings

(Guitarist in a Jamgrass band)
Corneilius Libowitz - 28 September 2020

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Calm,peaceful,ok,tired,fine,breathing,staying calmer
Lily - 28 September 2020

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G14 classified

G14 classified means to be immeadiatly killed if leaked to anyone
such as ¨The first question wa
anonymous - 28 September 2020

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Tourism flows

It is the movement of tourists from the area of origin two different destination to acquire tourism activities and services of their design
Peter - 28 September 2020

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gas giants

A gas giant is a large planet composed mostly of gases, such as hydrogen and helium, with a relatively small rocky core. The gas giants of our solar system are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.Mar 30, 2018
*Ikshitha Vijay - 28 September 2020

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When a cluster of swaras is sung or played in a very fast manner with gust to decorate another note is called khatka.
Khushi Singh - 28 September 2020

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This word expresses something that is so disgusting that makes everyone vomits. Typically used when you found something disgusting in the bathroom especially toilet.
puckboi - 28 September 2020

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You are bored off of your limits at school and started typing this word. You started to play flash games that aren't unblocked.
Sylas Williams - 23 September 2020

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Bale capacity

Bale capacity is the space that is available for bagged or baled cargoes.
angirose trinidad - 23 September 2020

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New student

Students who meet new people new to them for the first time
Addie Gabrielle - 23 September 2020

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pastoral farming

Pastoral farming is a type of farming which involve the rearing of animal

Dairy animal,raising of animal for wool and hide and skin
Afolabi Teslim ola - 23 September 2020

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Speculative resources

Speculative resources are those resources whose total quantity are remain unknown and not being use by present generation.
Jyotirmoy Baruah - 20 September 2020

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when your bored and you spell every single letter on your keybord
jacob nevalon - 20 September 2020

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This is what sumones name is on my husbands contact list on his fone, isn’t that nice? Wtf
JAM - 19 September 2020

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Rig for Red

In the old days of submarining certain spaces in the boat would be rigged for red (all red lights) prior to going to periscope depth, when surfacing at night, or all the time in sonar. The red lights helped adjust eyes to the dark. Unfortunately, in later years studies found that the red light was actually irritable to the eyes and made people more aggressive. Other colors were tested and used, such as blue, yellow and eventually low level white (dirty gray)
Cristina F - 19 September 2020

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Mxm- When bored & tired about unexpected Work & feeling to leave The place.
Asavela Mlotywa - 19 September 2020

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from Hawkesbury Ont. a casserole . any mixed dish . As in ,
" l don't care for floosters !"
Linda Whitehead - 19 September 2020

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natural barrier

The mountain form a natural barrier against cold and hot winds
Adapa Dhaanvi - 19 September 2020

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This is a two part word. It has a set prefix of the word Whid-oach As the full meaning comes from the Scottish/German language mix. "Whidoach" is the full 2 parted word..To move quickly / lie - astonishingly fast fibber . Quick witted. Fast talker. "Slang - Bullshitter." Storyteller"
William J Beers - 19 September 2020

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Is the process of preventing a refrigerant from a escape
anonymous - 19 September 2020

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Good luck

Your a good person believe in yourself good like guys
Jacobson james - 19 September 2020

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