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Pauly - 8 April 2019   NSFW

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ABG (american slang) is an acronym of Asian Baby Girl. It is a derogatory term typically used to refer to a young, attractive Asian American woman who may associate with Asian American gangs. Signifiers include heavy eye makeup, tattoos, dyed hair, and revealing clothing. ABGs are often perceived as verbally aggressive and promiscuous within their group.
Pauly - 8 April 2019

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the japanese version of a koreaboo
obssessed with japanese culture, even though they aren't native. generally very cringey and weird for everyone. And liking japanese culture or learning japanese doesn't make you a weeaboo.
lel - 8 April 2019

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adorableness overload. e.g. Nagisa from Free! or Shouto from My Hero Academia.
. - 7 April 2019

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Something being contained that causes or insights wonder.
John McDurman - 7 April 2019

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(1)Is the definition of a cuteness overload

(2)When you feel soft about something you say „uwu“

(3)it‘s also used as a little smiley
Source: urbandictionary.com
Karen* - 7 April 2019

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Interstellar dust

Interstellar dust,magellan clouds,galactic nubecula.
Moskova420 - 6 April 2019

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Sandwich Slide

When you bite into a delicious sandwich and all the insides fall out of the other end. A.k.a. the Sandwich Rage.
Pim - 6 April 2019

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Academic calendar

It is a systematic tabulation of activities done in school in whole year.
Natikaji Mahatrjan - 6 April 2019

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anonymous - 5 April 2019   NSFW

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Living openly

when one lives openly; this person must be living in the wilderness and has to be able to survive on their own
Guarco - 4 April 2019

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A weeaboo is a person from a western culture who is obsessed with Japanese culture at a superficial level. Being around this type of person is normally uncomfortable for people from both Japan and the west.

They are characterized by their extensive knowledge of various anime, insistent use of Japanese phrases ("Kawaaii! etc) and unsettling interest in suggestive drawings of girls/childlike women.

Their understanding mostly comes from imported Japanese pop culture seen through the distorting lens of their own experience of social isolation in a western context, and they are not to be confused with people who have a genuine in the culture and history of Japan.
Pauly - 4 April 2019

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"uwu" is not actually a word, but a text emoticon. If you look closely, you can see that the "u"s represent two little closed eyes, and the "w" represents the mouth of some kind of mammal. The resulting expression is intended to and does indeed generate adorability, so the mammal is widely presumed to be a small dog or a cat. This is not to say that it couldn't possibly be a seal or something similarly appealing.

One should exercise caution in using the "uwu" emoticon without clear irony, especially as a male, as it can have negative connotations outside of weeaboo circles.

Ex. 1 (correct)

Jimmy sends photo of new puppy to claire.

Claire: OMG thats soo cute uwu

Jimmy: Haha yeah wyd later

Ex. 2 (incorrect)

Jimmy: Wanna hang out? uwu

Claire: Hey sorry man Im busy forever
Pauly - 4 April 2019

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1. To throw something over a long distance.
*I've been yeeting balls all day on the golf course*

2. To express excitement or loss after a game.
* I was the last man standing again in pubg YEET*
* I was the first one out YEET*

3. A type of dance popularized by Vine around 2014. See youtube for the dance.
maskap - 4 April 2019

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Yeet is a informal slang word used to express excitement.

It's saturday YEEEET
anonymous - 4 April 2019

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"Bet" is a confirmatory response, used in place of words like "sure" or "okay". It can also be said in response to someone expressing doubt about your ability to perform a certain action.

"Bet" is an abbreviation of the sentence "you bet". When you use the word "bet", you are telling your conversation partner that they can safely bet on your fulfillment of the request or task being discussed. Please use the word "bet" responsibly, as gambling addiction can be a very serious condition.


A: Hey man are you checking out this hip new joint tonight?
B: Bet.


A: No way can you make that jump. Also it looks incredibly dangerous.
B: Bet.
Pauly - 4 April 2019

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The word means as much as "Yes", or it can be used in any context without any meaning. Often used after a certain action has been done. Not really used in writing.

"* finished watching something * yeet"
"* goes to bed * yeet"
"* gets out of the shower * yeet"
"* takes a bite of his sandwich *.. YEET!"

It's often use to show excitement.
"This sandwhich is... yeet!"
"*Listen to sound of own fart*, yeet!"
"Sees someone accomplish something on tv.. Yeet"

Also used as a verb to throw something.
"Those batteries are empty, yeet them in the trash"
"I'm gonna yeet this bottle mate"
"Did you yeet the trash?"
"I yit it last night"
Pim - 4 April 2019

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Yeet is a multi-purpose expression. Usually loudly exclaimed to register excitement, but can also be in anticipation, relief, and joy among others. Also possibly used in negative contexts, but mainly positive.

Yeet is an evolving, modern expression that reflect the rapid and changing nature of internet discourse. The internet is basically steroids for language evolution. Just being able to witness these exciting developments makes me want to yeet like crazy!

Ex. (when watching your favourite sports team do something good and sporty) "Yeeeeet!!!"

Ex. (upon finding and trying out a cool jacket you like at a thrift store and deciding you're going to buy it) "Yeeeettt!"
Pauly - 4 April 2019

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Derived from the 2000 Eminem song "Stan", a Stan is a partially derogatory term for a fan of a celebrity or a piece of pop culture. Much like the titular character in the song, who kills both himself and wife out of frustration at not receiving a response to his fan letters, it implies a crazed level of admiration or obsession.

The term has been appropriated by "Stans" over time to simply mean a passionate fan. It is particularly popular on social media.

Ex "That dude is such a stan, he drove all the way to Bel Air just to see Beyonce's house"

Ex. "We stan Arianda Grande"
Pauly - 4 April 2019

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A thing I call a roblox noob. And somebody who fosnt know how to play the game.
anonymous - 3 April 2019

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return on equity

Return on equity is usually defined as net income divided by (average) common equity.
anonymous - 3 April 2019

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Family Fun For Life - A Game that helps families have fun for life as well as learn how to prosper everyday!
Viv Brown - 2 April 2019

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space aids

AIDS from space, might be stronger than AIDS from earth. It depends on the person.
Ooof - 2 April 2019

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xtangent - 1 April 2019   NSFW

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Many people use the word Rubba as a nickname for a friend who is always there for them.
Jaimy Kempkes - 30 March 2019

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Mr. 305

The person that knw what he want ,person that will think out of the box ,the that drive or leading people to future .person motivates people want to make different in life ,big thing's start small(empire)
France - 29 March 2019

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UwU is a smiley face of were a charater is closing their eyes with a cat smiley
UwU - 28 March 2019

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A phrase that is used to insult a person or to make them feel bad by saying that they are annoying or irrelevent af
anonymous - 28 March 2019

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The number that most represents me! Now bow down to your lord and savior!
Satan - 27 March 2019

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stored value card

stored value card is a type of card the is quite similar to the present debit card
anonymous - 27 March 2019

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Cinderella liberty

Off vessel Pass , shore leave , but it ends at midnight. Meaning back on Ship by 0000 Hours. dig ?
call me Ismael. - 27 March 2019

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disappearing stream

this happens in the areas of sandy or porous or limestone regions. the water of streams or tributaries is absorbed in the soil before it joints the main river. hence it seems as if the stream has disappeared.
osaca - 26 March 2019

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Talking on the platform discord but as a verb
Justin - 26 March 2019

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Legal Aspects

flashcard evidence ,testimony ,physical and sound images use to prove or disprove the fact at issue
vivino - 26 March 2019

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franglais is a coined French word composed of fran- (French) & -glais (English) which consists in speaking or writing English using French grammar and structures. It is in some sort the literal translation of French words and sentences into English. it is good to note that, this franglais which is understood among french speakers of english, is sometimes unintelligible to native english speakers with no french background.
Abibou Akala - 25 March 2019

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UwU or uwu is a term closely linked with OwO. It is a text face that is similar to :) or ^^
anonymous - 24 March 2019

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Another way to say I love you but, instead it’s I wuv you.
anonymous - 23 March 2019

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Doing the most, obnoxious, extra.

ex: {rachael is making up a story about something that happened in theater class} “wow, rachael is head ass as fuck”
sam - 23 March 2019

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You are VERY bored and typed this, found a website called urban dictionary, but its blocked, so you go here instead.
anonymous - 22 March 2019

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Adnama - 21 March 2019   NSFW

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