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The amount that you pay extra for extra services or aditions.
Serlogistica - 2 January 2020

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Dhampir has an albanian origin where the word can be split into 2 other words "dham" which means "teeth" and "pir"which means "to drink" and so the word means to drink with the teeth as they do.
Skanderbeg - 2 January 2020

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menu card

menu card is a designed paper which contains all the food and beverages sold in a restaurant and is place on each table for people to make an order of what the want to eat or drink
ohanyere sochinenye - 2 January 2020

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You do realise people could easily lie on here right(that’s not the definition).
Disclaimer to whoeve - 30 December 2019

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morbidity survey

A form of a survey/ method that's interested in discovering or estimating the population affected by one or more diseases or abnormalities, or frequency of the distribution within the population of various levels of the quantitative attribute. e.g. blood pressure, weight e.t.c.
Adeniran Usman Adede - 30 December 2019

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"Place of the ancients",
In todays language, where we leave grandma when before she croaks!
Or, or,
The Parthenon of the ancient Mayan
Selvyn Quijada - 30 December 2019

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Alternate spelling of the Turkish name Müge, which means Lily of the Valley.
anonymous - 30 December 2019

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Verbal Efficiency Theory

The Verbal Efficiency Theory is attributed to Perfetti & Lesgold (1979). It states that mere word recognition accuracy is not, in itself, sufficient to enable fluent reading comprehension.
Lhielizette Claire - 30 December 2019

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something which is very fat, hence the expression "as fat as a hoach".
B. Alexander - 30 December 2019

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
James Kegley - 30 December 2019   NSFW

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It means nothing, it's a faux word. A hypothetical mispronunciation
joseph r soltis - 30 December 2019

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Ones personal library of songs, Albums or movies.
Kathleen M McClellan - 30 December 2019

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A rachet way of saying stop. This word usually comes from the ghetto.
Andrea - 30 December 2019

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An item that exists in the native language is absent in the target language
Abdullah - 30 December 2019

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A person who is tall strong n adorable. Very mischievous but even caring. Confused state but keeps the goal in mind.The person knows where the life is going. Basically this word relates to emotionless person but not in all situations.Everyone likes to be around this natured person.This word also suggests that all statistics of the world are measured with smile so it also relates to greeting everyone with a smile
Dictionary - 26 December 2019

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From the greek μίσθιος, also misthotos (from misthos, wage), terms that in papyri denoted hired workers (Fikhman, Egipet 109 - Oxford reference). Soldiers, mercenaries, or regular workers with specific set of skills, hired to perform a given task.
Odisseus - 23 December 2019

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People use the emotion ' uwu ' but to be honest it actually stands for ' unhappy with you ' like wtf can this happen.
Sexycurry - 23 December 2019

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agricultural productivity

Agricultural productivity is a measure of how crops efficiently use resources and utilized in the firm, for achieving the desired outcome.
Birhanu Gebeyehu - 23 December 2019

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The best christian show ever to exist
Me:hey have ever watched VeggieTales.
Person: no i hat-
Me: *shoots gun*
DatGuy111 - 17 December 2019

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Today was a fairytale (A song by Taylor Swift) some lyrics: Today was a fairytale
You were the prince
I used to be a damsel in distress
You took me by the hand and you picked me up at six
Today was a fairytale
Saylor Twaft - 17 December 2019

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Twist and turn:
To curve or change direction often.
Gifty Atidigah - 17 December 2019

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Public institution

Are basically insitution which are formed by the government to provide services to the public
Patrick kisabo - 17 December 2019

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NOUN: Of a person or thing that alway looks clean and tidy.
NOUN:being one of a kind or a person who is naturally blessed with highest value in a community, village or town.
Moosa Zack - 17 December 2019

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Of a something which is clean, neat and attractive.
e.g Moosa always look so immaculate.
Moosa Zack - 17 December 2019

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Crap or shoot in frustration.
Park JiHoon - 17 December 2019

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This meaning is NSWF/18+. Click here to show this meaning.
chad jager - 17 December 2019   NSFW

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Russell Westbrook

A MVP candidate in the 2019-2020 season.Also the best player in the NBA
Thompson - 17 December 2019

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platform fighter that is played competitively. it has to be meelee.
ok boomy - 17 December 2019

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a term derived from the french word for winter, "hiver" and refers to Metis Winter Rovers, generally those Metis who wintered away from the permanent settlements to hunt bison on the plains ..
Source: user.xmission.com
caleb - 17 December 2019

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Die in the Hole

Die in A hole! Not die in THE hole, but die in a hole means that you want the person to die because they are either annoying, stupid or you are just mean.
Stupid person - 8 December 2019

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Someone who smiles a lot, just to hide the pain they feel inside. They don't want to show their pain to the world.
Apagwina - 8 December 2019

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Sleeping on one's back facing upwards or facing the sky.
blessing - 8 December 2019

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agricultural productivity

It is a measure of the amount of agricultural output produced for a given amount of inputs.
Tchappet Ketty - 4 December 2019

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A sequence of letters you type into your chromebook hoping that it will help to cure your inescapable boredom and procrastination.
anonymous - 3 December 2019

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It means you are bored and should be doing hmw but the friends that said they were gonna do homework with you ditched you this one time and I just spent 13 seconds of my life writing this
Boredwasted - 2 December 2019

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compound duties

Compound duty is an import tax consisting of both ad valorem and specific duties. It is calculated based on both the value of the goods as well as the weight, volume or number.
kyei - 2 December 2019

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in the BROTHERS - Trendy lyrics in arabic my brother
joshua - 2 December 2019

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This expresses extreme boredom that not even jesus can capture, typing this will have the FBI after you, so good luck if you are reading this!
Luke White - 30 November 2019

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Ambitious and fearful. Kygo is pictured as someone strong somewhat like a king. Kygo is brave and respectful.
Jordan - 29 November 2019

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A Gypsy that lives in a caravan amongst oak trees and roams the land
Amanda Sheward - 29 November 2019

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