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menu card

Menu card is a piece of paper that contains details of foods that can be ordered in a restaurant
Bao - 5 March 2020

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(n) Term describing the greatest addition to all of humanity.
Homosexual - 5 March 2020

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When peen is in shape of a letter.

(adj) Pween head.
Pween - 5 March 2020

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Describe a person who is always greedy, they want it all.
Pauline Williams - 5 March 2020

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permitted by law.
"he claimed that it had all been legal"
Texas Easy Lien - 5 March 2020

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When peen is curved like a shape

(adj) Shut up pween.

(noun) I don't have a pween.

(verb) She doesn't pween anymore.
Pween - 5 March 2020

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Heat zone

Heat zones are the different zones of the earth, where the sun's rays fall differently, thus causing different climate patterns.
Aimless_Cafe - 5 March 2020

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commercial harvesting

Commercial Harvesting is the cash of fruits, animals, vegetables, and livestock.
Caeson Peek - 5 March 2020

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Flask Edwards - 5 March 2020   NSFW

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
Ger - 5 March 2020   NSFW

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Values, Assumptions, Beliefs and Expectations about the way the world is or should be (VABEs). Level Three Leadership 1-5 editions. James G. Clawson
James Clawson - 5 March 2020

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Waferboard is a subset of reconstitutional part of wood of low grade particles which bounded together with extreme heat and pressure
Avneet kaur - 5 March 2020

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this will define your life in the future, it is also considered as one of the most important choice will make of a person. your choice of career will define your life. so, you will suffer or enjoy your life defending on how you will you make your path to the right way.
jesexy - 5 March 2020

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Work Schedule

Work schedule means the period of time of the employee.
Ajah Glory ola - 5 March 2020

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Scheme of Work

Is the system of planning lessons over a fixed period of a time.
Lainah - 5 March 2020

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primary product

Primary product : primary product are products that have not gone into process e.g cassava, forestry, fishing .
Edeh kingsley - 5 March 2020

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national budget

Sets how much money a Government has made and how much it has spent a year
anonymous - 5 March 2020

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Leaf base or hypopodium, petiole or mesopodium or leaf stalk and leaf blade or epipodium or lamina together constitute the phyllopodium.
Riya mazumdar - 20 February 2020

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Drug Contamination

This is the existence of organisms or foreign materials in a drug which makes the drug unsafe for consumption
Tamilore Payne - 20 February 2020

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An expression showing no emotion usually to humorous effect.
Kevin - 20 February 2020

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Couple who is looking so cute n glamorous charming and beautiful , a reason to stare
Raj bala yadav - 20 February 2020

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Is the way of backing something like weather sort of
anonymous - 20 February 2020

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It's a weight & balance data to a particular flight basically containing weinght of passengers, baggage, cargo etc
Raphael MO - 17 February 2020

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specialty restaurant

special restaurant is where you can find the food that is special also the ambiance and the services they give
kate - 17 February 2020

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Liquidation is the process of bringing the life of a Company to an end through a formal insolvency procedure.

The assets of the Company are sold and a dividend is paid to the creditors.
Purnells - 13 February 2020

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The act of going insane in classwork or just at home If you are at home DO something. eat or something!
anonymous - 13 February 2020

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That moment when you realize you have just wasted 20 minutes of your life reading comments like this one.
I'm also in school
anonymous - 13 February 2020

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You're in class, don't know the subject the teacher it teaching and you're deciding that you should google random stuff like this.
Billy Bob Joe - 13 February 2020

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secondary product

These are products that are derived from processing primary products such as your clothes, timbers, wrist watch etc
Esther - 11 February 2020

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Not only a Yorkshire expression but also in Carlisle, Cumberland 70 years ago when I was a boy.
John Irving. - 11 February 2020

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Something created out of love, that is adorable and great to have.
Dooble - 11 February 2020

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When you are at school putting off your work. Stop procrastinating and do your work instead of reading and adding definitions.
IsabellazAwesome - 11 February 2020

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You immature person, tsk tsk. You're probably at school huh?
peepee man - 11 February 2020

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climax vegetation

Climax vegetation is the community of plant of different species influence by climate over a given area
anonymous - 10 February 2020

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Power Dissipation

Power dissipation decepted logic circuit is define as power required for the logic gate .
Rahul korde - 10 February 2020

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Bottom-Hole Agreement

Bottom hole agreement is an agreement in cash consideration is given to another party for use in drilling a well on property.
Anthony - 10 February 2020

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Something extraordinary and also a longer term for 'amazing'.
Kabilaash - 10 February 2020

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In the Edo state Nigeria, Uki is a name which simply means "Moon"
anonymous - 10 February 2020

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Master deed

Mastering everything and prevaricating the rules when elementary.
Master feet - 10 February 2020

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As a schoolboy in the 1950's I deduced from simple reasoning that it was a polite alternative for 'cunt'.
But what puzzled me was that it was used mostly by men and boys referrring to other men and boys!
j. p. ward - 10 February 2020

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