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Feeder service

Transportation operations in which cargoes are shipped by water in smaller vessels to/from a load-center port for loading to or unloading from larger ocean-going vessels.
Tanishq - 23 July 2020

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Cultural content

when both types of culture are coming in cultural content called as cultural context.
aqib - 21 July 2020

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Government schools

School that i is authorized by the government or the state and is also built by the governor to ensure people with no money can also learn and go to school but they will have little knowledge because the teachers that are brought are not that brillant some teachers won't teacher even when they know and it is also free .
Aprioku esther - 21 July 2020

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Heat zone

Heat zone
It is the latitudinal division of the earth on the basis of the climate in pleace
Is this helpful
Saptarshi Sanyal - 21 July 2020

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In the deep south where l grew up the word "skace" referred to women or girls that were slim or skinny. Not having excess body weight.
James - 20 July 2020

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the highest rank of luxury the person or individual of luxury
peypey - 17 July 2020

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Is network operating system that was developed by Novel, initially used cooperative multitasking to run various services on a personal computer using the IPX network protocol.
Datius Audax - 17 July 2020

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When someone thinks that you are not saying the truth or disagrees with you
Meme - 17 July 2020

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Medical Attendant

These are a higher trained in hospital rules

This person are। A good knowledge of hospitality
Gajendra K Kaurav - 17 July 2020

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disposal date

Disposal date is the end period of records to be used where by records are destroyed and moved to an archival place.
Emmanuel Mwita - 16 July 2020

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Interstore transfer

Inter store transfers means the movement of goods& services as well as wages from one store location to the other with the aim of making profit in a market economy.
Ally T. Abdallah - 16 July 2020

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One who lubes, a person who bends the knee, bows to peer pressure, virtue signals or is generally seen as a b*tch
jack - 16 July 2020

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Although, phonetically and aesthetically, the word is harsh, its meaning originated from a delicate urge: the primitive human need to lust in beauty, particularly the beauty of nature. Without a doubt, apanthropinization possesses hermit-like behaviour, but surfaces from instinct. One does not retreat because she/he/them is bitter, but rather retreats to the primal urge to admire and become captivated by the beauty and symmetry.
Bara - 16 July 2020

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A rare and ancient word, defined as the act of withdrawing oneself from the state of humanity and its inevitable turmoil and anxiety.
Bara - 16 July 2020

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Kwan is a slang or an abbreviation to describe a person's personality as Crazy,Wild,Alien (unique /different) with multiple skills
Eezykwan - 13 July 2020

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The Spectrostromic Theory is the meaning of how all physical and scientifically tested ideas like the theory of Space and Time aswell as the idea of Gravity and Aging, are defied as its own physical theory itself.
Another universe can have another Spectrostromic Theory than our own, and possibly have physical traits that are essentially impossible to exist in our Spectrostromic defied universe. (EX: A different universe can have a different Spectrostromic theory and essentially defy space and time itself, causing aging to stop and also allow us the possibility of inhuman powers and ideas.)
anonymous - 13 July 2020

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A Liverpool word for a girl similar to the usage of bird or chick.
Wow ! Check out that Judy in the corner over there.
anonymous - 13 July 2020

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It means learning a task that give you the knowlegde of something
Eyisi Juliet - 13 July 2020

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Stupid dumb men. Men that don't understand the meaning of words like, I said no, stop, let me go, don't touch me, leave me alone, and don't believe they did anything wrong.
mary C Baugus - 13 July 2020

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Scheme of Work

Is a plan of teaching in a specified period of time in a specific acedemic level.The plan is being prepared in a series of topics arranged in sequence order as they are in syllabus
Kajete Hamis Hamis - 13 July 2020

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Tiny little dog or other animal that’s so cute that you can’t stand it.
Julie - 13 July 2020

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a pesky plumber
bowser - 13 July 2020

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Development control

guiding development on land which mainly comprises of a set of regulations that protect the land development process
Tinotenda Maramba - 13 July 2020

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Bumper to Bumper

A layperson’s term for a service contract that covers almost any vehicle breakdown problem (mechanical, electrical, computer, etc.) not due to normal wear and tear.
gregory - 13 July 2020

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Rebuilt Title

This is placed upon a rebuilt car that was a salvage vehicle but has now been repaired and restored to operation. In most states, a vehicle inspection is required to receive the rebuilt title.
gregory - 13 July 2020

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Rental Benefit

The amount designated by your service contract to be used towards a rental car while your repairs are completed.
gregory - 13 July 2020

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Roadside assistance

A benefit that provides 24/7 assistance in the event of a breakdown. May include towing, emergency fuel, tire change, lock out assistance and more.
gregory - 13 July 2020

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works created by artists : paintings, sculptures, etc., that are created to be beautiful or to express important ideas or feelings.
elizabeth - 13 July 2020

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zinks was discovered by benard meaning exalted before i kick the bucket
benard - 13 July 2020

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Dacra means power....or a weapon used in guiding one self
Ife - 8 July 2020

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Die in the Hole

Die in a hole is what you say to someone when you want them to shut up, or go away because they are annoying you. Die in a hole is also said when you someone says a good come back to you and you can't think of anything to say. Die in a hole is NOT telling someone to kill themselves, although for some reason many people seem to think that. It simple lets people around you know that you are pissed off and don't want to talk to them/the topic, or want them to leave you alone.
Foxx - 8 July 2020

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Service encounter

Is the interaction between service provider and service receipient
Amina Rajabu - 8 July 2020

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environmental transformation

It is the physical, chemical and bio changes which result from the interaction of anthropogenic and chemical substances in the environment
Pius Gbami - 7 July 2020

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Stupid!! Trying to change words for stupid symbols!!!
anonymous - 7 July 2020

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Are areas where Engineering watch activities are not necessary all the time becouse there is installation of sensors and alamrs to notify any foults occurs.
Luqman matola - 7 July 2020

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transnational education

The concept of transactional education is that at the higher educational level host country launch sub-campuses in different countries and these countries taught the same syllabus by following the rules and policies of mian campuse in the host country. For example the British Universities in Dubai and Egypt
Sami - 7 July 2020

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meaning of the word Mandatum can also be Authority

With the mandatum vested on me I thereby set these people free.
Bernard - 7 July 2020

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1.) Get back to work I know you are at school and so am I so I guess I should stop typing.

2.) You are so bored that you want to die.
NoOneKnowsWhoIAm - 7 July 2020

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Pinchen - 7 July 2020

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pastoral farming

A system of farming where a farmer real animals only for their commercial purpose.
Amankwah - 2 July 2020

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