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Thrut is the (imaginary) god of filth.

eg: "I solemnly swear by the powers of Thor god of thunder and Thrut god of filth to keep secret this sacred hunting ground."

The oath that was to be taken if my father was to divulge a rich yet counter intuitive hunting location.
Thomas D. McLaughlin Jr circa 1984
regarding Chinese Pheasant hunting along fencelines, hedges and dranages of wheat fields a few miles north of Dear Park Washington USA.
The oath was often required, somewhat toung and cheek, yet slightly in a fourmal and intimidating way. Usually administered to my big city Gonzaga University budidies I would bring hunting.
Tom McLaughlin
TOM MCLAUGHLIN - 2 February 2021

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Dracosexual meaning obsessed or madly in love with Draco Malfoy.
Kay - 31 January 2021

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The most wonderful person in the entire world. You are so lucky if you ever meet a Myar. She is awesome!
Myar - 30 January 2021

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Cecilia - 30 January 2021

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a table, shaped area of rock found in arid and semi-arid areas formed when more resistant rock is reduced at a slower rate than softer rocks around it under the effects of wind erosion.zipf.G.k- author of the rank-size rule.?
ABOJE JOY EHI - 29 January 2021

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As a Eugene, I'll say exactly how I think. I'm 15, 5'5, and love bread and eggs. I think a lot about how people see me, and if someone was to share me a secret, I will do everything in my power to keep the secret a secret. I make sure to follow proper manners so I don't disrespect anyone by accident. I usually stay quiet and get easily tired in social events such as parties. I hate arguments so I quickly give in or just do what needs to be done to stop the argument. Lastly, I do things based on my interest because I don't have a dream job. Actually one more thing is, I usually hangout by myself so I can clear my mind, because I usually overthink things.
Eugene Faustino - 28 January 2021

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Ukku bit

1. A small or petite women who possesses tremendous levels of sexual appeal.
Eg: 'She likke and ukku ehhh'
English: 'She has a banging body with her petite figure'
2. A tight vagina often used to 'tie' another
Eg: 'She have a piece a ukku deh, me cyah leff har'
English: 'Her vagina was pleasing to me, it was nice and warm and now I do not want to leave her'
SashT - 28 January 2021

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the best game ever. R.I.P master chief

if you have never played halo you are clearly a loser
corbyn sanders - 28 January 2021

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When you can no longer take the boredom and you know you've tried every keyboard combination.
anonymous - 28 January 2021

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pickles are grrreattt food we must praise the pickle gods by saying pickle pickle to please them.
Mysterious Pickle - 28 January 2021

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External studies

Student enrolled in campus for the External studies follow the schedul of the online /pre-recorded lecture offered by institutions at least for recommended hours in a course period then counted equallant to the distance or private mode student
anonymous - 28 January 2021

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Peopleware is a part of computer that weated at the system unit

Aminat - 28 January 2021

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uwu: a cute emoticon that is used for cuteness!!! but it could mean happiness and other emotes.
Eevee - 27 January 2021

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word PR24 mean police reactive 24inches baton for any extender and intender conflict to be use for reserving problems
Alex G. Y. Boyah - 26 January 2021

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Media Owner

A Media owner is an individual or group of people that possess or have a Media house or organization such as Tv,Radio, Newspapers and Magazines and online media houses.
Mk - 26 January 2021

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Substantive position

substantive position means that a person is appointed to a budgetary post through a selection process and after completion of probationary period, he is confirmed in the service and against a vacant substantive post. substantive post is also a permeant post, without limit.
irfan - 26 January 2021

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Ka setswana ke letheka. Example mme o itshwere noka.
Noka means stream. Bana ba tshela noka.
anonymous - 25 January 2021

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Looking cute Chic adorable looking good and perfect like well dressed gala dresees
Anonoumus - 25 January 2021

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Copyfitting is process of determining the amount of space a particular copy will occupy on the make-up dummy.
Abdullahi Sani Umar - 25 January 2021

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Pedogenic Regime

Pedogenic regime refers to the soil formation process in complexity manner that increases minerals depositions, salinity, iron and aluminium elements within the soil as core for soil builder under human interaction.
James Kapita - 25 January 2021

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If this word VALORIST is in the Oxford Dictionary of the English language, then it is a word. If not, then it is not a word.
anonymous - 25 January 2021

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To say something before example you said it alier
David M Bangura - 25 January 2021

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Cute and not bad for male to say UwU uWu uwu UWU so yes very cute UwU

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Meaning of tortum: which means to twist
( In the Latin term )
Or tort means conduct which is not straight or lawful but on the other hand twisted, crooked,or unlawful
Simranjot kairon - 25 January 2021

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Deus vult

Deus vult is a Latin Catholic motto associated with the Crusades. It was first chanted during the First Crusade in 1096 as a rallying cry, most likely under the form Deus le volt or Deus lo vult, as reported by the Gesta Francorum and the Historia Belli Sacri.
Ben Dover - 25 January 2021

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local crafts

Local craft the other side is also a visual forms that deals with the used of the hand
anonymous - 25 January 2021

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An unknown level of boredom where your supposed to be doing something, but don't, because its lame. Now go do your lame stuff.
NightBunny - 25 January 2021

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Rural depopulation

Rural depopulation means decrease in number of rural population as the residents of rural areas move towards urban areas in search of better livelihood and better job opportunities.
Kritika Swaroop - 21 January 2021

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Acording to a user from canada ,the name mykha means ``Gift of God''
jain - 21 January 2021

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eccedentesiast-someone who knows their own feelings, but is
too insecure to express them accurately.Perhaps a habit that is
developed over time, or a result of past traumatic experiences.
Hiding behind a fake smile seems easier than actually dealing
with actual emotions,but it does not allow for any close
personal relationship.There is lack of communication.
Jody - 21 January 2021

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to describe a foolish or cute action; mostly used in wholesome moments
shwavadoo - 18 January 2021

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The word "pious" has two meanings that is similar, but..., a bit different. christian pious, and deity pious. Devouted" christian devouted. deity devouted; faithful.
James - 18 January 2021

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Hot grabba

A Natural Tobacco leaf that is much thicker in texture. The leaf feels like leather to the touch and smokes much stronger that the fronto leaf, which is much thinner. Grabba is usually dried and crushed in your marijuana for an extra kick when smoked.
Grabbz - 18 January 2021

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Grabba is a Natural Tobacco leaf that is much thicker in texture. The leaf feels like leather to the touch and smokes much stronger that the fronto leaf, which is much thinner. Grabba is usually dried and crushed in your marijuana for an extra kick when smoked.
Grabbz - 18 January 2021

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Selection Of Career For A Significant Period Of A person's Life And With Opportunities For Progress
Lekwise - 18 January 2021

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I use the UwU emoji when I find something cute or I'm relaxed.
I am furry but I found this out with a anti-furry, maybe if you do a thorough research you will discover that you are one and stop talking bad about us.
I'm using Google translate :(
Furry uwu - 18 January 2021

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Possibly a person from the state of Utah. According to Rudy Giuliani.
Dan Lombardo - 18 January 2021

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A bridge made of birds. Can be used in sentences such as "Go jump off a brige".
GoJumpOffA - 18 January 2021

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Latin; having to do with China and the Far East. Examples: Camellia sinensis, Tea; Angelica sinensis, Dong Quai, which is a Chinese plant; Tenodera sinensis, Chinese mantis.
Crystill - 18 January 2021

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Latin; Having to do with China and/or the Far East.
Crystill - 18 January 2021

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