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Issue-Specific Policy

Issue-Specific Policy
An Issue-Specific Policy is intended to address specific needs within an organization, such as a password policy.
CBC - 29 December 2020

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Land management

Is the process of managing the use end development of land resources
Amosi Mtarishi - 29 December 2020

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Merry XMAS - MXM. MXM = Merry Christmas. Does this work for anyone?
Bob Sarna - 29 December 2020

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A ranseur, also called roncone, was a pole weapon similar to the partisan used in Europe up to the 15th century.
sarahduke - 29 December 2020

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It looks like fuck but it’s backwords so you could use it to make people think it’s a madeup word but really it’s just fuck spelled backwords.
Arjun chodey - 29 December 2020

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To CALM an anxious person who may be over-reacting.
Also, to ease stress through being there for someone.
Weltha Barrett - 29 December 2020

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eye bleach

to get rid of disturbing image from your head so they would see it anymore
Rainbow dash - 29 December 2020

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A term of endearment for those you care and keep close to your heart.
Andrew Krizowsky - 29 December 2020

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The best girl in the world. My name is shohsanam i can dance and sing song . I am pupil. I learn dance and i can speak inglish, uzbek and Russia . I have a lot of friends. I am only child in my family. I am 16 years old
Shohsanam - 23 December 2020

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You just want to go home. That's it. Typing this is a sign of extreme boredom. You want to leave school and rip off your mask and go home. Me too.
anonymous - 19 December 2020

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It looks like fuck but it’s backwords so you could use it to make people think it’s a madeup word but really it’s just fuck spelled backwords.
anonymous - 17 December 2020

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Balls...? or Something??? Meh I don't know but I think its a Dick UwU
Mehhahshqhbnnwnwhaja - 17 December 2020

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Support Personnel

an individual, working under the supervision of a pharmacist, trained to perform clerical duties associated with the practice of pharmacy, including cashiering, bookkeeping, pricing, stocking, delivering, answering non- professional telephone inquiries, and documenting third-party reimbursement
anonymous - 17 December 2020

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This is a large unit unit of quality A unit of quantity equal to Equal to 10^²⁷⁹ also known as 1e279 1 following 279 zeroes and 10000000... Etc also 10279 and also this is an very good high number for maths and and and this was made by Endritillion Numbers
Endritillion Numbers - 17 December 2020

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A brella man stole all the money of a merchant.He hid in a cave after steeling did not come out fir many days.One day a queer man came and said 'kuyya ko kaya ka' suddenly an army came and they said ' ko kaya ko kana kocha kay ka' suddenly
anonymous - 17 December 2020

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coaches award

Hardest working, pleasant to be around, never misses practice, good knowledge of the game, responsible, respectful, strives to be stronger and better, sets goals and achieves them, a joy to be around,
anonymous - 17 December 2020

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bias wrecker

You have a member that you like the most and then there is another member that you consider to be your new bias, but instead of making them your new bias, you put them as equal.
Andie nam - 17 December 2020

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a fan who goes to extreme lengths to get their idol to notice them, such as stalking or following them and crowding them at airports

스토킹이나 팔로우, 공항에서 몰려 드는 등 아이돌이 알아 차 리도록 극도로 노력하는 팬
anonymous - 17 December 2020

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Mxm means when you are angry and don"t want to talk to them or text them you say MXM.
James - 17 December 2020

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Block rate

Sell the product in different prices based on its place
Dawn - 14 December 2020

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Southern Comfort

The state of full comfort. Serene environment. Relaxing.
Stephanie - 14 December 2020

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A cool dog from the cantal, living with his awesome human in a tiny house!!
Jp2000 - 14 December 2020

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An alternate to the popular WASD format, illustrating Up, Left, Down, and Right functions in games.
함제화 - 11 December 2020

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An O.P. person who is a BOSS at all things
Also a adjective to describe a swade person or thing
swade - 11 December 2020

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PvX might mean: An inclusive reference to both PvE and PvP.
Guild Wars - 11 December 2020

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mika and megan are best friend boy friends and made it up first. there the only bfbf to exist
bfbf - 11 December 2020

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South African Surname Nguni culture Swati/Zulu
Relates to the Business man Mr Roel Polite Mlimi
The founder of Prime Time Africa with multiple accolades is sales the sales director.
Prime Time Africa - 11 December 2020

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t(-_-t) = a middle finger emoji. t = arm with middle finger form. ( ) = head.-_- = face
Duncan Patterson - 11 December 2020

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"Kiss my fucking teeth". It's a hissing sound caribbean people, especially jamaican make pulling in air through the their teeth, when angry
Shavonae Wallace - 11 December 2020

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store layout

Is the arrangement of store floor and placement of item
anonymous - 11 December 2020

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Lovely,peacefully ,romantic,sexy,obedience,crazy ,forgiveness,patient
Okot reagan - 11 December 2020

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Cultural Background

EIn my understanding of ethic is for example if I believe that when helping others the same action will be back to you. Because I believe and positively do a thing also I will think very hard before doing bad. Because I have this belief that doing the wrong path this will destroy my life. Are most in our culture and background where people learn from there parent and society, it depends on the environment and lifestyle. Also, is not easy to adapt, when you are living in another culture. Is just to accept and respect the ethical standards of living for each individual. That my understanding of ethics.
Marie Nayna - 7 December 2020

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rumf means lilly flower. Rumfs are pale pink with little yellow dots.
Claire Pittman - 4 December 2020

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Social rehabilitation

it is concerned with restoration of family and social relationships of thé person with disability which May be physical, mental, or social.
Poojitha Potnuru - 4 December 2020

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title block

Is a template for sheet that contains necessary information to identify the drawing and verify its validity
anonymous - 4 December 2020

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A member of a sect whose beliefs are based on the text of Oahspe: A New Bible (1882), written by U.S. dentist John Ballou Newbrough (1828–91), purportedly by automatic writing.
Celeste Greerwalker - 4 December 2020

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Circular Dance, old style formation circular Dance featuring several dancers
A M Dowling - 4 December 2020

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Amazing people that are not better or worse than us
anonomyous - 4 December 2020

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Ancient capital city of Bali(Bale) southeastern Ethiopia.
Abadir - 4 December 2020

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
kcuf - 4 December 2020   NSFW

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